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  1. usually if the triangle has a 1,2 or 3 in the middle its recyclable ,5 or 6 nope.
  2. I got a sweet cheese croissant out of their pastry case the other night ,it was pretty freaking good.
  3. my shimanos Spheros/Saragosa are my favorites,and I have almost every model of Penn Spinners
  4. That's funny
  5. Thoughts and prayers.....
  6. They were plentiful down here in the Delaware Bay. Guys would catch trash cans full and not even eat them, they were used for fertilizer sometimes.Back when the limit was 15 fish I guy I know would load up in the morning.Him and his buddy's would come in unload the fish into coolers and head out again.Why would anyone need 30 fish per man?
  7. I wear them home sometimes ,people always want to know why I have a pound of sand in my truck.
  8. NWW is like N boston,you cant swing a dead cat without hitting a drunk irishman
  9. That's the only problem with these ,The blade always comes loose with those allen wrench chucks,its a PITA.
  10. Awwww, that's cute...…..I wish there was some place around here that close to shore where you could catch Tog.
  11. A guy my wife worked with went on a Kayak/fishing trip in Australia off the GBR...…...never to be heard from again.
  12. The problem With my Avet SX is the free spool. After using it for awhile the free spool starts getting sticky or starts slowing down....I picked up a Okuma Metaloid 5 last year for under 200 bucks,it's a nice little reel.
  13. Sent funds via PP .Will PM you addy, thanks,