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  1. I have test cast both of these rods and can tell you for a fact that both the rods rating are accurate. My Custom NXFX-1066 Frontier X 2-6 is a great all around plugging rod. It can send a 2oz. pencil a country mile. The drag rating is more than the average guy would want to deal with. But when you need it its there for you, and the rods parabolic bend makes it easy on you and a pleasure to fish. Put 55 lb test on your reel and see what 18 pounds of drag feels like, and the rod still has more juice with a rating of 22 pounds of drag; now that's just wild. You would need 70 pound test line to be safe. The rod will handle it but can you. I still rate this rod as moderate action. My rod is going on three years now and has served me well. Do not try to match the above drag ratings with a fast action rod that locks up three quarters of the way up. It may cast OK, with just the tip working. But that type of rod is no pleasure to fish. It's just going to kill you. If I wanted a bait rod, and could only have one. It would be a 12' Jigster for the ocean. Rated at 5-12oz; its a very easy loading rod. Then no man can have just one rod, so a 10'-6" or 11' for bay or pier fishing. Lou T
  2. More than I care to admit. For the life of me I can not see the point you trying to make here. What contributing information have you added to the OP thread?
  3. great plug in moving water or not, shallow or deep... I remove the second hook on the rear of the plug and left the split ring on. The plug still swims great.
  4. No need to wait, just e-mail Chuck In the mean time; get yourself one of Mike's 11" Jointed Herring Trollers. There biting....
  5. Nice one Steve; who's Danny? Lou
  6. Sure thing rod, I test swam that plug thru a chop on a windy day as soon as I got it. I was quite impressed from what I saw. That's a pretty heavy plug that done well in fast current. Seven ounces if memory serves me well. Now if I can only find it to see what the fish think... Lou
  7. Hi Rod That plug wood; not including the lip or tail hook rap measures about 7 1/2", it's body is approximately 1 3/4" in diameter and weighs in at about 5 5/8 ounces. Lou
  8. I own a Custom NXFX-1066 Frontier X with a 6" butt extension, making it a 11' rod; with 28" butt- center of reel seat. These rods will deliver there full lure range lure range no problem. The other day I was using 2 and 3oz. pencil poppers at false light. This is what I had in my surf bag last night. A 3oz. AH Popper and Euro Jett diving Donny - 4 3/4oz. Mikes Head Banger Beast Darter - Mikes 3 3/4oz. 11"Jointed Herring Troller - 5 5/8oz. Linesider 69 Pikies - 6 3/4oz. GRS Slim Troller. Go to a rod casting demo; that way no one can BS you. Lou T
  9. I was using GRS Troller Pikie's last night
  10. long as she not a bloke
  11. If you met her in the bar you wouldn't see those snow shoe's till the next day...
  12. I use mine to stay dry as a splash top and rain jacket it's great. I wore it in driving rain down pours and stood completely dry. For my use I went with the latex sleeve; left as is would of cut off the circulation to my hands. I ended up trimming my back very carefully, removing 1/8th at a time till I was happy with the fit. As far as sizing goes, I did get a size larger than normal. Found it necessary for room needed in a unrestricted casting motion. Lou T
  13. great, need someone to chunk for me...