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  1. SJ from the Bay, what Cowboy are you looking for, the Jr. or Sr.? I have a Mike's Z-Glide, 4+oz. in School Bus pattern. Let me know Lou
  2. Lord hear our prayers. Wish your wife Mary and all her loved one's the best, Kevin Lou
  3. I took a wild stab at it myself ....
  4. African Death’s Head Hawk Moth
  5. African Death’s Head Hawk Moth
  6. Kevin your trade is for another GRS only?
  7. have at it
  8. Ya think it makes a difference....
  9. My mistake, good luck with your trade. Lou
  10. I have new AH , CCW jointed troller as well Lou T
  11. I have a GRS - M diver in Tautog. Will make the trade for the CV deep jointed. If that works let me know Lou T
  12. Top of the morning Bob
  13. naa social distancing mate...
  14. Nice plug. How is the swim on this one? Lou