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  1. Depends on the mold. Mine are all on 8/0 Mustads
  2. Any reason why you want to through wire it? Plenty of room to make nice, long screw eyes on that style plug.
  3. RCO car/airplane fuel lines already come in different colors and diameters. A piece of SS wire and you're good to go.
  4. Looks great but you don't need a belly grommet if you're going to build a sealed body plug.
  5. They dig much better with the weight in front of the hook. Distance is for daytime fishermen, I'm a night guy so I'm all about the swim.
  6. As a general rule weight at the back of a plug ruins the swim. It's fine for pencils but lead in the tail of a swimmer will ruin a plug.
  7. Propane torch or heat gun. The paint will curl up then you can scrape it off. Then you can just sand the character marks off the wood.
  8. It's much easier to burn old paint off than sanding it.
  9. It's definitely more popular down here in the NY/NJ area. I prefer to be able to service my plugs. I love when guys show up with one of my plugs with tons of mojo, mangled swivel and tail wraps. I listen to the story then rewire it so they can keep catching on it.
  10. Type of wood?
  11. I've tried the propionat method, works well but I just couldn't stand dealing with acetone. I've gone to epoxy sealing now
  12. 500+ plugs per year, going into. The 4th year. Only catch is Harbor Freight doesn't offer replacement parts. It's currently running on a TurnCrafter belt and bed extension.
  13. I use a Harbor Freight lathe. From what I see right now there's Jet and then there's everything else. If you're not going to spend Jet money then go as cheap as possible (HF). Most of the mid priced midi lathes are HF lathes painted a different color.
  14. I agree, everyone's Shop setup, tools and comfort level is different. It's best to see a few different methods then develop what works best in your hands.
  15. Made this last year for a friend.
  16. Pretty sure Joe did one on Noreast many moons ago. His screen name is Rockfish I believe. If you can build yourself good jigs you can build good Darters.
  17. The 2 biggest pitfalls when drilling plugs are: 1. Too high on the rpms 2. Too long a bit. I drill bodies on the lathe at 1100 or 1600 rpms. 3" bit from both ends THEN drill though with a longer bit. If you start with a long bit it will wander and come out the side, and maybe your hand...
  18. I use a fine file then a knife sharpening stone. Don't go to the grinder unless i nick it real bad.
  19. Get used to it. Before last year we went 7 years without decent Fall fishing. A Fall bite on SI beaches is not the norm.
  20. Get used to it. Before last year we went 7 years with and decent Fall fishing. A Fall bite on SI beaches is not the norm.
  21. You looking for a full on decal? Or a stencil to use with an airbrush?
  22. Last year they had rough cut 2X4, that got me close enough to to where I wanted to be but holy crap the plugs turned out heavy.
  23. Cut it now, go a bit bigger since it will shrink. Stack it with small sticks between each row so they can dry. Some guys seal the ends to prevent cracking but I don't have enough experience to say if that's effective.
  24. Not sure if a winter project is the best plan. You should give a fresh tree atleast a year to dry for best results.
  25. We don't discuss locations on this thread.