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  1. Poor thing is gonna starve to death if it stays to long in CT waters.
  2. In the boot
  3. I picked up a 600 yd spool of blue camo this winter and it seems fine. Other then a few wind knots most likely my fault for over spooling it’s good.
  4. I use the walk fit ones, they sit nicely under the heel and arch. They stay put and help me a great deal. As far as taking up space in the boot I feel it is minimal.
  5. Ok thanks
  6. Few questions is this rod still for sale and what’s the distance butt to mid reel seat? Thanks
  7. Shipped and on the way thanks again Tom, Tim S and SOL
  8. Payment received thanks Tim S and SOL. Thanks Tom headed home to pack it up
  9. Ok sold to Lastcast I’m gonna try to box it up and get it out tonight I’ll send u my PayPal info
  10. I can ship it 2 day fedex but it wouldn’t be till Tuesday or Wednesday. Sorry to say but it seem you need the reel ASAP. Where are you located anyway
  11. Iam not but thanks for the offer.
  12. Price drop $555.00
  13. Retract my offer
  14. Asking $570 shipped Maine to New Jersey insured PayPal only no trades. Reel is about 5years old Chinese made, served every year by myself with new seals. To slight scratches as you can see in pics one on the rotor and on the bottom. It works perfectly and could be at your door in time for spring. Comes with box, bag and about 200 yds on suffix 30# 832. Any questions just ask thanks for looking.
  15. Would 70 shipped PayPal get it done. No tubes required. Let me know thanks for considering if not I get it.