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  1. We have been in this war for 19 years. "W" Could have done it and Obama Could have done it. But he took the loans from the Banks and made them the Governments Responsibility in 2009.. His Administration turned on the screws and deemed that none of the College Students could claim Bankruptcy against the Government. His Administration created a population of Educated SURF's. They created the 100 month repayments. That godawful POS raises their payments based on there Salary. If they succeed in business or any other endeavor. The Payment is increased if they received raises! Instead of a percentage of the money being paid as a single rate is crushed and the"vig" rips into there ability of paying it in full. A lot of those hosed by the Government are reaching the final 100 payments are being forced to stay in the program. Blood Sucker Effers! They are more of a MOB than a Servant of the People..
  2. No! Because she wants to open our borders and pay for the illegals medical bills by taxi drivers middle class taxpayers like yourself! She wants to remove your car and health coverage, air planes, steam shipping a kill jobs in coal, electric companies etc., etc..
  3. Utube shows every rally and press conference! What say U to that.
  4. Tounge in cheek, Brian? He is the leader of the free world now! He will be retiring in 2024 and continue tweeting from the Golf Course in New Jersey or Maralogo in Florida. He will leave with a Supreme Court full of Conservatives and 400 federal judges. He already added 150 in his first 2 years as our truly elected President! He will haunt the Democrats for the next 30 Years! If there as such things as “democrats” after the 2020 Elections
  5. His troll allowed me to take shots at Liz Warren and the Mulsim Jew hater from MN.
  6. He was shot by a cop in MO while he charged the cop who he mauled and almost got the cops gun! Obama’s Justice Department ruled the cop was justified! That ruling killed the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot lie,last week! Pokahontus and the Muslim Squad Leader from MN lied by claiming the cop killed in cold blood! Do your recall the riots in MO? That Michael Brown! Petty Criminal and thug.! last
  7. Semper Fi, Dan! Those sea robin jigs and the little spoons in pink and white were killers in the Spring!
  8. Thank God for that Frank! That would put you fully in the Bubble!
  9. We can expect more fake Recessn BS at least once a month.
  10. The Hudson Valley is filled with Robust Eagles and they have expanded out of the Hudson River Valley. Monmouth County, NJ has Eagle Nests and I've seen several eagles feeding on the back side of Sandy Hook The USF&W Gate Way Park is home to several eagle families.
  11. Last week the left when nuts when the stock market had a large drop. 24 hours of the “Sky Is Falling” TV personalities cheer for a “Recession” and the Fake News Media were giddy it was happening. I’m surprised that the snowflakes didn’t start jumping out of windows over their losses. The next day the dip began rising and no chance for a Recession! Boo hoo, the left began to cry! Trump's winning weapon: Time TheHill.com BY GRADY MEANS, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR — 08/16/19 12:00 PM EDT 766 THE VIEWS EXPRESSED BY CONTRIBUTORS ARE THEIR OWN AND NOT THE VIEW OF THE HILL In the presidential campaign, in his trade and diplomatic negotiations, and in domestic policy fights, President Trump’s personal circumstances and the unwitting American media have dealt him a huge advantage: Although he is an impatient person, he is in no hurry. In the current trade war, China has found a formidable opponent. In conventional political dogma, China can wait America out. Trade disputes put tremendous pressure on American presidents. Consumers complain about tariffs leading to rising prices. Businesses complain about higher costs and disrupted supply chains. Farmers bemoan lost markets. The stock market declines and there are dire forecasts from economic and financial experts. Foreign policy experts opine on fraying alliances and permanent damage to the international trading system. Leading American academic and research institutes, beholden to Chinese contributions, trot out “leading authorities” to proclaim that the president is a bull in a China shop. Political opponents and media commentators label Trump as “unhinged,” and “reckless.” Previous presidents would have caved quickly under this extreme pressure. They knew that China was a growing threat that needed to be dealt with, but they kicked that can down the road to avoid the inevitable political firestorm. They assumed that China had the best cards to play and would wait them out while doing them tremendous political damage. Trump has acted differently. He appears to be largely immune to much of the pressure. Similarly, with North Korea, many previous presidents caved to the pressure, deceit and slow-walking negotiations, and granted North Korea benefits based upon empty promises. Again, Trump has ignored the huge pressure and not caved. And, of course, with Russia, Trump has systematically upped the sanctions on Vladimir Putin’s cronies — a strategy vigorously resisted by President Obama and former Secretary of State John