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  1. Found one here on the BST. Thread Closed
  2. I'll take it for $550 plus $38 for shipping and paypal (per your post on this thread) $588 total.
  3. 1st Bump. Anyone got one?
  4. Want to buy a VS 150 in good working order. Not looking to spend a ton on the older model. In person cash deal is preferred but I'm flexible. Can also trade custom surf bags and accessories as well if interested.
  5. Ok so I guess they are no longer available. Thanks anyway.
  6. They clean up fine but my hose is currently frozen . I'll do $150 sold to StuC PM coming
  7. Offer $60 for the top two.
  8. Stu, Here are the photo's you requested. Please let me know if you are still interested. I'll make sure to clean them well prior to shipping. Like I said basically brand new
  9. Stu, They are black and yes I'll be happy to send some pics. Out of town right now but I'll have them for you in a day or two. I've had them less than a year they are basically new.
  10. Full set of Weather Tech Floor Liners for both the front and rear seats as well as the custom Cargo liner. $300 to buy new selling for $200 this includes shipping and PP fees. Pics available on request
  11. For the price just OK. I thought they were not that good on the quality. Ended up buying the boga
  12. Since I make bags I'll chime in and give some education on this as I've been doing it for some time now. The bag you use really is dependent on the type of fishing you do. If you are walking beaches and not in big surf or rock hopping, any bag will do. Yes depending on what you buy, hook catching is always an issue. Even if you get expensive bags you can still get your hooks snagged from time to time on a stitch or the binding depending on which builder you like. The modern day "bulletproof" bags that were mentioned in this thread (ebb point, Commando, FL, GU, MAK etc.) all were inspired by Jimmy from Falsebar formally Hunter. He is the one that started creating these super durable bags that were really intended for Montauk wet suiting after working with Campo on building sailcloth bags. Guys took his ideas and expanded on them, but all guys are basically using the same materials and just added some personal touch or just copied what was done before. Regardless they are all basically the same (with the exception of Falsebar bags they have much more layers and are constructed insanely but alas he is not constructing anymore). Regarding sailcloth/dacron understand that there are many different types, weights etc. of sailcloth. There is a very specific type of Dacron that most use that has ridges in it and how you cut and construct this material goes a long way in how the bag performs but I'll keep some of that detail out of the thread as I would not want to give away all my secrets. It took me a year of trying different things until I finally came to certain cloth that I use now. I will say the only bag that uses different Dacron than the others is the AS Hunter Elite series. That is a different material than Mak, Commando C&R etc. DACRON CLOTH - 1 layer of 10oz Dacron is very durable (i.e. Mak angler). As you add layers you add durability but you add weight and price. I make my bags with two layers generally with an additional layer of a different material at the high wear points. I do this for a few reasons but guys that are saying that a 1 layer bag is "not good quality" is not really fair. It is good quality but it is trying to hit a price point. Now anyone who says their bag is "hook Proof" is lying!!! Getting hooks through a few layers of Dacron is very hard but like I said earlier there are other materials on bags that are NOT hook proof (stitching, the binding etc). The advantage of the type of sailcloth the main guys use is it will not pierce easily or quickly like the lower level AS bags mentioned in this thread (you really need to push). Once you go over 2 layers than you really need to push hard but now the bag starts getting heavy for me. Tubes/Inserts - I use thinner wall tubes to save on the weight. I tell all my guys "THEY WILL CRACK". I can use thicker wall tubes that will not crack but they are heavy. Again just comes down to what is important you you. I would not judge a bag by the inserts since you can easily buy inserts and make them and this is the one item that we have the least control over. In my opinion AS bags have the best inserts as they are square vs. round but I've yet to figure out where he gets them from. Now finally PRICE - Why so expensive? I don't make bags for a living I do it for fun and to pick up a few bucks to pay for my fishing obsession. It takes at least 10 to 20 hours to make a high end bag!!!! Also the Dacron used costs $20/yd and if you use high end materials like bonded sail thread, stainless grommets which are almost $1 a piece unless you are buying 1000 of them it gets pricey. If you are churning out bags in quantity you could lower the overhead of the materials but I would say just raw materials for a bag of mine costs me about $120-150 depending on size and customization. Not to mention the sewing machines you need all cost well over $1000 each so just to get yourself set up to start you have a few thousand dollars out there before you sell your first bag. Now if I pay myself $10/hr (which is almost min wage) and lets assume it takes me 15 hours to build the bag I'm at $300 before I make any real profit so truth be told there is no money in bag making!!! This is why I only build 4-10 bags a year if that and which is why you don't see many guys doing it. It is simply a bad business. I agree paying a lot of money is not fun but buying a well built bag will go a far way and last a long time! Hope this was helpful. Vinnie C&R Surfcasting Gear
  13. You don't need gloves but I just prefer them. It also protects your finger from the braid. Those are good because you have really good sensitivity. I usually take them off if I have to retie a knot but I have been able to tie knots with them on. Ultimately up to you regarding yes or no to gloves. In the cold disposable hand warmers are good. I sometimes will tape one to the top grip and it keeps your hand nice and warm.
  14. I have one built up. Like new all Fuji K guides, Paco style custom grips and a Fuji delux ergonomic real seat. I'm on Long Island in the Huntington Area. $225 dropped off. I'll add some photo's if you are interested
  15. I will take both the Plugcaster Pencils for asking $45.