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  1. How bout Those Red SOX! ALCS Chanpions! World Series here we come!
  2. Locked in to their 4th World Series in the 21st Century! out of FIVE
  3. The 100 Year War begot a “Mob of Crows” and after Agincourt it was upgraded to “A Murder of Crows” The Dems should like the up grade ”A Murder of Clowns”
  4. Political Cartoon paradise when they do it!
  5. Why not? The Secret Service let him give the President a hug! by the way bunker your comment was born in the sixties and use by the racists who let their dupes to put down the blacks. They used it about Justice Thomas when he was selected to become a SC Justice. congratulations., you have stuck to the Dems playbook perfectly.
  6. JIM Brown, Kanye and President Trump. Had planed to have lunch after their quality time with the Media!
  7. As Superman he asked the President to stop, “Stop & Frisk”, Review “13” and Amend it, Build factories around Chicago the have a teaching component to give the poor skills to earn a decent living. “ He he comes across as a brilliant visionary.
  8. You misquoted the President’s words! He said this in the middle of his campaign in the South. Speaking to a AA audience he asked this Question ”What have you got to lose?” A significant difference to your misquote!
  9. That may well be in RI, be it is true in the Southland. How large is the RI AA population in comparison to the AA populations south and west of Rhode Island?
  10. #Walkaway - Thousands of African Americans have walked away from the Democrats. President Trumps just hit 38% in Black America. It will get thru the midterms at 40 to 45%. IF the DimDems lose 15 % of the Black Vote, they can not win any election.
  11. I think some of the Never Trumper's have seen the light. The backstabbing of Kavanaugh with any witnesses, and thinking they could get away with it should be a wake up call to the foot draggers. Presidet Trump is a stand up guy, as were Sen. Susan Collins, Sen, Grassley and wonder of wonders Senator Graham's verbal beatdown with millions of people watching as he pointed out the nasty truth and warned everyone who is protected by Due Process. The NT'ers should understand the danger the Dems are and get out ad get people to vote for the Republican/Conservative Cause. You will never like Trump, so do't let that cause you not to vote at all. It is a Vote for the US and us!
  12. True Dat! What goes on in SA stays in SA!
  13. Post it! If you don't you are pissing in the wind !