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  1. Go into Settings and scroll down till you find "Camera" and touch it, then look for "Formats" and touch that, then choose "Most Compatible".
  2. Yeah, lots of big girls around in NJ still. We're still getting big fish regularly in areas that didn't didn't produce this late the past few years. And I think we're still waiting on the chesapeake fish to show in any numbers.
  3. One last bump before I try to sell this somewhere else.
  4. I fish the salt pretty hard and am on my 3rd season with the 180, so far so good. But now that i said that, it's probably going to break on my next trip.
  5. I used both a vs150 and vs200 on it. I'm thinking 4000 - 6000 range in other brands depending on personal preference.
  6. Does that include the drive? Got pics?
  7. I got a similar setup.. built a 10" suzuki with concept layout for a VR 50 over the winter. Full setup just over a pound, lots of fun.
  8. No issues. Used maybe 15 times. A little paint off the tip top is the only blemish I see (pic below). I tripped checked the guides & ran cotton balls through them... no ships/cracks. I never hang plugs or put hooks on my guilds, so none of that kind of damage on any of the other guilds. It was built by Grumpy's Tackle in Seaside Park so I assume Bob Hryszko built it, but I can't say for sure.
  9. Thanks for the offer, but no thanks.
  10. One more pic...
  11. Like new ODM NEX1 10" 1 - 5 for $350. Pickup only in Long Branch NJ. Lemme know if ya want more pics.
  12. I like those backlash clips with turned up arm... just as convenient as duo locks for swapping stuff, but they don't open up.