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  2. They told me it was only 30% effective. I got one this year along with a pneumonia shot. My insurance pays for it so.....
  3. That's freaking funny
  4. I'll spend the extra money for Fluoro when fishing Albies. To me it just doesn't make sense to spend the time, energy and money to go fishing and not catch ,because I skimped on leader material. For a few extra bucks it gives me peace of mind.
  5. Sounds like an HBO movie in the making coming out of this.
  6. Kurt Russell made a few "good" bad movies. "The Thing" "Escape from New York" "Overboard". Bad Movies that are somewhat enjoyable to watch for some reason.
  7. I'd be heading to the bar ,wouldn't even change my clothes. Tell that story and you wouldn't have to buy a drink all day...……….Nice going
  8. One of the well known guys down there is RT Robert Trosset,he's been guiding down there for 40 years.If he's booked you could try his son he also runs a charter down there,i think his name is Chris.Google'em up for info
  9. jeez,my first car didn't cost 5 k
  10. every house/outhouse in the country had one.
  11. They were the first mail order retailer, they just failed to adapt to the changing times. They lost me when they bumped my credit card interest to 30% after making a late payment. Paid off the card and never shopped there again.
  12. That's good to hear .I saw reddish colored water here in nj last week about 10 miles out,don't know if it's the same thing.
  13. They're good but they're bony ,don't bother with the smaller ones.
  14. They make good stock. People are eating dogfish and skates now. Have a customer from England that targets Dogfish,he tell me most fish and chips sold over there are made from these because the cod has been so overfished.