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  1. Red’s turned into one of “them”
  2. And still gets final jeopardy wrong most of the time.
  3. Does mommy know that you contradict yourself on the internet?
  4. Makes sense.
  5. Wonder if they were teaching a class on making Molotov’s at the mosque in new haven last week?
  6. I love a happy ending.
  7. Such bad aim, what a shame.
  8. Tennis can get violent, especially after a few cape codahs.
  9. Outside of the occasional stab wound, Red leads a good life.
  10. Clearly the rich have conditioned you to hate the poor. Also, is there a reason that you’ve conveniently skipped over the “tennis court in the yard” allegation?
  11. Brilliant !!!!
  12. My kids have done this for years. Don’t buy cheap Chinese toys as a gift to our birthday party, donate to St. Jude’s. We set up a website with a link in the evite. Then whatever single gift my kids really want like a bike or a fishing pole, we buy for them. Have you ever seen the absolute crap that people bring as gifts to kids birthday parties? 95% lasts one day then breaks and gets thrown out. I'm a big giver to St. Jude’s. God forbid any of our kids have to suffer like those kids.
  13. Part of me is envious of you, part of me feels sorry for you. Best of luck.
  14. Lot of clammers, lobstermen & Baymen have seen them or caught/releases them from nets inside LIS. Bulls and hammerheads too. They just don’t call the newspaper