Kerry until they were forced to take action. You can add to this list NATO budgets; European Union and Canada and Mexico trade talks; the Iran nuclear deal; the patient White House strategies involving the Middle East and Venezuela; and the rest of the huge messes that previous administrations swept under the carpet because they felt so much pressure to make a deal, exaggerate their treaties and “accomplishments,” get their Nobel prizes, and move on. But impatient, predictable American diplomatic behavior has stopped — and that has left the world confused and put our biggest adversaries a little off-balance. Trump takes his time. The reasons for this change are threefold. First, Trump really is a hardball negotiator. He understands that the most important word for a negotiator to say is “no” as many times as necessary, before getting to “yes.” Second, Trump has nothing to prove. Even with failed businesses, he has been a successful business person, very wealthy, and now, if he fails to strike a deal or is voted out of office, he still has a lot to fall back on. Literally, none of his domestic political opponents are in that position. To a person, the Democratic candidates have few real political or private-sector accomplishments; they are known for nothing but getting elected and running for office. They have few or no real options if they’re voted out of office, and so are desperate to win. To use a favorite contemporary progressive word, it is “existential” to the Democrats; it is not to Trump. It is little wonder that they all lurch to the most radical ideas and attacks (free health care, open borders, reparations, free tuition, dismantling America’s energy sector, labeling opponents racist, etc.). It is media attention or death. Democrats are playing political “Hunger Games.” Trump is playing golf. The same is true of Trump’s international opponents. Traditionally, the thinking goes that our foreign adversaries can wait us out. While they may begin to experience some level of internal pain during a war of wills with America, most assume that Iran, Russia, North Korea and even Cuba can out-wait us; that all have assembled sufficiently powerful police states that they can force their own people to absorb huge levels of pain to support national political objectives. But those assumptions have proven wrong. Trump has shown that America can wait even longer. And as time goes by, economic pressure and sanctions begin to create serious pain in all of these states and their leadership. Perhaps the most vulnerable may be China, where the Communist Party stays in power by creating sustained prosperity. People think of China as playing the long game. That’s wrong. China needs continuous progress or it collapses. Even the leadership is vulnerable if the economy seriously falters. No amount of police force can contain the angry dragon. Again, Trump is unique in how he patiently plays the strong American hand. The liberal U.S. media actually have become Trump’s best friend. Over-the-top, endlessly negative coverage of the president has put him in a position different from previous presidents. He neither needs nor seeks media approval. He is fully inoculated. His growing base ignores the blistering media. Yes, he is rude and annoying. But that is baked in and already “discounted” (as Wall Street puts it). Most importantly, Trump has time — and “time is money.” And that is “winning.” END This quote sums up the Real News. To use a favorite contemporary progressive word, it is “existential” to the Democrats; it is not to Trump. It is little wonder that they all lurch to the most radical ideas and attacks (free health care, open borders, reparations, free tuition, dismantling America’s energy sector, labeling opponents racist, etc.). It is media attention or death. Democrats are playing political “Hunger Games.” Trump is playing golf. Beautiful!
  12. During Obama’s last 4 years ISIL dominated 8,000,000,000 slaves and two countries! In two years Trump’s leadership and support liberated those slaves and vanquish ISIL in a ****e hole village in Syria! Created 6,000,000,000 new job in 2.5 years. Obama tried to tell us that 1.8% is the “New Normal “ and kicked the middle class the Manufacturing Jobs will never return to the USA. He sneered “How are you going to bring manufacturing job back tho America? He said Trump would never win the election! “Do you have a magic wand?” I guess Trump had that magic wand and then some. There are 7000,000 new manufacturing jobs and the average worker if making $27.70 or more an hour. biden, warren and Harris are going shut down Coal mines, Fracking and Petroleum! raise taxes and give free medical services to illegals shut down medical insurance provided by business owners for 180,000,000,000 million American workers, Many of them in Unions. That number of votes will not be coming to the left side of this election! Can you say land slide. The teacher’s union, Will lead the charge of union voters switching to Trump! The Fake News azzhats numbers are falling and they are dumping staff! Boo Hoo!
  13. The only thing I agree with Biden is his advice was "A 12 gauge Shotgun is the Best Home Defence weapon!" 5 shots first 2 "00 Buckshot" #3 Ounce and a quarter Lead Slug, # OO Buckshot" and #5 Number 4 Buckshot.