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  1. Pay attention Riddler, the Texas Rally showed hundreds of Texicans wearing MAGA hats. Texicans are Mexicans who can follow their roots back to The Alamo! They are decendents of Mexicans who fought with the American against t.he Mexican Army
  2. Double ditto! She screwed the Gov. and The Neighborhood! He is a jerk for doing the deal behind closed doors, and she is totality ignorant on the workings of TAX Incentives to get a Job Creator that would have employed thousands of folks in her district.
  3. if the killer is an illegal and uses a gun to kill a child, How dense are you?
  4. The mother of a child killed by a illegal pos that came across our southern border. There are thousands of Angel Moms.
  5. That was the two Nigerian brothers he paid to mess him up!
  6. As well he Shoud! CA pissed it away!
  7. It's his Karma, JimP! He is going to have a really bad time when Satan gets his sorry soul!
  8. Verbal and written abuse against children will always be the easiest way to collect slander money for the falsely accused youngsters,
  9. Francis, who told you that? Drum sticks can't do that sort of damage! The blood shed is not funny. You failed the "lets be funny" test!. Using another human's pain to make a jest is ugly and nasty. Nothing funny about it!
  10. Loggerhead! You just left the building. Retract the 6 letter word starting with fand ending in t! When you lose your Civility you lose the game! . Control Yourself. Smack him with truth and you will have him babbling.
  11. are you saying the Fake News Stations a not spreading the false flag reports and setting themselves up for a nice fat day in court!
  12. You were there? Children falsely accused are going to be rich!
  13. I had a Duranautic 14' "Coastal Model", boat that was build in the Hudson River Valley in 1970's' 12 years later my brother sold it to me for $300.00. (My picture holding the 41,75 inch Striped bass shows the boat behind me) It was a great big water boat. The Coastal model was 6" deeper than the regular Duranautic. I put a 25 HP Honda 4 stroke on it and it flew. The Duranautic boats weren't rivited. They were put together by welds, The USCG boat Safety testing Officer who's crew tried to sink or wreck small boats said the Duranautic 14 Coastal couldn't be sunk of busted! He was a brother-in law to one of my duck hunting buds. I sold the boat, motor and trailer for $800.00 ten years later. It is still being used on the Hudson River, 125 miles north of the Battery at the southern end of Manhattan. Stripers in the spring and ducks and geese from October to the middle of January. Currently I own a 15 foot Blue Fin Dory modeled on the "One man Cod Boat that were dropped in the water of the mother ship at dawn and picked up a sundown on the Grand Banks fishing for Cod in the 1800's. The deep hull was designed to catch and float ;a Ton of Cod on a good day of fishing. I have a 1977 15 HP Johnson 4 stroke that will attain its top speed of 28 MPH. in less than a minute. The high prow needs a driver standing and hanging on a bow line with their right hand and steering the outboard with the left hand.on the tiller of the outboard.The convex bottom and the two skeggs one the Port and Starboard sides of the Dory allow you to piviot quickly and on a calm River or Bay I can steer it with putting weight on the Port to move it smoothly to the left and the same to curve to the right side! "Look Ma, No Hands!"
  14. A 20 minute meeting that revolved around orphans. Trump Jr testified to the Committee for 9d hours on that 20 minute get together with the Russian lawyer. there were two other people in the room during that short meeting.