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  1. Thanks everyone, I ended up with a 6 cylinder. Was able to find a certified pre owned with low miles that fit what I was looking for. Ram1500 big horn. When I started the thread I kind of knew I wanted the 6, but started to see a few 4 turbos and had to ask. Thanks again.
  2. I think my decision has been made on the v-6. I appreciate the feed back everyone.
  3. That's what I was thinking john..... but I am not to knowledgeable on cars. I am def leaning toward the V-6. Appreciate everyone feedback.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Taco just to small really looking for the full size. I will not have much a commute so gas isn't a major factor. I will have to see how much of a difference the prices are when shopping. Some good things to think about.
  5. Check out the black hole Suzuki rod. 9 1/2 foot fishes 1 - 2.5 really nicely. Can go lighter on lure weight it’s a 50/50 split.
  6. Thanks Hawk..... I am looking for the full size truck (silverado, Ram, f-150) and yes I want 6 foot bed.
  7. I will be purchasing a new or slightly used truck soon. I will be test driving the usual choices in the coming month. While looking online doing my homework, I am seeing many/some 4x4 pickups coming in 4 cylinder turbo instead of V6. This truck will be a daily driver that will get me on the beach 30-40 times a year. This truck will not be towing/trailering or any of that. Anyone have any insight on the 4 cylinder turbo?? I am thinking I want a V6.. but would like to know pros and cons of each before making decisions. I appreciate anyone help on the topic. Not really looking for specific manufactures, just the V6 vs V4 turbo choice. Thanks
  8. I will take this, I can PayPal tomorrow
  9. Same here
  10. That's terrible. Not how it should be. Hope he still gets opportunities to play in the future.
  11. I am a teacher and coach in a New Jersey Highschool. Lot of schools are doing different things with school here. Some are all virtual, some hybrid, some all in person. My school has been running pretty smooth with hybrid. (teachers in full time, students broken into A and B groups). Sports are running with some restrictions, but they really seem to be trying to get it all in. No awards banquet, or any of that. We will see about prom and graduation. Last year they did end up having a ceremony mid summer, and like mentioned above, parents put on a prom outside of school for last years seniors. My son is in 1st grade- he goes 2 days, does 3 virtual. Hope they can increase that as I think schools should be getting back to opening full time. Kids need it.
  12. tsunami carbon shield 2 inshore
  13. Im in. Merry X-Mas
  14. I am In. Thanks
  15. I have the 9 1/2. I really like the action. throws 3/4 to 2 really well, but can go lighter and heavier. If I need to throw 2 3/8 and up I go with a different rod. If you have specific questions let me know. I have mine pared with a spheros 5000 with 20 pound braid.