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  1. Appreciate all the feed back here… good to know people are having good results with many different hooks and rigging techniques.
  2. Good to know you had success with singles. Anyone ever give these things a canal rig?? I still prefer a belly treble on my plugs and just crush the barbs down.
  3. How are you rigging the yozuri twitch bait ?? 1 ounce and the 1 3/4 i matched the front treble with a VMC treble and tried an inline single on the back…. Heard a few mention not liking the action with the single back. I didn’t do well with them when others did around me..
  4. I have heard you mention these many times…gonna give ‘em a try
  5. I have used them for fluke and sometimes schoolies on lighter rods and line. Never had any problems, except some jigs or bucktails don’t fit…but once that is figured out i carry what works. I wouldn’t be trusting them if I was perusing fish over 6-7 pounds consistently but have also landed cow nose rays with them
  6. Can’t speak on his recent politics, but read his book 2 years ago and thought it was great.
  7. Check out the ODM frontier x 9’6 3/4-4 throws the range really well
  8. Heard this as well. Read something about them not doing the tests on the dead whales to see if the sonars are messing with their ears/hearing/senses…I’m definitely not an expert but something is going on.
  9. Also recommend the viair have the viair400 and it gets the job done very well - 2-3 minutes per tire 16-40 psi. This is probably overkill for my needs but it’s a great unit. Pricey for sure, but I starting hitting some spots that do not have air stations. Also has help me and others in emergencies.
  10. I will do box 48 as well venmo coming again thanks
  11. 1 box 76 if still available otherwise any other Venmo coming now
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