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  1. Appreciate the responses. Ended up with a trevala px for conventional set up and a new mojo inshore . Haven’t had a chance to use em been to busy. Both rods feel great. Hoping to get em out this summer and fall.
  2. I really like both the black hole Suzuki and the ODM frontier x. The frontier x is my standard plugging rod paired with the Saragossa 6000. Throws everything from mag darters to pencil poppers in the 1-3 ounce range really well. Very pleasant to fish with, can’t say I have hammered fish with it as I have been super busy to fish, but it’s a nice set up. The Suzuki is awesome when throwing lighter offerings to smaller fish (under 32 inches) I know it can handle bigger, but if I ever caught a 36 plus inch fish I would want the frontier. Hope I was of help.
  3. This not the trailhawk model or any other fancy model. Pretty sure it was the latitude. Did well for 2 years until my lease was up now driving a ram 1500. Not sure about the longevity of a compass on the beach, but it did fine on IBSP. Def need to keep eyes peeled for weird spots in the sand as the ground clearance is a little low. But like I said it did it’s thing.
  4. The 9’6 black hole of your looking to throw the lighter stuff 1/2 ounce to 1 3/4. If your looking to throw more “normal” weighted stuff 1-3 or 1-4 you will find a few options in many different price ranges ODM frontier x comes in 9’6
  5. When I’m out fluking I like a 7’6 inshore rod. I have a gloomis e6x - 1/4-3/4 rating I think. 2500-3000 size reel of your choice… I’m a shimano guy. I use this bay/river or out front. If I need the distance I can launch a 1ounce metal and teaser combo pretty good ways. But mostly throwing 3/8-5/8 jigs and gulp. Not a fan of a surf rod for fluke… just my opinion
  6. Yea I been using the kettle creek for a few years now in the salt . Great smaller paddle tail
  7. There is 2 belt loops on the back, will definitely fit on ultimate surf belt or any other belt. I had an issue with the front Velcro coming unattached. Probably a simple fix, but I have since repurposed the pouch for something else.
  8. If you can’t swing a flatlander, gear up, or any of them. I have the MAK angler 3 tube I got for prolly a hundred bucks 10 years ago. And it’s held solid. I always thought about upgrading but never needed too. Lot of stuff can fit in this bag and I wear it on a tide runner belt.
  9. Been using the Viair 400 p Hooks to battery fills standard truck tire from 17/18 psi up to 40psi in about 2 min a tire Very nice compressor, great reviews pretty simple to use
  10. I will take this for 350 shipped
  11. been thinking about putting in an offer, I am in New Jersey and the shipping thing makes me nervous. What you got to ship it in?
  12. Some good reels here for the money. 100-300 bucks has a lot of options with different ratios, and weights. I like the spheros sw- Have not tried out the newer spheros swa yet, I also like the saragossa, new SWA and older SW I have been liking the shimano spinners last 5-6 years. Always wanted a VSX, but my problem is, I will want one on every rod I own. I also do not need it for 99.9% of the days I am out there
  13. Uni knot for most stuff. Easy to tie and sits really nice. Alberto knot for braid to leader connections.
  14. Was driving a 2018 Jeep compass for 2 and a half years on the beach.... it has the sand mode. you def need to air down. The sales people told me the same thing, but you still need to with just about any vehicle. The jeep did its thing on the beach, but you had to be mindful of the ground clearance. This is in New Jersey with pretty soft sand....maybe different on southern harder packed beaches.
  15. Had these passed along with some other older odds and ends I always try to repurpose. Never knew anything about these till know. Seem like killer mini buck tails