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  1. Thanks see you Friday morning...
  2. I have one friend that, that's all he ever carried was the CM Hammered jig, the one that had the single hook attached to the swivel
  3. Kil I know, I was with Carl N. the day we called you from Hatteras NC, he borrowed my cell phone to tell we where standing in the parking lot with Jay, and he had a hole truck load of the Tono jigs that he was selling for $12...dollars. That was some time ago and at the time we could not tell the difference between the Tono jig or the FCL Labo SL jigs. What we found out on that trip is the Blue fin tuna did not either. Then a couple days later those fish did not care what jig you put in the water. We had six men in the boat and they ate everything. Every type of jig and every color from light to dark. My favorite is the silver prism foil that has the little glow dots on the belly. Don't know why but its my go to... What come first the Tono or the FCL Labo jigs. Lou T
  4. Thanks looked it up
  5. If its still the 14th. - I'm in. I'll be at the boat at 6:00am. - you need the cash now - If you can spot me - I will give you the cash then - if not, I will get someone with a pay pal account to transfer the funds... 3 - 5' seas Friday Lou T
  6. use of bamboo poles before that, when men were men...
  7. just took a look, the price is right
  8. the jigs shown above go for $10 - $16 bucks a piece
  9. all fish love squid, in and off shore. next time you see the guy drop his jig in the water at the rise of the sun - be there with your jigging rod - most captains want you to catch, so pay close attention - more than likely he will be happy to coach you You don't have to spend outrageous amount of cash on Japan imported jigs; here are a couple jigs that work in our waters to Hatteras and as the fish swim. Very affordable get a few in different weights. CM hammered jigs, and Tono Jig Good Luck Lou T