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  1. Sounds like your up the creek without a paddle Dinghy....
  2. I agree, accept you don't want to see a photo of my left index finger right now, from a green teeny... When things go right, from this spring... It's best to get them on there way right away...
  3. Your doing a great job. Not a fan of seeing Bass dragged across the sand or worse. Keep in mind its the green Bass, the one you skip across the surface is the one that will get you every time; with a plug in her mouth that has multiple trebles flying around its best to be in control. If you are fishing the proper tackle to land your trophy, now you have a Bass in there teens approaching twenty pounds or larger fighting for her life. Things can go wrong quickly. Although I will grab them by the lower jaw or slip my hand under her gill plate at times, there are some fish you are better off grabbing with a boga or fish gripper. A boga is buy far the easiest way to control a large green fish. A long mono leader is a must. It gives you a added advantage in quickly grabbing the leader first, gaining control until you are able get hold of her lower jaw with your boga. Have a great fall season. Lou T
  4. No beef with you scoob, I always just give a honest opinion or answer. This post seemed to change course as many do. Best and cheap seldom seem to work hand and hand. I took it as a newbie question, not even taking into consideration who started this post. I guess you had the answer to the question all along. Lou T
  5. your welcome
  6. That don't count. That's just the best !...
  7. ,but still have to see Dan the tinman for my tin bucktails...
  8. agree with that...
  9. and keeps you out of heartbreak ridge
  10. so what falls into that category.
  11. You have to look at the OP. Maybe suggesting what we use, is not for the newbie. At a buck a piece it doesn't hurt so much in the learning curve... Until few snapped hooks or straightened out one's could change the post into, what is the best... Sorry to all for the, flap - jack post's... Lou T
  12. in one leg socket, into the body and out another leg socket...
  13. a fish with no eye's and a headless fishermen... go figure...