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  1. The episode is going to air this thursday October 29th at 7:30 pm on Verizon Fios and Dish TV. I am going to have my relatives over to watch it. Let me know what you think of it. I was contacted in May by TV Host/Producer Mark Melnyk of the World Fishing Network--Reel Road Trip. Mark asked if I would be interested in participating in an episode on North Carolina Fishing in which I could showcase Jet Ski Fishing, of course I said yes. We departed yesterday June 24th from Teaches Lair in Hatteras Village at about 0630 hrs. Our camera/buddy boat was Captain Ben of Above Average Sportfishing. I can't thank him enough for his help and expertise on a last minute phone call the day before the trip. Ben helped put us on some great fishing. On Capt. Ben's boat was Daryl- the WFN cameraman, Jaminson- Ben's mate of the day, and my brother/buisiness partner John Lockwood. My brother just had his Yamaha SUV 1200 rigged out similar to mine by Albert Martin of Martin's Custom Structures. I wanted Mark to experience Jet Ski Fishing first hand, not just witness it. So Mark fished from my brothers ski. The sea conditions were great so were able to average 35-40 mph out to the Rockpile where we trolled skirted ballyhoo for several hours and managed a couple nice dolphin. Ben was marking some fish a little deeper so we stopped and jigged up some nice Almaco. Things slowed down so we headed to some wrecks that had produced well two days earlier for Capt. Ben. It was hot, none stop jigging and casting poppers to good size Amberjack for a couple hours. We all had sore arms and sun burn, my kind of day. We ran into a nice down pour as we entered the inlet at around 1730 hrs, it felt good to have mother nature wash off the sweat and salt spray after 1o hours and ninety two miles on the Jet Ski. I think Mark Melnyk is now hooked on Jet Ski Fishing, I know I am!. His show is carried on Verizon Fios and Dish TV locally, WFN TV is a 24 hr Channel. I can't wait to see it. Here are some pics from when it was taped.
  2. A modest word from Brian; jetskibrian 1,000 Post Club! BST Users 1,352 posts · #1 Posted May 19, 2011 · Report post Well, Two out three of us made it the IGFA's puplication. Local legends and IFGA Representatives Dr. Ken Neill and Dr. Julie Ball are mentioned well in this months edition. I did not make mention, Ha! One of my rigged jet skis made it in the picture with Dr. Julie Ball though. It is in the backround of the picture. It was on display at Bass Pro Shop in Hampton Virginia this spring. Now I just need to catch something worthy of being in the International Angler. Here is the article and a picture of my ski. one of Brian's rigs
  3. Here a couple post from jetskibrian, interesting guy from Virgina, good photographer, and great fisherman. He use to post here all the time, but some members started bashing him because they found out he had a charter business. He has a couple spare skies fully rigged that he taught people where and how to fish them. Brian use to walk the type rope with his post and don't believe he ever broke any rules here. If he did who cares, never seen a moderator edit or warn him on his post, that I encouraged and enjoyed. If your serious about rigging a ski for fishing, and fishing off shore, I highly recommend you charter his services. Do a search of the post below to get started, good luck and be safe out there. Lou
  4. As I stated, I canceled the trip because I had too. One thing for sure, TimS could get there web site in order. I can not sell what I no longer own, but thanks. Good luck on your trip Lou T
  5. The fish off LI NY, where about 25 miles out. You did great Joey, another friend of mine running out of Brielle, NJ. made 5 trips with the skunk. One was a 120 miles out... Congrats, and beat em up on your next run... Lou
  6. That little piggy, did not run all the way home... Nice Lou
  7. Nice, how far off did you have to run Joey... Lou
  8. Right now they have a $220.00 deposit. If tickets are not resold, they burn my card that's on file for additional $145... I was told, if the tickets I purchased, are sold before the 27th. I would receive a refund. Not really sure whats going on, but they do need to update there web site.That's for sure. I'll check my email, and give them a call. Lou T
  9. Nice ride, don't get caught in the rain...
  10. @Jwinds 11 days out, just checked my email and nothing. I will call the tomorrow and get back to you. Thank You Lou T
  11. This should get your blood pumping Joey Off NY 4 days ago 3 weeks ago
  12. Good for you Joey New Jersey Raritan Bay In the back Lou T
  13. Cortisone...