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  1. For sale is a good condition xsc 5500 the reel comes with 3 extra spool 2 is new with #20 lb yellow braid and i can't remember what the other one have the spool that is on have #40 lb $150 ship any form of payment
  2. ok thank you if you decide to split let me know
  3. how much for just the reel if you split
  4. what is the handle length from bottom to middle of reel seat
  5. sold i will pm you PayPal info thanks
  6. thanks for your offer but I want to keep it as a lot
  7. 4 new bob Hahn 2 Gibbs and 1 li fish in vt $ 110 ship any form of payment
  8. it can be repaire
  9. respectfully offer $100 ship for the rodgeeks
  10. thanks for the pic but i am only interesting in the 450ss how much
  11. you don't put a price
  12. can you post pic of reels also
  13. never mind after looking at the picture closely I will pass
  14. bump for daiwa and fin nor
  15. ok you have a deal i will pm you my info thanks