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  1. Finally, you get the message!
  2. Your missing the fact that Chic-Fil-A has asigned and sealed contract for 5 to 10years! They also may have a lease option to extend the lease for 5 or 10 more years. The airport was well aware of the Closed on Sunday’s policy. It is in the contract! Contracts are binding, At the end of the contract Chi-Fil-A will have to renew it! If the airport objects to their Sunday Policy, Chick-Fil-A will walk away! And the airport loses their top food attraction, and you lose your chance to eat Chic-Fil-A bite to munch on! Capish’? Pull the Bill back if it is a challenge to the Chic-A-Fil religion. Think about the 6 Day Week and a Day of Rest for all Employees! The entire staff comes in Fresh and ready to work for an employer who Values them and thier families!
  3. It,s a half page-on my machine. I’ll. See if I can center it!
  4. River raider, clean up your original post! Center it so the full bill is on our screens! Was your Sloppy presentation a ploy to mis lead? Repost Post the bill now!
  5. As long as the airports receive the agreed upon rental fees. They do not have the right to insist the store must provide anything. Most Chick-Fil-A customers respect the store owners right to follow their religious convictions. Eff the Fascist anti religious pukes! The TX will lose if challenged! Chic-Fil-A won that case years ago!
  6. Welcome Aboard SOL! You are going to like it! Buy 2 primers on where to go in New England for fly fishing salt waters Ed Mitchell’s “Fly Rodding The estuaries” Alan Caolo’s. “Sight-Fishing for Striped Bass.” Both are New England saltwater Anglers who know where & when to go in CT, RI and MA. Amazon should have have copies of their books! If you can find LLBeans 1998 edition by Brad Burns at Amazon buy it! “Fly Fishing For Striped Bass Hand Book”. After you post 15 times you will be able to PM anyone on SOL. Private Message’s can lead to tips from some of us! RJ
  7. Mully, Truely Fake News! Thrump has filed and forgotten the angst between John Mc Cain and himself! He he is dealing with the living world! A couple of Sailors let their imagination run away with their imagination! ”The Mc Cain is a “ship of the line” Suitably honored by their peers! The the faux-pax! By a couple of sailor’s is another proof the 4th State has lost the respect of “We the Deplorable’s!” Liar’s and political’s lost in the lack of knowledge buried by layers of “Narrative!” are based upon lies! Bob
  8. Rules is rules! She had zero personality and was a lazy candidate! She stabbed Bernie in the back and instead of fighting for his chance he kissed her butt and supported her. He lost his chance to be President forever. 20 young Turks who have adopted his leftist ideology are going to appeal to the resistance side of their communist dreams!
  9. Your needle is stuck on your spin table! We embraces the word deplorable as the perfect word that separates us from the snowflacks and snowflakes trapped in their bubbles of ignorances! AOC’s Green New Deal showcases how dumb the 23 Democrats seeking the Presidency really are.. Lemmings, one and All!
  10. Indictment against the leaders of the Coup that failed the second Mullers Investigation found not Collusion and no Obstruction. The Good thing is that the prosecutor who is involved in gathering the facts that The CIA, FBI and possibly the White House were spying on President before his win and the ramping up of the media and the liberals from those three departments. The Clinton Foundation is being investigated for using it a their personal piggy bank. Their Foundation Received 1.5 Billion from Russian Crime Lords for their help in getting 20% of our Urianium stocks pile.
  11. maction17, Did you measure her length? I've listed the Length Weight to Pounds chart numbers for striped bass from 2 years to 6 years. Let us know how old she is! numbskull this will help you figger out the size of the schoolies you encounter. The Hudson River fish leave on the their spawning year. and spread out to NJ and Long Island Sound and the Bays of LI' South Shore. They grow on the bait in CT, NY and NJ as they make their way to Cape Cod. Hudson River Stripers seldom swim past the Southern Beaches of Cape Cod. Your 8" to 10" striped bass are all Hudson River 2 year old's. There are no Striped Bass Spawning River in New England! The exception is the Kennebec River. When Maine cleared the Dams that bolcked the River since the 1800's Industrial Revolution, the were restocked with 8" to 10" Schoolies netted between the Freshwater Tidal Zone in the Hudson River between I-84 and Albany. NYSDEC hauled them to the Kennebec River in the Trucks they use to release Trout. The Kennebec River Edwards Dam was removed 20 years age in 1999, Hudson River Striped Bass were shipped to Maine in the early 2000's. The fish displayed was probably a HRSB 2 year old fish are between 14" and 16" 3 year olds are 17 "to 20" and 4 year olds are 21" to 23". 5 year olds are 24" to 24" 6 year olds are 26" to 28" The 2007 Hudson River Young of the Year (YOY) were the best production year since 1989. These 9 year old fish will be in the 33" range. This YOY is sitting in the Hudson River waiting for the Water temperature to rise above 59 degrees right now. I am heading up to the 100 mile river marker today and will fish between Catskill to Revena, NY til Friday. on Saturday I will head to Harwich Port, MA and settle in to greet the Chesapeake Bay and Hudson River post Spawner's in the following two weeks.
