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  1. Hose water all the way.
  2. Extremely sorry to hear this. My condolences to Tim and the family.
  3. I will be the first to admit it I was wrong, so wrong. As a kid in the late 70’s I would take rod, reel, gallon milk jug with a hand size hole cut out bungee cord wrapped around my waist and fish snappers to death. My Sicilian grandfather, dad were happy as clams and so were the tomato plants with all the guts we fed them. Never did they get wasted tails, inners went to the garden heads went to the crabs they ate the rest. Late August mornings were chilly and the ocean piss warm but I was happy to be catching them on every cast. Those days are long since past, the well ran dry and I can say I was guilty as sin. That won’t happen again, 1/4 kastmasters hit the water with one hook from that treble I cut off two hooks and release them all. My son asked me why I do that years ago and I told him if your lucky snappers maybe around for your kids. Hopefully they tighten the catch limits for the eastern sea board if not your next surf rod is gonna be called the Searobin Special. I’ve learned from my mistakes but there is not much we can do about grocery cart gang until all the fish are gone. Saving what we like to do starts with us and what we do. Good luck in the fall boys and enjoy what is left.
  4. I think it’s revenge. Can’t blame them a bit.
  5. I use the mess laundry bag for live eels like Bill W said to do and it works well. Call me a jack ass But when one uses say a gear up eel pouch is that bag mainly for dead rigged eels? I would think live ones would get out
  6. True that I’m gonna wear mine everywhere now. That looked painful and just down right gross. Thanks
  7. I think “I cut my foot really badly” would have been better then the pic.
  8. But if one replaced everything internally gears, bearings, transverse and so on it would be a hybrid VS/X if it’s possible. I don’t think VS would change the body dimensions but I’m no engineer. Sounds like a scam anyways stay away from the thing.
  9. I don’t know if it’s possible but can one replace the internal parts from a vsx into a old vs body. Also the Spool, cap and main shaft so that you have the benefits of the vsx.
  10. Down at the beach today with wife just hanging. Just casting for fun and got a few robins. Unexpectedly caught 3 micros when the sun came out. All in CG tin, nothing to right home about but nice to see them around. Also dare I say it but smalllllll snappers are in but I could be wrong.
  11. If I had to do it over again I would never stain my deck. Don’t get me wrong looks great after but a pain to remove and restain in the years to come. I would look into a water sealer that keeps it as natural as possible. That’s just my opinion. Good luck
  12. Well I watched a parade on bunker pods for a half hour swim by the shore the other nite around 730. Those fish were smiling from gill to gill happy as clams. They were 25 yards off shore I didn’t see any jumping nothing. Now that depressing, if it were the fall then maybe something would have been on them. I m sure guys are catching good fish some where but not near me.
  13. I may sound stupid but was it possibly those fluorescent jelly fish. I have been drinking and I’ve seen them in the sound during the summer months.
  14. Where in CT are you located? I may something but will have to check
  15. Here’s my .02 return the line you purchased on amazon and pick up suffix 832. It’s as easy as that, 832 is a proven reliable braid used my many. Pay the few extra dollars it’s well worth it. I’ve can’t remember having it break while pulling a knot tight or for any other reason. Good luck