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  1. They got matching tank tops and gold chains, thats class
  2. is that Red or Danny bonaduce
  3. Now thats a party.....must've been the crown royal
  4. Wawa has gobblers
  5. Everyones wound up with the holidays coming on.........My MIL is on her way. Last time here she stayed for 2 months, my alcohol consumption doubled.
  6. no,I had whites too, so did others. Sea Star
  7. No ,Cape May. Obviously there were plenty of fish where we were at but only this guy was blows my mind.
  8. The guy sitting next to me was a machine. He literally caught more fish than all the other 30 guys on the boat that day. He had a fish every 5 mins or so....White leggers and calicos with slider rigs.
  9. Let me just say I suck at catching Tog. Brought my wife with me on a party boat yesterday, she had 2 keepers, I didn't have any....and she had the pool winner. Went out last Wednesday, there weren't many fish but I was skunked again. I read all the threads about Toggin', I used jigs and White leggers, slider rigs, snafu rigs ,everything. Can't catch one to save my life. Help me out here.
  10. I did that, I had to use a stick to get it off.
  11. Dirt......more dirt.
  12. he did a Columbo
  13. Can't believe it's been this long but In a couple days it'll be the 46th anniversary of the EF
  14. I did get rid of my rabbit ears recently and got cable, there's this new channel called ESPN