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  1. Vin y thank you for the info, soon as the for money is there I’m gonna see my builder.
  2. Bailess isn’t for everyone, I just like it better now since I’ve been doing it for a while. Ya I miss the roller every so often but that’s usually on windy nights when I’m paying attention to what I’m doing. There are good tips out there to fishing bailess that I found really helpful when I started.
  3. Ok cool good info, I tried my VS on a boat a few times and honestly I didn’t like using on the boat. No good reason why other then I wasn’t comfortable using in that environment. For the surf once I went bailess I’d be hard press to go back to bailed other then on a boat. If I needed a all purpose reel that was water proof, bailed and bailess then I would look at the VR reel really close.
  4. I bet your really confused now lol. I do have to ask do you plan on getting the reel wet, dunked, cranked under water and if your not handy don’t forget the added expense of having it serviced. A great reel doesn’t make a great fisherman, that comes with experience and knowledge. Less expensive reels out there one could buy that could get the job done. Hell look at Skinner he doesn’t have top of the line reels and he just catches fish but I’m sure he gets skunked here and there. Keep reading this thread it will be helpful for the most part.
  5. I can only attest to the VS which I reel under water and dunk often. I don’t beat them on rocks and service them yearly. I don’t quote fish it hard like a lot of guys do but I wanted a reel that will withstand saltwater abuse. So I own VS reels not the VSX, yes the line laying is hour glass shaped and the drag isn’t the best. But they work for me good luck with your decision.
  6. New haven area had nothing to offer pre dawn this am. No birds working, saw very few small bait around out of three places I went.
  7. Thanks but no I’m in West Haven. GLWS
  8. Where in CT are you located?
  9. Thanks Mike
  10. I have not yet had a rod built, though iam going with the L. I’ll definitely go over everything I’ve gotten from this thread and talk to my builder. I’m really not looking for the everything perfect just one that I can use that most stuff good. Thanks and will update when the rod is done. Thanks
  11. Final bump gonna close this down tonite. Anyone interested is picking it up make me a respectable offer.
  12. Reel has been received. Thanks SOL and Tim. Closed another happy buyer
  13. Sorry Marty at this time I can’t ship the rod to you for that price. I would be taking too much of a hit. If you were East Coast I would. Thanks for the interest thou and my apologies again.
  14. Ok I selling a rod on the best here. The perspective buyer lives in CA wasn’t gonna ship it but no one else wants it so I just may have to bite the bullet and ship it.
  15. Yes it’s a tube and I chose ground