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  1. I mentioned something similar to what your saying in another post. It was a bit racist I guess and I apologize for it but the facts are the facts. Litter, fires on the beach and poaching are things I see. I told two guys keeping small fish that they should throw them back but go zero response back. So when I got to the lot I snapped pics of there plates, sent the deep a email with the plate numbers and telling them that these guys were poaching. I also left a note on their trucks that they were reported. Haven’t seen them since so who knows.
  2. You know your right it was a bit over the top I guess. Sorry about that but it is what I see a lot. I just don’t see the guys surf fishing leaving stuff on the beach and having bomb fires while they fish at night.
  3. I’m all for law enforcement but Milford cops could be real d..ks. They have to do their job I get it but if I’m fishing at 10/11 at night I really don’t think that’s a issue. I may try the I’m fishing sign in. Some people leave a mess everywhere they go and do the same thing in West Haven. Sand worm boxes, bunker bags and foods containers all over. West Haven put up signs residence parking only, but our side streets near the beach were loaded with out of towners that made a s..t mess everywhere they went. I’m sure parking enforcement will only happen on the weekends and summer holidays.
  4. Thanks for be offer Dave but I’m gonna pass. Thanks again
  5. If you don’t mind let me think it over for a day. Have a good amount now but don’t have the bone and bunker colors. Let you know thanks
  6. Ok closing this up. Thanks for trading guys, thanks Tim S and SOL. Searobin I’ll get your plugs out first thing Saturday and get you tracking info.
  7. Ok one last time, TTT price drop $275. Let’s move this rod onto a new home. Thanks
  8. 1/0 vcm 4X belly hook no tail hook needed. The lure is too small for multiple hooks. Drill it and loaded it with BB’s “not oil or water” till you get it to .70-.75 oz. I’m happy with them, swim nice, cast a bit better and fish try to eat them. I haven’t tried adding more weight but I would assume it would kill the action.
  9. No problem any other questions just ask. Thanks
  10. Looks to be about 20”
  11. I’ll have to check and let you know if that’s ok. I’ll get it for you some time today
  12. Yes I’ll do that trade, I will only be able to ship it out on this coming Saturday if that’s ok. Let me know if that works. Thanks
  13. I’m headed out so I’ll check this when I get home. Thanks guys fishing is a calling.
  14. What were you looking at? SS darter, heavy popper, 4 needles plain blk med and short, lg b/p and b/s/o all traded.
  15. Yea snap a pic and send it over. I’ll take a look