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  1. I just got the 2018 Jeep compass, and it handles IBSP like a dream. The only thing that makes me a little nervous is the ground clearance, which should not be an issue on the GC. I put the tires at 18-20 PSI 4 wheel lock sand, and it drove very nice.
  2. I know this is an old thread, but am wondering if anyone has updated information on how a Jeep compass would do on IBSP. Anyone with experience with this or something similar to jeep compass on soft sand?? Thanks
  3. Got a free Kayak. 9 foot Ocean Kayak frenzy. I know this is not the best fishing Kayak, but its free and I will be using it in the river/bay and will not be traveling with much gear or traveling that far either. I am looking to use this kayak for fluke fishing in warmer months. I have been reading into all the safety aspects and just have a few questions. What is a good PFD that I can use to fish with, but also need to be able to paddle as well? I will NOT be going out at night, or extreme weather conditions and will be close to land in the places I will be fishing. I am comfortable in the water (surfer/lifeguard) and have some experience in kayaks, just not fishing out of them. Other than PFD, paddle, paddle leash, and my general fishing equipment anything else I should look into. I was not planning on getting any electronics as I wanted to keep this cheap and simple. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks in advanced- tight lines P.S I will be taking a maiden voyage without fishing gear to practice launching and coming in, as well as self rescue .
  4. I have a Avid inshore 8 foot 3/8- 3/4 ounce rating and did not like my VR125 on it (to heavy)but sounds like the VR 50 would be great on those inshore rods.
  5. Been discussed many times as stated above, but also you are going to get a few different answers as to what people do. No right and wrong just different preferences. For me 13- i use 1/0 belly hook, with the back either blank or single VMC siwash hook 15- I have them rigged differently , some 2- 1/0 VMC, some 2/0 belly, 1/0 back, some 2/0 belly nothing on back, and some canal rigged
  6. I got skunked for a whole month before I got my first fish this year, but did enjoy being out and trying and checking out structure, sand, bait and what not. Get out there
  7. Power Pro was known for having bad batches of braid and a lot of mystery breakoffs. Many people seem to switch to Power Pro super slick, or other brands. There are many great braids out there. I have been using suffix 832 and love it, many guys like J braid. There are a few threads on the site about braids. Check them out and good luck
  8. I fish Ocean county front and back waters. My two set ups are 9 foot St Croix legend (older) 3/4-4, and a 8 foot st croix avid inshore 3/8-3/4. I mostly throw Mag darter and SP, mix in some pencils for top water and jigs/bucktails for bottom of the column. I do have some other weapons for specific applications.
  9. Dan I would like to order ( 1) 1/2 ounce white ( head with tail) $3.00 ( 1 ) 3/4 ounce white (head with tail) $3.75 ( 3 ) white 5 inch tails $3.00 ( 3 ) plurple 5 inch tails $3.00 Thats $12.75 let me know how much I owe for shipping and I can paypal you. Thanks
  10. Should have explained this better, but I just spooled my 3000. I put 150 yard of suffix 832, then filled with backing (12 mono) ended up with those numbers. about 60 of 12 pound mono, and 150 of 20 pound suffix. then flipped it around.
  11. BG 3000- about 60 yard 12 mono to 150 yard 20 pound suffix 832
  12. Been using gulp for a few years but agree the quality is down. Any good alternatives for scented baits?? Was thinking about just using all the unscented plastics I use for bass for a season see if I notice major difference in catching rates thoughts..??
  13. They are very fun to fish. I have better luck/more confident in regular popper or pencil, but I like the action of a spook and I am kind of trying to get them to work more and more. Most of what i use in the back bays are smaller versions of what I use out front.
  14. smaller size mag darters and sp minnow, rubber and bucktails in the 3/8-3/4 ounce range, and some top water poppers/spooks.
  15. I like the Sargent sportsman pliers. they are bulky, but the jaws will not misaligned after use. They can cut a hook and mono, but I carry a separate snip for cutting braid. You can rig up your own lanyard on any pair you buy.