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  1. Can't believe nobody jumped on this
  2. I run mine through the table saw. Same thing, 45°
  3. Thanks for the clarification Tim. Most of you have my number, I won't watch this nonsense anymore. Tight lines. Marco
  4. That's the best reason to fish the beaches, we help each other out a great deal. There's a huge flat out there too, the water has been so cold they've been sitting shallow to keep warm. Very slow start this year.
  5. Because it doesn't matter until it matters. Anyone remember what happened this past spring? It was a zoo, usually too late when you realize you burned a spot so why even chance it? And dropping the Seguine comment after guys tried to correct it? Well that was just a **** to everyone involved. The surfcasters on SI are a VERY tight community, you'll know when you put yourself on the outs with that bunch
  6. He'll be gone in a week. We've had plenty like him come and go lol
  7. Great Kills beach is considered a spot burn. Don't try to rewrite the rules, follow them or move on. This thread has survived this long because we resolve these issues WITHOUT mods getting involved. Keep up the nonsense and it will just get locked.
  8. Just burn it off with a torch, much easier than a chemical stripper.
  9. Even without ends, what about sealing? Do you seal, hydro, drill and slot then seal again??
  10. Pretty sure none of it matters enough...
  11. I transfer my epoxy into dark bottles. Doesn't keep it from yellowing but it keeps me from seeing it lol
  12. Stay away from 30 minute epoxies. As a general rule, the faster the cure the more brittle and sloppy the end result. You want a slow, steady cure for neat and durable finishes.
  13. I think it's a neater look when you wire last. I hate seeing finish over a tail wrap or all over a lip. With a little practice you'll be able to wire last without trashing the finish.
  14. If you're using acid brushes hit the base of the brush with 2 drops of crazy glue before you start. You won't lose any bristles that way. Don't need fancy brush cleaner Denatured Alcohol will clean epoxy brushes just fine.
  15. Following, it's time to upgrade my crappy bench top badsaw.