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  1. How can you be trusted with assault weapons if you’re not dependable enough to post hottie pics on a fishing website?
  2. SUP

    I have a surf SUP which is thin, relatively narrow and very tippy. Great for waves not for fishing. Race SUP which is long and very narrow and fast but not too steady and not much surface space. Wife has a Hobie Mirage Eclipse which she loves. Very steady and quick, but wind and tide can be tough. Has a mirage drive so it’s not a paddle board.
  3. SUP

    I have three. Great in the surf or on a calm bay but they suck in any wind or against tide. Get a big, wide one and secure your fishing stuff as they can be very tippy. Expect to get wet until you get the hang of it and even then, expect a fall or two. Wider is more steady but tougher to paddle. Wind sucks, against current sucks, boat wakes suck. It’s a great workout but sometimes you have to motivate yourself to use it and that can be a deal killer if you just want a leisurely fishing platform. Off season you might need a wetsuit.
  4. Rusty has 65,000 pictures of the same fish.
  5. Polacks got the Brits and the French to declare war on the Germans. I’d be more surprised if a frog outsmarted the Brits for 120 years..... but then I guess he’d be Jacques the ripper.
  6. Looks like the VC beat her with the hose too.
  7. Malaysia Air 777> 737-8 max. Series tied at 2 apiece.
  8. NY Cop: you have a gravity knife, they’re illegal in NY. Perp: but I need it for work. Cop: what do you do? Perp: I’m an abortion doctor Cop: have a nice day.
  9. Jewel lost his leverage when he was deemed a “public figure” because of all his interviews. Plus the FBI identified him as a suspect. Apple to oranges vs Sandman. CNN had all the evidence they needed early on but ignored it. “reporting the news” is tough to prove financial gain. Not so in this case where they were clearly “selling newspapers”. And advertising. Nick walks away with 10m all day long, probably a lot more.
  10. It won’t. That’s not how this works. Kid will settle for 30/40m from CNN and walk away with 15-25m after fees and lawyers. No one is looking to send a message and both sides realize that.
  11. Are you a lawyer? Just curious. Funny that the narrative never changed despite CNN running a video of the initial confrontation with multiple people in clear view video taping in the background. Now they’ll pay to quietly settle.
  12. 16 Felony Indictments is pretty funny.
  13. They screwed you out of your senior citizen discount. Stick with KFC.
  14. Tough to answer without seeing pictures of your friend.