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  1. Closed!
  2. Tica 9' 1/2 -3oz Hands down the best rod for the money. Great action & strong as they come.
  3. I'll offer $75 shipped. Need a used one for swimming to the rocks!
  4. Would like to offer $65 shipped
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by bomberman Hi woody I like to offer 13O shipped thanks bomberman,thanks for the offer,but I think I'll just keep it for a collectible if I can't get the $155 shipped
  7. Still for sale $155 shipped Waterproof/Sandproof Reel. Great for Skishing / Swimming. Can be dunked without water entering vital reel parts. Gears/Drag, Etc.
  8. ttt
  9. Back up for grabs is this new in box, Beauty 7500 (Yellow Nautil) g2h is passing on his offer>
  10. If ( toe44) wants this reel, I'll pass and let him have it.
  11. I'll take it. PM coming
  12. That's cool. I didn't want to snatch it away from him. Just thought if you needed the $ fast I would offer. If the deal falls thru,just let me know.
  13. If you don't want to wait till Tuesday,I will take this for $55 shipped PP Whatever works best for you.
  14. Check it out! You know when the lady in your life starts getting on your case because you and your buddies are doing a bit more fishin' than they think is necessary?Well one of the boy's belonged to the Grange Association,and had the key's to the meeting hall. We decided to tell the girls we were meeting there after work to talk about our problem,and see if by talking with each other,we could curb our addiction. Only one problem: The meeting hall was within casting distance of the beach. Well we made it thru several sessions,and the lady's thought we were well on our way to recovery,when during our next meeting,the back doors swung wide open,and one of the guy's that failed to make it that evening,yelled,the fish are falling out of the waves at the point. Needless to say that was the last meeting for several weeks. We would all meet @ the hall every evening and park the cars in front to make it look like we were there,then everybody would pile into one of the guy's maxi-vans,and away we went. Worked for awhile,but eventually we got busted. So much for the 12 step program.
  15. Sold to g2h for $155 pending payment