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  1. Thanks for the great idea, I tried split rings and I wasn’t happy with results so did the wire instead. It only took a minute or so.
  2. Closing it down. Try again in a few weeks. Thanks SOL
  3. Two lots each has 3 3 oz Hopkins and 1 Charlie Graves WSll 4 oz tins. Each lot is $25 shipped PayPal conus. Lot 2 has a off brand Hopkins arrow pointing to it. Keeping it open for 12 hours then closing it.
  4. Ok thanks for all the info.
  5. Hi Beachglass, is that rip/bungee cord?? If so what’s the diameter if you know. I like that idea. Thanks
  6. Sorry to say no. It’s black
  7. Sorry I have a rotor with internal weight I wanted to sell. Good luck with the search
  8. Internal or external one? I’m assuming your looking for a external weight.
  9. Sounds good to me
  10. I think your right. Hard to tell from his pics but it may be his wsll type.
  11. I know they resemble a Pasquale lure but I don’t think they are, any ideas. Honestly I plan on selling them just looking representing them properly if possible. Thanks weighs 3.7 oz length 4”
  12. Shipped nice doing business with you
  13. Payment received
  14. Ok thanks I can possibly get it out tonite