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  1. I will take this for asking price and can meet somewhere to pick it up. I am in Brick twp.
  2. This with 1 ounce bucktails for me.
  3. small and medium sized mag darters. Reel slow to moderate with twitches here and there. Speed up retrieve and change up twitch cadence as needed. Sp minnow is right up there for me. I have lots of "nicer plugs" but the mag darter/sp just get it done for me. If I am on a really hot bite, or fishing wind and rough water I try and switch out for a jig or bucktail with single hook. Wind or bigger surf
  4. Im in a 2018 Jeep Compass, and it has been very good out on IBSP. Similar ground clearance to the subaru, 4 wheel drive, and i get 25 highway on it.
  5. Daiwa BG 3500 or 4000 . Can find under 100 bucks, and have some great reviews. I have a 3000 on an inshore rod i use for fluke and schoolies. I also like shimano reels and I am sure they have something in your price range that would be solid. Good luck
  6. I will do the lefty bait caster for 60 if still available
  7. Daiwa BG 2000/2500
  8. I like dressed single hooks for em. Faster retrieve for blue fish, Slower for bass. But can vary day to day, so switch it up, add pauses, twitches, different weight for conditions, most my medals are not colored, and I use them mostly day time
  9. I still have 2 older spheros and love them, they are a 3000FB, and 4000FB that I use for inshore fishing and they are tanks.
  10. pony
  11. I have the 125 on a 9 foot and love it. I would think 175/200 for your 10.5 ft stick. But they are all pretty close on weight so you will gain line space on the spool, and some more inches per crank the higher you move up.
  12. Something I have gotten used to after having some minor brain issues on a reel. Under spool a little bit, and be careful after popping/pencil popping. I like to put a heavy metal on every now and then and get a good cast off, and reel fast back in to straighten line back out. Also once a season I like to take my set ups to open field, clip to fence and run all the line off and reel it back on with solid tension. Like others have said, lighter brain could help as well. Hope this helps good luck.
  13. I have a 3 tube bag that is pretty heavy and not ideal for a belt bag, but my tiderunner belt holds it up nicely. I have bag, pliers, dive knife on there and it holds shape and has zero issues doing what its supposed to. The Velcro is very strong and doesn't lose its strength. The buckle is solid and keeps doing its thing after not being washed for 3 years. I know you can get away with cheaper 15/20 dollar belts, bu, if you are holding up some stuff on it. I think tide runner is a notch above the others. Just my opinion
  14. Tide runner all the way. 45 bucks will last you a lifetime
  15. Was fortunate to have a nice size blitz bust loose on Halloween in 2016. Some nice size fish in this blitz. Got 2 - 25-30 lb fish on pencil popper. Probably could have caught with anything but that is what i had on. 2 ounce NorthBar pencil popper