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  1. Nathan's hot dog eating contest from Coney Island, NY. It's held every year on the 4th. Starts tomorrow at 10:30 and the whole event is televised. Last year Joey ate 76 hot dogs in 10 minutes. He has been the champ for quite a few years. Since online gaming is legal now, you can bet on everything. The winner, how many dogs and I'm sure they are covering all kinds of bets.
  2. I like the bullethead type casting from shore. Below is a Dan the Tin Man, tin bucktail. The tin allows you a larger profile and slow sink in skinny water. Just another tool ; his lead head bucktails work equally as well.
  3. I think gregwa was referring to your tail rap that the flag is hanging off of
  4. Just got these; two are tuned running just below the surface and the other is going to get slammed on the surface. Tested them out in current running around 2 knots, maybe a little better... Have to talk to David, might be so the flag tucks in tight to the plug for casting distance... @bassmaster what say you, and thanks again...
  5. Who placing bets on 77 Since Joey Chestnut is the favorite. The odds are $ - 3,000.00 You can play over and under
  6. You as well Rick. Enjoy everyone
  7. Outstanding, don't know if I like it or not. But I can appreciate what they did....
  8. What a joy it is to make a living being able to do what you love to do. RIP Mark Enjoyed your show's. A NJ fishermen.
  9. #14J is what is snapping. The entire spindle assembly is replaced...
  10. If it wasn't Steve would of told you so right off the bat
  11. Some of my most enjoyable fishing, being knee deep. That voids the warranty....
  12. So tell us in your own words what you we're doing when the rod
  13. If it was more acute than Lou's photo Than that's user error
  14. Things don't seam ..... anymore...