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  1. Yes I can do that I will pm you my number we will work out meet up location
  2. Queens I will be in Commack ,Deer park tomorrow
  3. i have a new in box daiwa 4000 bg $100 pick up
  4. Thanks for your post but I am looking for conventional rod I will edit my post
  5. hi all want to trade a new in box daiwa bg 4000 for a shimano terez 6' 9" 0r 7 ft will add some cash i am in queens
  6. Bump $100 ship
  7. For sale is a new in box daiwa bg 4000 $110 ship PayPal
  8. pic of the daiwa , all star ben doerr and g loomis please
  9. I have a j&h sloopster 6'6" New $90 pickup in queens
  10. Nice reel thanks for the pic I will wait to see if any one with a power handle comes up
  11. Can you please post up some pictures
  12. Trying to keep the price under $100 thanks everyone for posting
  13. Thanks for your post but I will pass
  14. Hi all want to buy a reel with a power handle and left hand retrieve for fluke fishing not looking for anything expensive please let me know what you have I am in queens Ny
  15. Ok I am not going to ship so good luck in your search