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  1. A lot of the businesses around here have been collecting cash. We have two bases around here, one in Cape May and another in Wildwood.
  2. That's not a tan
  3. That's some cool memorabilia ………...Geez dude, I haven't seen legs like that since teen wolf was on TV.
  4. or a piece of something....the fact that somehow this chick got your email says she might be a bunny burner
  5. I'm gonna have to dig -up some of my old algebra books for this …….My 2 cents,the short answer, Capitalism ….Every day there's a new company popping up trying to sell their rods and the only way to do it is to make one better than the guy .Lighter, stronger, more sensitive, longer casting whatever and if you own a long standing company, like Lami, it's easy to become complacent, that's when these other guys run you over.
  6. The people that had this phone number must have hated this dude.
  7. You can see him get pushed from behind by one of the kids around the 22 mark ,the left hook was a bit much...…..a c**t punt would have been better.
  8. What we talking pesos ? 1000 bucks For hot sauce ? Nooo, f**k no.
  9. I've been seeing more and more around here lately. They made an impressive comeback
  10. Whole lotta nothing here ,a little rain last night that's it...….The temp is dropping off quick and the wind chill is in the teens though,it's gonna be a brutally cold night.
  11. My wife got snagged in a construction zone (speed camera) in MD a while back. I got the ticket in the mail cause her cars in my name.About a week later she was headed back there so I tell her drive slow through those construction areas. About a week later I got another ticket in the mail.
  12. I want the Tavern to be a kinder, gentler place where we can all share our feelings.
  13. Pig man Jerry, pig man !
  14. Yeah it only took 40 years Sherwood forest ?