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  1. Offer 250 shipped??
  2. I would take the blue head, and 1 of the yellow/pink
  3. Any of these 1 oz pencils left??
  4. Damn where you located??
  5. Check out the kettle creek paddle tails, or even North East jigging co. They both have great stuff, variety, and price. The kettle creeks you can get right on here with nice heads from Dan Tinman in the BST.
  6. I have an 8 foot older st croix avid inshore (brown) blank M fast action- 3/8-3/4 ounce rating I could part with. Let me know if interested, otherwise good luck
  7. Very cool painting. Thanks for sharing it
  8. Sure PM coming
  9. $35 shipped... last call
  10. Price drop .... $40 shipped
  11. Looking to sell 6 hogy Jigs never used 3- 3.87 ounce in sardine, green Mack, bone glow 3- 5.64 Ounce in sardine, green Mack, bone glow added in a 3 ounce run off sand eel $45 shipped (PayPal )
  12. Just picked up the new Spheros inshore SW and it feels really nice. $120, cant give much more as I have only put line on it, but i like the feel, size, look. Might be worth a look.
  13. I would prefer to buy from a local shop. If you have to go the online route, I would use a site you trust more in case you need to use warranty service of have other issues.
  14. JT Brooks for me. Get the job done, easy to calibrate
  15. Received one of the 2 I ordered. Thought it was broken at first glance. The tub was way to long and bent in middle.rod didn’t appear to have any damage at all, but I’m gonna go put a few bends in it to check again. Hoping the 2nd one makes it.