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  1. I thought ,no way is this a real thing but,
  2. BA tells better jokes
  3. motorboat material
  4. Why would she pay for a DNA test, doesn't she own a mirror ?
  5. What's that bread in the first pic,looks good. You probably won't be hungry for a week after eating one of them.
  6. Get well Jimmy
  7. Loose cannon 7.25 percent ,Cape may brewery has a beer that's 9.9 …..Monday's gonna be rough.
  8. Why is it that wives were easier to bang when they were girlfriends
  9. My buddy had one around the same year as yours.he loved it he had 6 kids so it was a perfect fit good luck with it.
  10. Thats how the guy that sold it to him hotwired it
  11. The guy that gets Red's liver would be **** out of luck...….
  12. or an extra pair of depends
  13. He ain't going home, he's headin' to the Blue Lizard for some dark meat legs and thighs …….chicken that is.
  14. I think at the end of the video he's talking to her