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  1. Fine but why aim a gun and fire it at the directory of a photographer?
  2. I took this to mean that you thought my post was off topic.
  3. Not comparing, only pointing out potential religious culinary constraints.
  4. This. But even more, know your target and what’s behind it. When would it ever be ok to aim and fire any kind of gun… real, fake. Hot, prop or a toy at the director of photography? This is the negligence that he has to answer for. The bullet Alec Baldwin fired from a prop gunfirst struck director of photography Halyna Hutchins — then exited her body and hit film director Joel Souza’s clavicle
  5. And the ribs need to be beef, not pork.
  6. Pretty much the perfect answer right here.
  7. But I’m not looking for masonry advice, did you read somewhere that I was? the other thread was about “looking for” a mason, did you misread the OP? Hey all. Need concrete repair or replacement work to a set of front stairs that has wrought iron railings. GOOD masons are tuff to find so if any one can recommend someone who will actually call back I would appreciate it. Thanks... Dog apparently finds people, I presume good masons included, which is exactly on topic.
  8. So my reply would be fine early afternoon yesterday but off topic a few hours later? Because of progress in a completely separate thread?
  9. I read it up to the point when I posted my reply. yesterday.
  10. Clearly my reply was over your head
  11. send Alec down to do a documentary..... poof! no more hippos. apparently they want to ban export of this stuff: Developed by the U.S. Agriculture Department, the drug GonaCon inhibits production of an animal’s sex hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone, putting it in “a nonreproductive state.” The USDA donated 55 doses of the drug to Colombian wildlife officials.
  12. SNL still has to get through 10 years of material on Dick Cheney's accidental shotgun discharge in 2006.
  13. Annnnddddddd .... He's the victim. According to an eyewitness, the distressed actor kept frantically asking why he was handed a “hot gun” — a firearm with real ammunition. “In all my years, I’ve never been handed a hot gun,” Baldwin said repeatedly, according to the witness.
  14. She took his parking spot so he shot her with the prop gun that she loaded with real bullets.