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  1. you will get more hook-ups with offset
  2. Yeah, and when you opened them-up there was 3 seeds and a stem inside lol
  3. Indirectly, the chokehold didn't prevent him from breathing, it triggered a asthma attack that lead to his death.
  4. Wow,looks like a tornado in the making.
  5. It's good to see Hollywood make decent movies .Tired of super hero movies and stupid comedies.
  6. Maybe they were just spooning
  7. Hmmm
  8. I guess because there was multiple autopsy's there is A lot of conflicting info ,from what I read he died from a severe asthma attack...….. caused by the choke hold and chest compression .
  9. That's pretty cool
  10. What's your ribbons ? Is that a purple heart ?
  11. Tampons ? Heavy flow vs. regular ?
  12. Prayers for speedy recover
  13. If she Could open it that would be something.
  14. You could have it delivered....We put these things under the sofa t o make it easy to move. Vinyl or leather if you have dogs ,easier to keep clean