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  1. I’ve seen pics of people with them this year but I’ve heard it’s bit hit or miss. I haven’t gotten one this season unfortunately.
  2. I couldn’t imagine the heart break for you and family. God bless her, you and your family your in my prayers.
  3. Chunks have done well for me in the past when I used bait. The skin is like leather so you only have to put the hook thru one piece of the skin. I don’t think I’ve ever caught a sea robin on sea robin chunk. Lol
  4. I know you anything card wise. I have some complete Tops baseball card sets from the 80’s I believe with some used to be good rookie cards. The whole steroid thing recked that. Also I don’t know how old the kids are but I have some Star Wars card sets.
  5. I walked by three light house fishermen the other night, lights were on the entire time they were is the water. On my way off the beach I saw four guys trying to cut a beach tree down with a machete. They had a nice fire going which is illegal. I was gonna say something but I’m sure they wouldn’t understand English and I really don’t like didn’t want to get involved with the machete. Lol
  6. Prayers are sent to you and your family. May God bless you all.
  7. I’ll admit I’ve used my light in the past on occasion for a important reason. I think we all have to a point, but I get where your coming from Dave. The light seems to always be on, that’s why I try not to fish the crowd.
  8. I know Milford PD kicked my brother-in-law off the beach at 10 pm last week. The DEEP should show up to West Haven to get the bait boys who are taking illegal fish, leaving sand worm boxes and all there garbage on the beach. But they don’t want to deal with these crimes because the judges don’t want to see any of these cases from what I’ve heard. It’s a joke and quite aggravating to say the least.
  9. Thanks I’ve searched this a bunch of times and read a lot on what one gets. I may ask him how he likes it cut.
  10. I posted a similar inquiry in the rod building forum here, I wanted to cut 12” from the butt. I was told not to do it by a few builders that know there stuff. I’m not a rod builder so at this time I’m weighing my options on what I want to do to the blank I have.
  11. I just had the same problem with mine. They were leaking at the sock area. I just filled it up with water and twist the leg a few times then squeeze it. The water came right of the hole. Let them dry then aqua seal the hole inside and out. Then I put that clear tape that comes with the waders inside and out over the Seal. Mine have held up well for a while now.
  12. Make sure your lubing it with spit.
  13. I am sorry hear about the loss of your mom god bless you and your family. May she Rest In Peace
  14. Drew thanks again, A it is when I figure things out.
  15. Ok great info here guys thanks, I will stay away from color preserver.