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  1. I don't wanna know. 4 to 44 Should be enough! One's is bound to be a wiseguy and the other three are snowflakes.
  2. He is the best chance we have should they nominate "Joe the Creep" famous in Delaware for "coping feels" whilst drunk in the crowd's at "Fighting Blue Hens" football games. Swearing in other pols are opportunities for "The Creep" to disgust the wives and daughters. The Kavanaugh false charges will disappear for lack of truth. Uncle Joe's accuser's will be legion!
  3. The Obama White House in the months between November, 2017 and January 2018! You are right about that, even though your accusing the wrong President.
  4. Albies have moved in the beaches from Falmouth to Coutuit according to the Salty Report. Keep on plugging! The Caboose Crew has booked a week in Sept. 2019. It is a week deeper into Sept. than this year. The Fall Fishery is a learning curve and we expect next year will be better. We expanded our inshore beach patrols and found three new sports.we overlooked in the Spring.. The bait coming out of the salt ponds was unbelievable. Screaming Birds and Tide Change blitz's were awesome. Spearing and Peanut bunker were the majority mature sand eels on occasion. It was a good week. Small fish, great meals, Venison, Mussels, Clams, etc. Rick and Dave did kayak trips at night and enjoyed to new approach. When I arrived back in NJ I felt 10 years younger. The Jersey Beaches are starting to see bait moving south and increased predator action. Cape Cod was the Warm up and NJ will be the Migratory Game thru early December. 2.5 miles tothe beach and 2 miles to the Boat launch on the Navesink River..
  5. The only thing they left out was the discovery of a pubic hair on a Coke-Cola bottle! Pulling out the same ploy lie that almost sunk Justice Thomas by an a ccuser that refuses to reveal her name. The unsupported lie was started by a Demcrate Congresswoman. Obtained by Democratic Rep. Anna Eshoo in July. But it doesn’t seem confusing when considering the facts that the FBI all but dismissed the referral off-hand and reporting on the episode lacks any corroboration to substantiate the claims made by the alleged victim here. Democrats Have Disgraced Themselves over Brett Kavanaugh Institutional collapse. NOAH ROTHMAN / SEPT. 14, 2018 With the demise of the filibuster for judicial nominations, the Senate has become a more partisan body. Members of the opposition party no longer have to take difficult votes to confirm presidential nominees, and so they no longer have to moderate their rhetoric to avoid the appearance of hypocrisy. Many expected, therefore, that Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings would tempt Democrats to engage in theatrics and hyperbole. Few, however, foresaw just how recklessly the Judiciary Committee’s Democratic members would behave. The sordid performance to which Americans were privy was not the harmless kind that can be chalked up to presidential ambitions. Right from the start, Democratic committee members took a sledgehammer to the foundations of the institution in which they are privileged to serve. Sen. Cory Booker made national headlines by declaring himself “Spartacus,” but the actions he undertook deserved closer attention than did the scenery he chewed. Booker insisted that it was his deliberate intention to violate longstanding Senate confidentiality rules supposedly in service to transparency. It turns out that the documents Booker tried to release to the public had already been exempted from confidentiality. Booker was adamant, though, that he had undermined the Senate’s integrity. You see, that, not transparency, was his true objective. It was what he believed his constituents wanted from him. Booker wasn’t alone. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse appeared to share his colleague’s political instincts. “I want to make it absolutely clear that I do not accept the process,” he said of the committee’s vetting of Kavanaugh’s documents. “Because I do not accept its legitimacy or validity,” Whitehouse added, he did not have to abide by the rules and conventions that governed Senate conduct. When the committee’s Democratic members were not trying to subvert the Senate’s credibility, they were attempting to impugn Judge Kavanaugh’s character via innuendo or outright fabrications. Sen. Kamala Harris managed to secure a rare rebuke from the fact-checking institution PolitiFact, which is charitably inclined toward Democratic claims. “Kavanaugh chooses his words very carefully, and this is a dog whistle for going after birth control,” read her comments on Twitter accompanying an 11-second clip in