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  1. The Lefty 1 isn't all that wide. I use it on on 4.5", 2oz peanuts and sometimes I feel like it's not enough. I would give it a shot before you decide you need smaller
  2. Last 5 plugs to leave the old shop. You know they had to be Pikies
  3. Yes, the top of the swivel has very little swing, just squeeze it enough to get past the grommet
  4. I squeeze one end of a swivel on qlmost every plug i build, dont over think it. The end that goes in the body has such a limited range of motion that it doesn't need to be round.
  5. Just squeeze one end of the swivel with a pair of pliers so it fits. If you downsize it may be too short.
  6. That's why most of us make our tail and belly weights. Best way to get what you want is to make it yourself.
  7. Shop is almost packed up and ready for the move. No building happening so I'm passing the time by reading this entire thread for the 3rd time Can't thank you guys enough for feeding this sickness as soon as I got bit a few years ago.
  8. There's 2 unmentionables now? What did I miss?
  9. (we don't promote or discuss them here) and Cape Cod Tackle both carry a good selection at good prices. If you let us know what plugs you plan to build and in what sizes we can help you narrow down the list.
  10. Most use Etex because it's readily available in most craft stores but it's nothing special. I'm actually pretty sure it's just a generic bar top epoxy that's packages for Envirotex by an epoxy manufacturer.
  11. I would get a furnace filter from Home Depot then go from there.
  12. If you think the water at North Beach is the same as the water in the bay you need to do more more homework. They couldn't be more different.
  13. Lol. Look, if you want to waste your days chasing Hickory Shad off SI beaches be my guest. They run in current same as Albies. It's not about distance it's about completely different water conditions. I'm only sharing my experience, I fish 4-5 times a week and I've never seen one. Caught on SI.
  14. Not even close, that's the outside. For the most part they follow the same waters Albies. The False hook is as far in as they come, the don't enter Sandy Hook Bay or Raritan Bay. On the NY side Breezy point and Ambrose is as close as you will see them. Raritan Bay is a very different body of water than either of those 2 spots.
  15. Never, in 20 years of fishing Bass on SI have seen a Hickory Shad.
  16. I've never seen one.
  17. I've done the same as Russ. I still seal my plugs so no one can say I don't but I don't think the AYC benefits much from it.
  18. Pearls over black. Remember, when layering colors with an airbrush less is more.
  19. I have the same same lathe, it's not very loud but the vibrations are a different story. Try to keep the bench you put it on off the walls of the attic.
  20. If you allow one spot you allow them all. Not a debate, it's a rule of the forum. The post was from a new member who probably just didn't know the rules, let's not make it a bigger issue.
  21. Welcome, we don't post specific locations on this forum.
  22. I've been baking my jigs for a few years now. Haven't noticed any deterioration in hook strength.
  23. I think letting it dry is the issue. I believe the premise behind the crackle effect is that the top layer dries while the lower layer is still wet. Causing the crackle effect.
  24. Are these full 2x2 or finished balusters?
  25. Unfortunately 8 went to a rod dryer, 2 for new hook dryers and 2 backups.