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  1. I’m wet behind the ears to say when it comes to fly lines, rods etc. It seems to me that one is better off with over lining, but that is a novice look at what I read here so far. Yes I played it safe and bought the recommended line weight for my rod but I could have gone up a wt to help in rod loading. I’m sure a better caster then I wouldn’t have a issue with my set up now. But that’s just my take on all of this, surfcasting is so much easier. Not as fun though.
  2. What ever are catching fish.
  3. They can fine them all they want, let’s see if they pay. Probably not
  4. I agree with the removal of the tail hook no need for on a small minnow. The flag on the other hand kill the action so I just go naked and I want a larger profile I just use a bigger plug.
  5. The body of the reel looks the same as the original. So why would pure fishing retool everything as far as seals, gears etc for a small niche fishing reel? I think all the internals will be the same minus the the spool, rotor and maybe the main shaft. I personally am not worried about getting parts. Why you say because they rarely fail, check periodically for water if your a hardcore dunker and maintain it. All will be good. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Your gonna be hard pressed to find something that small other then a fly or small soft plastic. A casting egg would be great for both. My confidence plug is a loaded 5” mambo or those cheap rapalas you can get in the discount box at Walmart. On both I lose the tail hook no need for it and up the treble hook. Helps them dig a bit more and adds more wiggle to their action. Just my opinion but every place is regional what works for me in CT may not work for someone in NY.
  7. Thank you that’s he clarity I was looking for. Yes I haul a bit to early it appears.
  8. I have a question when is the best time to perform the haul on both back and forward casts.? I believe I’m a premature hauler does one haul mid cast stroke, before the stop and especially when does one haul during the shooting forward cast? Just wondering for my own benefit so I can time things better. Or is it a personal preference? Thanks hope my questions are clear.
  9. If you do get a vs wrench and change out the foot. Do not lock up the reel when reassembling it. That is a pisser been there done that not fun to get apart if it does come apart at all. Just my 2 cents
  10. If you don’t have or want to go the bait feeder way. Put a elastic above your top grip, open the bail, tuck your line under the elastic just a bit after you cast of course. Fish takes the bait and line not the rod. Flip the bail over and start reeling. I used this technique for sometime when I used bait and it worked well.
  11. After you nailed my issue on my back cast I paid much more attention to it. Watched it in the yard a bunch of times and took the feeling out to the beach last nite. Line pick up off the water and my back stroke were much better. Got my false cast down to three before my cast, much better then previous trips out. I have to learn to not over power my cast which kills my loops. Things worked out better longer casts, more time in the water and bam got my second schoolie of the year. Missed a few more but that’s fishing. I’m finding it hard to grab my VS and lami, rather grab a fly rod. Anyone can catch one on a sp I enjoy the challenge, 3 hours in the dark flew by. Just picked up a small medalist with two spools on the cheap for snappers for late summer.
  12. Mike that would be pretty cool and I would forward to that. When you guys talk about distance casting and how they use yarn. I yet again lost another rear tail hook flag to the maple tree in my backyard. Thing looks like a Xmas tree has to be a half dozen in there so far. So I continued casting without a leader and fly. My rod loaded in a instant without the leader and fake fly. I was amazed how much those two things hold back line speed and loading. Felt like I was cheating when shooting line. If I can find the happy medium between the two it would make my journey much nicer.
  13. I would love to contribute to this discussion but my whopping 14 hrs of fishing on the water doesn’t qualify me to give any insight. This is a great thread for someone like myself who enjoys fishing. For me getting 60’+/- out into the water is great right now. Hitting 90’ on the water would be better and I’m working my way towards that. Yes I don’t really need 90’ but hitting 90’ would mean I’m doing everything pretty much right. The one thing I learned about casting is there is no cheating when casting. If mess up a haul or casting stroke it shows in the end result, a failure to launch the line. The contributors to this thread are doing a great job, my hat is tipped to you guys.
  14. Ok thanks I figure it comes down to one’s ability.
  15. So here is a true beginner question. How far should I expect to shoot with Cortland intermediate WF8I line if I can carry the whole head and rod length? 60,70 feet the whole line, all this goes to say with good form.