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  1. I'd throw a snag hook.
  2. That's what really gets me too ...especially when the boat gets progressively louder.
  3. I think a 200 would even be on the big side for a nice and light 9" odm. I use 150 and 100 on a couple of my 9" setups, but everyone has their own preference.
  4. I got a Portarod 5 or 6 years back and have been happy with it.
  5. I think it's gotta suck with or without foot braces
  6. Agreed... that would have made me feel better too.
  7. It would make me feel better. Would Barry's use of the term "islamic terrorism" have made you people feel better?
  8. I got a vr50 on my 10" suzuki, super light & fun combo to use. I feel like 1 - 1.25oz is the sweep spot. If I know i'll be throwing 2 or more oz most of the day then I'll grab another rod.. just my personal pref.
  9. Me too.. I don't owe, but it's a 1/4 of what i got back last year.
  10. I'll take it for asking price.
  11. I think it was... the FBI wanted a back door so that they could brute force the passcode (requires coding) w/out the device wiping itself after so many failed attempts. Not a simple request to unlock. No reputable company dealing with sensitive/personal data stores passcodes or passwords.
  12. Worth emphasizing that the back door could have been used on ALL iphones. I'd suspect Roger isn't dumb enough to not know the difference between icoud where he choses what data is stored there vs a physical iphone whose data is easily destroyed.
  13. You have to realize some people put in a lot of time and money to build online communities and they create rules for good reason even if you don't get it. Here's your video, you shoulda just posted it. It looks safe for SOL to me ...let's see...
  14. He's Director of Parts and Accessory Sales, Warranty and Technical Support at hobie
  15. I'm with BillZ on this one. I'm thinking that would suck to have on the hot summer days too.