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  1. You should check out the news. The bill that President Trump is proposing is global. Wall Street had a hick up when they realized it would be affecting companies the likes of Eli lily & Co, Exon Mobil, General Electric, Google, Apple, Pfizer, and Microsoft just to name a few. Big money is changing hands in the market. The rich are getting richer, and the market will do fine, as it has done in the past and always did...
  2. No check out my post, I'm all in favor to putting them into good use. Furniture, coat factories, scrimshaw, feed the incarcerated, now your telling me Gourmet restaurants, could have its own appeal to the tourist industry.
  3. comfortable... I almost swallowed my tongue and my eyes where nearly touching my dive mask
  4. I dove in a lava tube once, the guide did not tell us he had a friend in there. As he removed the bag of squid and started releasing it into the water his friend made his grand entrance a 6-7' shark. Except is was not interested in the squid the guide brought for it to snack on. Instead the freaking shark was circling me. Try keeping an eye on something that can swim around you in a blink of a eye. I was never so happy to get out of there with all me digits. Swim with the sharks, no thank you Lou T
  5. Last time I was there, there was about eight on the bar. As I walked up all returned to the water but one. So I fished, I had a couple follow ups that had to be removed from the water quick. Just to have him bobbing around in the water looking at me from no more that eight feet away. As I stood there they where coming out of the water joining me on the bar. It got to a point where I had to watch where I stepped, not to step on one. I do not recall the sign you posted, was that at the four wheel entrance. I brought up a old Seal post from not to long ago. Check it out its tilted: ( Seals: Love them or Club them? ) If your enjoying this post, check out ; Love them or Club them. Some interesting information in there as well such as, where the worms are coming from in the Cods flesh. Dinning on seal by chef Todd Perrin, now gaining fame for his Newfoundland restaurant, seal is a non-endangered, delicious and unique ingredient. With post from members, gif's, and videos. Enjoy Lou T
  6. As long as your a good shoot
  7. To the top, for @Otshawytsha poll
  8. Yes, he's so clever
  9. but don't send a boy with the question
  10. When I fished there last they where there, but it appears they have increased by three time the amount since I was there last.
  11. Never has a truer word been spoken, and its not just there its everywhere. We loose more and more beach access every year. Not to a bird, or a seal. Its to someone that's never seen the great outdoors, except from the window of there beachfront home, eating their veggies, and hugging their tree, while they are telling you what you should and should not do. We have sections of beach closed down by us for this little bird called a Piping plover, that nest nowhere near the tidal zone. I guess in the near future you will see signs stating, Seal beach Keep Out. Don't even think about going into their ocean. I believe our government has gotten to strong. Its no longer of the people, by the people, for the people.
  12. The only thing I had to replace on my China made VS250, and never did when servicing it, was the drag clicker that wore out...
  13. Kil Song stated if he gets Trumped, he will just have to raise his prices.
  14. Napalm would ruin they're coat...