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  1. All of the above, out front and out back from the sand. I don't spend much time in real boats... but I am often in a kayak.
  2. I like 30lb samuri on mine. Real thin supple line if you haven't seen it. I like line like this for throwing lighter stuff. But its breaking strength is pretty true to its rating.
  3. I don't see why anyone would either... if it helps, maybe give fisherman's headquarters (ship bottom NJ) a call. I've gotten a couple extended foots from them for my 150s, and both times they had them in stock.
  4. I looked at it but it seems too bulky, I mentioned in another thread that I use a contractor bag with gear ties.. only when surf is bigger, though.
  5. I've put a ton of miles on my 180 in the last year and a half and no issues so far. On big surf days I bag it in a thick contractor back with a gear tie for launch/landings to keep sand away from it ...I never did that with GT or V2. Other than that, I do a generous freshwater rinse, wd40 the entire thing and check for any cracks in the cable casings after every trip.
  6. I got the 10 footer. It's a fun rod, quite moderate. Hook setting took a little getting used to for me. I get this rod out when I know I'll be throwing stuff under a couple ounces. Lots of reading on it here...
  7. Here's the latest email I got from Monmouth Beach about the bathing pavilion. IMPORTANT MBBP INFORMATION Dear Bathing Pavilion Patrons, We would like to provide an important notice in advance of the MBBP 2019 Opening Season. In an effort to make our parking lot at the Pavilion safer for all pedestrian traffic, especially our children, new parking rules have been instituted. Beginning this season, parking of any mode of transportation at the Pavilion will be “back in/angled parking”. We are aware that this may be a difficult change for some of our patrons, but we are certain that with time, everyone will come to see the benefit of this parking stategy. A link has been provided below as well as a diagram for your reference.
  8. I would think so, but I don't think you have an issue. Mine have the wire, and if you google some images you'll find they all do.
  9. That wire is supposed to be in there, it keeps the line within the cutters.
  10. I'd throw a snag hook.
  11. That's what really gets me too ...especially when the boat gets progressively louder.
  12. I think a 200 would even be on the big side for a nice and light 9" odm. I use 150 and 100 on a couple of my 9" setups, but everyone has their own preference.
  13. I got a Portarod 5 or 6 years back and have been happy with it.
  14. I think it's gotta suck with or without foot braces
  15. Agreed... that would have made me feel better too.