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  1. Mine look like Rick's. Been using them since March and they haven't failed me. It does make me nervous, especially after Elias has a complete failure with 'em. I carry a spare in the yak just in case.
  2. I'd get that pic over to Craig at VS and see what he says. I had a similar issue with a new VSX i got a few years back and he got it fixed right up. Line lay on my VR50s look good just like in StripedBasstardz's pics. Both of them had a little tick when reeling, but some extra grease on the traverse guide took care of it.
  3. I wonder if those stats include pedal drive yaks. The survey says "Kayaking involves the use of a double-bladed paddle...". The stats are from 2006 - 2013.. I'd be curious to see what's happening since 2013.
  4. Yikes man... I hope you're saving up for a new yak!
  5. Think you were trying to post this you tube vid of the 2019 outback "surf" test... Edit: it is interesting to see how well protected the rudder is when he drags it down.
  6. I like those sea striker "quick slides". Easy on, easy off, no retying, and can quickly get the right weight on.
  7. I agree except for the "Tough to make quick turns..." part. I'd say it's impossible to make quick turns :). The MD180 comes in real handy for me though. I use reverse all the time when bottom fishing out of the 16.
  8. He makes it sounds like a tri fin causes more drag that "just having a fish on the clip" dragging through the water. Maybe a typo ...gotta be a typo.
  9. I think it's an awfully light rod for 5oz in 50 feet. I wouldn't even use it with 3oz in 30 feet. You might consider getting the ML version instead. I love 'em both. I'm a big fan of the Shimano Calcutta D reels. I use them on the L and ML.
  10. I gotta think it still sucks at least one donkey ball for paddling.
  11. Look for "Report post" at the top of any post.
  12. Yeah, first one is for the MD180 cables. Not sure about that other one.
  13. Yes. It'll be the contractors primary access/staging area.
  14. I carry a VHF tethered to my pdf at all times in the yak. I never used a spot so couldn't compare.
  15. Yeah, I guess if you flip your kayak for car-topping or storage. I just leave everything in there.