which Kavanaugh characterized certain forms of birth control as “abortion-inducing drugs.” “Make no mistake,” Harris wrote, “this is about punishing women.” But the senator had failed to include mitigating context in that clip, which would have made it clear that Kavanaugh was simply restating the arguments made by the plaintiffs in the case in question. Later, Harris probed Kavanaugh as to whether he believed the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, which has never been explicitly ruled unconstitutional, was wrongly upheld by the Supreme Court. Despite calling the decisions of this period “discriminatory,” Kavanaugh declined to elaborate on a case that could theoretically come before the Supreme Court. This, the judge’s detractors insisted, was “alarming” and perhaps evidence of latent racial hostility. In fact, it was an unremarkable example of how Supreme Court nominees tend to avoid offering “forecasts” of how they will decide cases without having heard the arguments—a routine deemed “the Ginsburg Rule” after Ruth Bader, who perfected the practice. In a particularly self-serving display, Harris let loose with an eight-minute cascade of insinuations involving something unsaid but probably untoward regarding Kavanaugh and Robert Mueller’s special counsel’s office. “Have you had any conversation about Robert Mueller or his investigation with anyone at” Donald Trump’s personal attorneys at the law firm Kasowitz Benson Torres, Harris asked (the chairman of COMMENTARY’s board is firm partner Daniel Benson). Kavanaugh requested that Harris elaborate, which did not seem an unwarranted request. That law firm has over 300 employees, and the Mueller probe is perhaps the most talked-about body in Washington. But Harris not only declined the appeal, she suggested that it was tantamount to an admission of guilt. “I think you are thinking of someone, and you don’t want to tell us,” she accused. “Clearly you’re not going to answer the question.” Over a week later, Harris had still not explained what she was getting at. But she doesn’t have to. The vagueness of her claim was designed to allow Kavanaugh’s opponents’ imaginations to run wild, leading them to draw the worst possible conclusions about this likely Supreme Court justice and to conclude that the process by which he was confirmed was a sham. Harris may not have been alone in appealing to this shameful tactic. On Thursday, Sen. Dianne Feinstein shocked observers when she released a cryptic statement revealing that she had “referred” to “federal investigative authorities” a letter involving Kavanaugh’s conduct. It’s human nature to arrive at the worst imaginable conclusion as to what these unstated claims might be, and that’s precisely what Kavanaugh’s opponents did. It turned out that the 35-year-old accusations. END If you want to read the whole artical go to RealClearPolitics. The final paragraph outlines the damage the Democrats have done to our Nation.
  6. Good News! The USA is leading oil production and that should start showing up at the Pump. Fracking helped make the US the world’s oil king By Post Editorial Board September 12, 2018 | 6:26pm Move over, Russia — and Saudi Arabia, too: The United States is now the world’s largest producer of crude oil. “US crude-oil production exceeded that of Saudi Arabia for the first time in more than two decades,” the US Energy Information Administration reported Tuesday. “In June and August, the United States surpassed Russia in crude-oil production for the first time since February 1999.” That assessment confirms an International Energy Agency prediction in March that America would soon be No. 1, and it should keep that slot through 2019, at least. Thanks to the fracking boom, US oil production has topped more than 10 million barrels per day this year — a first since the 1970s, Reuters reported. The EIA expects US crude production to hit 11.5 million bpd next year, with growth likely leveling off as the increase in global demand slows. Also thanks to fracking, US natural-gas production is similarly set to hit an all-time high this year: 80.96 billion cubic feet per day, up from 73.55 billion in 2017. The energy boom, and the lower costs it means for manufacturing and other sectors, is a vital part of the overall US economic surge. Sadly, New York is seeing far less than its fair share of that prosperity, thanks to Gov. Cuomo’s pseudo-scientific ban on fracking. END The People of NY State should rise up against him and the Far Left Broad that is in the Primary. Both of the them are going to raise your taxes and turn NY State into a third world country like California. Vote the Conservative and Republican Ticket in November.
