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  1. GPS NAV tied into autopilot, hit the button and it will keep your boat on that position with the boats engines, without dropping the anchor. I believe one of the charter boats in the, Canyon Runner fleet has gyros...
  2. Thanks, I'm in
  3. You know, I said this before and it's time to say it again. This Marty thing has reached a whole new level of weird; maybe you should take this Marty / Mary thing to the tavern and start your own thread there. Should go over big there, as he identified a lot of the members here as clowns... I'm out of the Marty / Mary saga Lou T
  4. @Marty Hey pal, since you got a lot on your plate, show this to you better half. I'm sure she needs some support and has to adjust to.
  5. Nice Dennis, really looking forward to it. I can not wait till I no longer have to contribute to that blood sucking health insurance that feeds Obama care. I was going to opt out of paying into health insurance and pay the penalties, hopping others would do the same and the system would implode upon itself ending it all together. Till I heard the story of someone that did and needed emergency operation to save his life. The hospital took his life savings and everything he owned of value except his home... On a happier note, enjoy the hunt and tight lines.. Lou
  6. and you as well Its snowing here in New Jersey, but the forecast for tomorrow is 470
  7. It must hurt to yell, in that deep raspy voice Tim I'm here, I don't know what you want from me
  8. Thanks for the laugh guys
  9. Go to post 387 thru 389 that will explain everything edit - better add post 390
  10. Let me help, hey @TimS I think your going to have a request for a name change
  11. You guys, got to be kidding me. I was laughing my ass off reading this. Marty how the hell can you lay there with a straight face. This has to be the stunt of all stunts. You know TimS is going to get the GPS coordinates off that photo. Make one last video for all the members here before you let some guy get near you with a knife. If your there for a Vasectomy, I think you have support...
  12. The Blue bite in New Jersey, up in the Raritan Bay last year was sad to say the least.
  13. Good for you, nice fish in your avatar. I officially retire this coming May. Medicare eligible and the whole nine yards, I'll have no problem adjusting...