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  1. Is that booking May or June? Mike won't be on the cape until May 24 or 25. And will be leaving on June 16, 2019 You may wish to do a shift between May 25 and June 15
  2. You bet-cha patootie it is a Monumental step in a State that is so much debt and taxes the taxpayers are leaving CA in huge numbers. Cher hit the nail Right on the Head. CA is lining up to be the next Venezuela!
  3. Dollar Tree has blue top plastic containers The are waterproof enough for soap. Every thing in Dollar Tree is a dollar, I carry fliers in the Snack portion envelopes and when spring spin fishing small to medium metal spoonst for the grand kids,, DT also has zip lock envelopes (40 ) 3.5” x 5 7/8” @ $1.00 a box. The are from the Surefresh brand. Look for the words SNACK portions on the box. The product is great ! And dry, the plastic is thicker than most sandwich bags on the shelves!
  4. STPost always has a half dozen or more. Under a $100 bucks . Check out Frogg Toggs wading boots. $40 or $50 price range. LL Bean Rubber bottom leather tops were the favorite of Jack Garthside! pg 34 of Pete McDonald’s book “the Blitz” Shows Jack taking a break on a stoop in Lynn Harbor, MA,
  5. That bottom line results in more jobs, an economy on steroids and less people on food stamps! Russia is not growing their economy and manufacturing jobs! Russia’s population growth Is shrinking! There is nothing good about Russia’s Stagnation. List what is good about their circumstances that out weigh our situation. We are the largest exporter of oil and Natural Gas in liquid form! That is under cutting Russia’s prices and improving the standard of living in Eastern Europe.
  6. Hudson River Valley- River Basin Sports Shop has a web site and Tom Gentalen is the owner. As the numbers build Tom provides the best current striped bass reports in the Valley. his shop in Catskill is 118 miles north of Manhattan.
  7. FnM's so far into the la la land consensus the i;m falling asleep reading this thread.
  8. KB I didn't realize your speak Mongolian. "...Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan ..." Translates into "Why do your ask, 2 Dogs Screwing?"
  9. Big flocks of Gannet hammering herring in the ocean and off MoCo for the last two days.
  10. The senate after a full and interesting process! The Dems were went Gaga trying to prevent Barr’s appointment.
  11. Patchy, You are skating close to the sin of BEGRUDGERY! Dena's way is the choice of most loving Parents. !Good for dad in being successful enough to give his son a stake. I only hope to be able to do the same. It is kind of my lifetime goal to help my kids and family ease over some of the bumps in life. How about you? Do you want to help your family be successful?" Trump thanked his father for giving him the ability to become a Billionaire!
  12. Fishweewee, I Didn't realize you had posted it on the site! My apologies! I kinda like my rendition! How long before . wakes up?
  13. Lucy Flores D – NV, Bites Biden in Buttocks Biden’s creepiness exposed once again. I foresee a drop in his first place in the Race to be El Presidente’ Joe Biden facing an accusation of inappropriate behavior from a ex-lawmaker, former Vice President Joe Biden issued a statement Sunday defending his actions, adding that he would “listen respectfully” to women’s experiences. Lucy Flores, a former Nevada lawmaker, accused Biden, 76, of inappropriately touching and kissing her back in 2014 when the vice president campaigned for her during her run for lieutenant governor. Flores detailed her allegations in an essay, writing, “I felt him get closer to me from behind. He leaned further in and inhaled my hair… He proceeded to plant a big slow kiss on the back of my head. My brain couldn’t process what was happening. I was embarrassed. I was shocked. I was confused.” Joe Biden says he 'never' acted inappropriately after an ex-Nevada state rep. claims he gave her an unwanted kiss! END I wonder how many “MeToo’s” will react to this news?
  14. Spoke by the liars who have been lying to the un deplorables for more than 2 years. When you have no evidence to punt, y'all just gotta get "er done!
  15. Your comment was plum ugly!