  7. This economy is definitely not Obama’s recovery By Stephen Moore NY Post September 12, 2018 | 6:39pm | Barack Obama is trying to take credit for the booming economy under President Trump. “When you hear how great the economy is doing right now,” Obama said on the campaign trail for Democratic candidates a few days ago, “let’s just remember when this recovery started.” By this logic, the Kingston Trio laid the groundwork for the Beatles. But the contrast in economic performance between the two presidents is undeniable. Obama’s multitrillion-dollar spend-and-borrow policies produced 2 percent growth. In his final year, Obama handed off to Trump an economy that was limping at 1.6 percent. After only 18 months in office, Trump has elevated growth to 3 percent on an annual rate and the latest projections are that the growth rate for the second and third quarter (which ends Sept. 30) will be over 4 percent. One might say all it took to get the economy really crackling was getting Obama out of office. Obama is right that this has been a long recovery — beginning in June 2009. But the real economic boom started almost the day after the election in 2016 with the surge in small business, investor and consumer confidence. No one on the left, least of all Obama, thought this was remotely possible. Two years ago, Obama famously ridiculed Trump’s campaign promise of faster growth and a comeback in manufacturing jobs by saying this could only happen if Trump was waving “a magic wand.” Obama’s first chief economist, Larry Summers, proclaimed to the world that 2 percent was the best we could hope for. Other liberal economists were so disdainful of Trump’s tax cuts, deregulation and energy development that they predicted Trump would crash the world economy and the stock market. It’s a little early to be declaring Trump’s policies a “miracle,” as Trump has boasted. All we can say is whatever he’s doing, it’s working. And that Obama’s economic experiment of Keynesian economics on steroids was a profound disappointment. It began with the $830 billion stimulus plan, and then cash-for-clunkers, bailouts, ObamaCare, tax hikes on the rich, minimum-wage hikes and a wave of financial and economic regulations. All told, the national debt nearly doubled in eight years. Meanwhile, the Obama recovery was remarkably flimsy. In 2015, the Joint Economic Committee of Congress found that compared to the eight previous post-recession events, “the Obama recovery was the weakest on record.” The recovery was so shallow that had Obama merely achieved a normal pace of recovery, personal income in 2014 would have been $3,200 higher. If the economy had matched the Reagan trajectory, GDP in 2016 would have been almost $3 trillion larger (equivalent to the combined GDP of Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania). Even as measured by the left’s favorite metric, “economic fairness,” the policies failed. The index of income inequality rose nearly every year under Obama. While Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Washington, DC, Wall Street and the energy states did spectacularly well (thanks to shale oil and gas), in the Rust Belt regions of the country — from upstate New York to Ohio and Wisconsin, West Virginia and Kentucky — family incomes remained flat at best. On the campaign trail, I often asked folks in small towns across the Midwest about the Obama recovery, and their response was: What recovery? Trump didn’t just run against Hillary Clinton and her closet overflowing with scandals, but the meager Obama economy as well. He ran against the runaway costs of ObamaCare. He ran against the regulatory assault, the tax hikes, unpopular trade deals and climate-change fanaticism. He ran against hopelessness, against opioid addiction, the $10 trillion rise in the national debt and income stagnation. One time during the campaign, Larry Kudlow, Steve Miller and I held an impromptu discussion with Trump about economic strategy. Miller summarized the game plan to Trump succinctly: “Donald, just look at all the things that Obama has done on the economy over the past eight years, and then do just the opposite.” Trump has done pretty much just that — which explains why the Trump boom is an everyday reminder of the Obamanomics failure. Stephen Moore is a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation and a former senior economic adviser to the Trump campaign. His new book, “Trumponomics,” will be published next month. END Obama's piss poor record is obvious! He is acting like a 7th grader who like to claim to be the smartest kid in the room. Falsifying his record by trying to claim he started the recovery. I watched the speech and he pointed his finger a spot behind him as the start of the recover, but never mentioned the moment and the specific cause for his recovery's beginning. Hot Air and Zero Substance! A Flim-Flam Man!
  8. ccg shore fishing for albies near Mashpee, Craigsville Beach and Pompanesset Beach and South Cape Beach. PM me to avoid spot burning. I’m on the Cape til Friday. Thanks
  9. We had a flash of mani, Spanish mac’s and Bonito two weeks ago smashing bait in the suds and moving south with the first clouds oe young of the year bait species. I’m on the Cape this week! I haven’t done a September visit since 2010! BE WELL! Tight lines and let the big ones go!
  10. Federal charges are tougher on volunteer kamakazi’s! They will probably plead insanity! TDS is running rampant thru the ranks of the “Stunned Democrat masses! With left going hard left should it change the spelling to Demokrat’?
  11. There, did you feel that on your cheek. Enjoy the fall run! I’m fishing RI next Saturday! Doing a Novena, asking the higher power to provide me worth multiple false albacore.
  12. I'll be in Harwich Port Tomorrow Evening. I'll be focusing in the beatches between Sauqatucket and the south facing beaches east to Hardings Beach and Stage Harbor.
  13. A win is a "W" Red Sox score eight runs in final two innings, stun Braves 9-8 NNY 9 games behind.
  14. Need I say more! I hope my second favorite BB team wins the Wild Card. Go Yankees!
  15. FYI Red Sox score eight runs in final two innings, stun Braves 9-8 9/5/2018 The GB for the Yankees is 9 behind my TEAM!