  12. I'll drink to that, HD! He is just riding toward's his goal of 200,000 posts. the one liners don't mean much! We should start planning a party for him when he reaches that fabled number.
  13. What ever happens in IN stays in IN! The Buttigirg Mayor will not get elected as our next President. Not because he is light in loaders, he just hasn't got the name recognition or experience to play at that level! The Media is doing "Much Ado about doo-doo,as they write on and on about the mans sexual choice!" Silliness gone Stupid!
  14. Lobsterville beach, Menempsha Pond produce in the spring and the fall Derby is a great event to fish, John you need to see if you can get at guide who wades the beaches. Eaton town has ten great restaurants google them They are hi end expensive. buy “Reading the Water” a popular MV book that you all about the spots and check amazon for How To books on MV fishing
  15. Mike Pompeo is enjoying working with President Trump. James Carafano's Article lays it right out! James Carafano: Trump's style lacks polish, but his statecraft is sound Forget who sits on the Iron Throne. Over the weekend, we learned why the right leader is in the White House. On Saturday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered remarks at the Claremont Institute. His talk didn’t make any breaking news. Yet Pompeo offered by far the best explanation of how President Trump sees the world and America’s place in it. Trump’s critics are blindly obsessed with hating Trump. They have never allowed themselves to seriously consider the alternative — that his statecraft is sound. POMPEO RIPS SUPPORT FOR MADURO BY US, UK LAWMAKERS AS 'DISGUSTING' In fairness, Trump makes matters easy for them. His over-the-top rhetoric leaves the foreign policy class distraught and distracted, like the guy who shops at Brooks Brothers wearing crocs and parachute pants. Viktor Orban’s visit to the White House this week is case in point. The prime minister of Hungary might not be everybody’s favorite world leader, but — and this is a big but — he is a freely and fairly elected democratic leader of a NATO ally. His country is part of the community of Europe, in one of the most important parts of Europe. When Trump welcomed him to the White House, critics made it sound as if the president had not only invited Hannibal Lector to the Oval Office for lunch but had asked him to make lunch. Trump’s style of statesmanship is anything but normal. But in practice, his policies look a lot more like a return to normal diplomacy. Not one critic paused to consider the alternative: that there was a good reason for the meeting. Trump could have spared himself the aggravation. He didn’t need to put the target on his forehead. But he took the meeting any way. He did so because he knew it was what a statesman ought to do. Nothing could be more destructive to the NATO alliance than treating an allied head of state like a second-class ally who isn’t worthy of walking the White House red carpet. NATO isn’t a tiered community where some countries count more than others. Trump made such a big deal about burden-sharing because he insisted that other nations be treated like partners (and act like them), not junior partners-partners. In this White House, you don’t have to be Macron or Merkel to merit a handshake. A coward would have dodged the meeting and spared himself the political pot shoots. Trump took the meeting because Hungary is a worthy and important ally. That’s what statesman do. This is where Pompeo’s speech is so helpful. His unpacking of Trump offers a fulsome explanation of the value of what Trump has accomplished in jettisoning “political correctness” from foreign policy. What’s correct in foreign affairs is not what pleases the cocktail crowd, but what is right for America’s interests. The timing of Pompeo’s speech will also elevate its historical worth. Anyone in the administration could have made the same speech two years ago. The critics would have been equally dismissive, but their critique would have had more bite. Trump had no track record to be measured by. Today, however, his team has two years of working the fields of foreign policy. The critics are still unimpressed, but their critique is easier to shrug off. Pompeo took the time to walk through each of America’s major competitions, from Russia and China to North Korea and Iran, and explained what the administration is doing and why. He delivered a cogent explanation not only of how the White House is safeguarding us, but of how it is serving the mutual interests of friends and allies, in addition to honoring America’s commitments to freedom and liberty on the global stage. The most telling part of Pompeo’s speech was when he put the Trump presidency in context, explaining how American foreign policy had drifted off course. He pointed out what the critics fail to remember — this all happened before Trump’s first tweet. “We had lost sight of respect,” Pompeo said, “not for other nations, but for our own people and for our ideals. We cozied up to Cuba. We struck a terrible agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran that put the regime’s campaigns of terrorism and proxy wars on steroids. And many of our leaders were more eager to delight the Davos crowd than champion the principles that have made us the greatest nation that civilization has ever known.” Trump’s style of statesmanship is anything but normal. But in practice, his policies look a lot more like a return to normal diplomacy — one that puts faith and responsibility in America to look after America’s place in the world. END Nice to see the President getting a good review instead of Fake News!