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  1. Too early to have the "don't mention specific spots" conversation fellas
  2. Ebay
  3. I used the hardened steel. I actually find it easier to get a tight wrap with it.
  4. A gang nail plate with much smaller nails would be ideal. Something that wouldn't completely penetrate the plastic.
  5. Lol, I cut them down. Normally get 2 or 3 pencils per stick depending on the weight I'm building
  6. These are from an existing mold by a popular mold company. Some modification and you're ready to go. Just flip through some catalogs and you'll find it
  7. I think a tail weight mold is cheaper and easier than all the alternatives.
  8. For the life of me I can't understand why you guys want recognition. Nothing good will come from it.
  9. I fish the Sunset Fatboy and Darters by other builders. Everything else is mine.
  10. It makes me cry when I see the fixtures you build yourself
  11. With some modification I fit 7/0 on the 3/4 jig and 8/0 on everything else
  12. Poor spot for a landing lol
  13. Standard Devcon, 30 minute epoxy. As you can see I don't use a cart and have a bad habit of dragging my yaks up the beach. It's still there 3 years later.
  14. No idea, I was never a member. I just went there on Sunday mornings to tie and tell stories.
  15. It was a fishing club, the shop came later. The building is no longer the headquarters for the FCA, when the club left the shop went with it.
  16. You can order them online.
  17. Last I heard it was shut down for good.
  18. If any of you guys are planning to go to Surf Day stop by and say hello. I'll be at the PPW table most of the day.
  19. As a member of the Asbury club I can tell you the club doesn't directly receive free stuff. Many fishermen have friends in the industry and that will sometimes get you protos and free stuff to test. But that can happen even if you're not affiliated with any clubs.
  20. I use 8/0 Mustads on jigs down to 1oz. Molds smaller than that are tough to mod to take an 8/0, there just isn't enough room in the mold. Below 1oz you can modify most molds to take a 7/0
  21. I personally would be opposed to either idea. I like being the forgotten borough. Look how many people follow this thread. Plenty of people who don't even live here read what we type. I prefer our waters stay "forgotten". Most of us who have been fishing here a while already keep in touch via phone and text.
  22. Do you stop to eat when you're focused on gettin some? Lol
  23. Any place there's tight moving water. Mouth of the harbor, mouth of creeks, any tight area where food can wash out that they can grab without much effort.
  24. That's exactly what they do most of the winter. Once it gets up into the low to mid 50s the clam bite will turn on. I used to chase them all winter long. Now I use the time to get work done in the shop and wait it out.