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  1. Jesus. Best wishes.
  2. You’re probably right, at least 2 hrs north of Dorval maybe 3. I blame belmo for lying about by the cold in the first place.
  3. Me neither. Churchill or Newtown.
  4. McGill University is less than an hour away from ridiculous skiing at Mont-Saint Anne and Mont Tremblant which does get to -40 C/F. Frequently. Even the newly departed 7x could vouch for that.
  5. Timmy Doppler > Old Farmer’s Almanac.
  6. Al Roker has hacked Tim’s SOL account!
  7. Welcome to the downside of 3.8% unemployment rate. Cause it’s obvious that at least 5% of the population is too stupid to drool on themselves.
  8. If the pols really want to cause havoc, turn off free WiFi at the airports.
  9. At Delta term C at LGA now. There is no TSA line at all and there are about 15 TSA agents milling around playing with their phones.
  10. Which one? Optimus Prime?
  11. That was winter storm Gia.
  12. Good to hear.
  13. I’d admire someone who is willing to be arrested and persecuted for their beliefs, but I just don’t think any of these people believe this crap, I think they’re just imbalanced sweethearts with a GoPro and a YouTube account looking to go viral. If one of these clowns was willing to stand next to a Christian facing the lions in the colosseum or next to a Jew in the slums of Warsaw who would rather face the nazis than remove the Star of David from his sleeve, then I’d buy it. ISIS still exists and the have orange jumpsuits in all sizes, go speak to them about your sovereign citizenship.
  14. Or develop a tolerance to electricity.
  15. 7x has had that linked bookmarked for at least ten years.