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  1. That statement right there just proved, you are out of touch what is really going on.
  2. Exactly, take the all mighty dollar away from it and the biomass of Bass will be beaching themselves once again. Like the Florida Redfish. But I must say Don; I do like a Bass dinner every now and then...
  3. I probably participated in it years ago, and I did not single out one species of fish. It's pretty sad what the powers to be allowed to happen to our resources.
  4. Well there season was cut, you expect them to say everything is good. That only happens when you are catching more and larger fish, and that's not the case here
  5. A fair amount. Well I guess you can say that abought anything. All depends on what you believe is fair, and at what point in time your making your comparison
  6. New Jersey head boats where screaming on the new regs for the Black Seabass fishing here
  7. Once you hit the bottom, there is only one direction from there. What has been done to improve that fishery
  8. and that's not down either. Come on Block Island is a memory, a fishery of the past of what it once was
  9. Your saying CT fish stocks are not down, but Haddock fishing has improved
  10. and look at where we are today ! It seams like we are on a broken record with the Bass biomass, and trust me it's broken. It doesn't stop there; you name the species and it's the same, for all fish stock. Fluke, Winter Flounder, Whiting, Weakfish, Tog, you name it. They are all in a downward spiral in my opinion just to name a few. @HopHead can tell you how pleased he is that he can not even take one tuna. Sorry Charlie... Name one fishery in the north east that has rebounded to years past fish stock biomass. Don't hang your hat on the Spiney Dog fish. How's your Winter Flounder fishery. At one time, it was a world class fishery. Out of state bus trip from far and wide are a thing of the past now, eah. Maybe your heart is in the right place but, New England Fishery Management Council (NEFMC), MAFMC, ASMFC, NOAA, and the Army Corp of Engineers are not getting it done. Take a look at the Beach replenishment act here in NJ. I said it once before and have to do it once again. It's all about the all mighty dollar If anyone else killed off an entire eco system of marine life intentionally, they would be throw in jail. Nothing against you Mike, but with your background and if nothing changed in the past, you really think you can make a difference now. I highly dought it Lou T
  11. OK. Dose this mean you now stand by him
  12. Here here, what makes you a likely candidate to fill this seat on behalf of the recreational sport fishing public? What do you plan to change What are your qualifications Did you ever fill such a seat before and if so what change's where you able to adapt by you doing so What is your position on ged's question Lou T
  13. Don't see how a person wanting to know if a fee or pass is required to fish a unfamiliar area is a spot burn