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  1. I ordered a dozen last month on Ebay. I think they were about $8 a piece.
  2. I've used everything from 6-14rpms as drying motors, didn't notice much difference in how the plugs dried. I prefer 6rpms because I can get plugs on and off the wheel without turning off the dryer.
  3. Stay away from the 8". The 10" has cut over 1000 plugs so far. Only thing I've replaced is a belt, my fault because I'm too lazy to loosen it before changing speeds.
  4. Some guys dip, some guys spray. They both have their pros and cons but either will work. I've used Kilz and Bullseye, both worked well
  5. Primer, a good one.
  6. You were there for my happiest plug moment practically force-fed that fish lol
  7. You'll probably spend atleast a year figuring how what makes them swim and how to manipulate those characteristics.
  8. There are a few hobby builders but I'm not aware of anyone else who builds for resale.
  9. What's the bump for?
  10. Make a small closed circle with the tip of your round nose pliers. Put it into the belly holes and run your through wire. Now you can make the U bend at the bottom of the plug. Pull the through wire out and make a second closed circle level with the first one. Keep repeating this until you get annoyed and go back to swivels lol
  11. They're all holdovers. Spawning fish are still in the rivers
  12. I would recommend you start out with airbrush paint, Creatix, Spectra, and Testors are probably the most popular. There are mediums that will let you thin other paints but if you're just learning an airbrush I don't recommend you start mixing paints. You'll have enough to learn without creating more stress for yourself.
  13. Lol, sand the belly first then drill the belly holes and cove the nose. That way you can orient everything to the sanded belly.
  14. Not sure why guys have consistency problems with the belt sander. Are you guys sanding the bottom last?
  15. Which size mold? There's 2 different pins.
  16. Anyone going to the Asbury flea market tomorrow? Stop by the PPW Lures table and say hi. Some of you I haven't met yet.
  17. LOL, I have to agree.
  18. Just asking
  19. What are you going to do with them?
  20. I'm sure the bunker is already here, won't do much good for atleast a few more weeks.
  21. Those seals need to leave,won't find any bass with them around.
  22. He's warming up to Facebook
  23. It's not a question of date, it's about water temps. Not all bass make the run, the ones that don't are here all winter. With colder water temps they go dormant and don't feed much, that's why early spring fish are always very slim. During mild winters they will feed more and can be caught as early as February
  24. Have you used the reinforced lip yet? I've been hesitant, all the dimensions look different, lip, face, whole thing.