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  1. A politician telling lies, no it can't be.
  2. They should have put that sign up 20 years ago.
  3. Ah, it worth every penny.
  4. What'd ya get Rock ?
  5. There's a place down the road that serves ILLY nitro cold brew, it's better than anything from Starbucks.
  6. opps, honey someone hit me in the parking lot.
  7. Not a big fan of craft beer.
  8. I don't know why Tim banned him, that's beautiful.
  9. Whats with the dewey decimal system? I find books at the book store just fine.
  10. after driving 2 hours I'd make that thing fit together.
  11. and..........
  12. sent you a PM
  13. you could try ,Folsom customer service in Fla.

  14. I haven't ditched it but downsized.I had a "Surfcaster " 2 row bag filled with everything.It's a real nice bag but even empty it's kinda heavy. I bought a cheap Chinese single row bag at about half the weight ,4 lures a couple bucktails and weights in at less than half the weight of my other bag...BTW gave the old one to my nephew, he's 25 so it's no problem for him.