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  1. Got it, and I'll use it in the future. Never paid attention to it. I do have a prime account with them and was use to being hijacked while shopping by them. That should work.. easy peasy, how long has that been at the top of the page. Should work. During covid... I build a fishing site,, ``
  2. I'll have to look. Never even knew it was there.
  3. We gave a shopping button ???
  4. Thou God took his physical being, I hope his courage, friendship, and memories remain close. God Bless you and Brian's family May he rest in peace...
  5. Lou T

    Species ID

    That picture of you getting control of that ell made me laugh and think of a trip of my own. While trying to gain control of a large dog fish using the same technique the head broke free. Hanging on with it between my legs. That doggie was shaking back and forth and a friend was busting a gut laughing watching...
  6. Much better Mrs. scoobe I believe the top plug is a small 6" Beachmaster Blind Danny, and from what I see it appears to be new. So I'm placing a value of $35.00 - $40.00 dollars on it. That's if this plugs color pattern is one that is common and was mass produced. Is it ( Black over gold scale ) A rare color pattern can raise its price dramatically to a collector. Have no idea on the maker or price of the second and third down. 4th down is a small Mag Darter with a value of $10.00 - $12.00 dollars new. Seeing your late husband has been a member here since 2003 this infraction of my membership is more than likely being over looked. This is not a discussion forum so you may want to reach out to the boss or a moderator here, that can transfer your post to the main forum. There we have over 60 - 70 thousand members that would be willing to help you establish a fair value on your husbands lures. I can assist you in doing so; just say the word. Hope this helps... Lou
  7. Maybe soap and water would help...
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