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  1. Stupid question, excellent answer! For those that don't know him, Major General Peter Cosgrove is an Australian. General Cosgrove was interviewed on the radio Read his reply to the lady who interviewed him concerning guns and children. Regardless of how you feel about gun laws you have to love this! This is one of the best comeback lines of all time. This is a portion of an ABC radio interview between a female broadcaster and General Cosgrove who was about to sponsor a Boy Scout Troop visiting his military Headquarters. COSGROVE: We're going to teach them climbing, canoeing, archery and shooting. FEMALE FEMALE INTERVIEWER: So, General Cosgrove, what things are you going to teach these young boys when they visit your base? GENERAL INTERVIEWER: Shooting! That's a bit irresponsible, isn't it? GENERAL COSGROVE: I don't see why, they'll be properly supervised on the rifle range. FEMALE INTERVIEWER: Don't you admit that this is a terribly dangerous activity to be teaching children? GENERAL COSGROVE: I don't see how. We will be teaching them proper rifle discipline before they even touch a firearm. FEMALE INTERVIEWER: But you're equipping them to become violent killers. GENERAL COSGROVE: Well, Ma'am, you're equipped to be a prostitute, but you're not one, are you? The broadcast went silent for 46 seconds and when it returned, the interview was over. I would pay money to have seen her face. END Love that Aussie Humor!
  2. rNuff Said! A fine example of a Lib who hasn't listen to a radio or TV with a Conservative Host? The Bubble won't let them say Rioters are Scum. When antifa shows up ontside their condo's at tells them to leave or be raped and murdered.
  3. Trump is mean? Are you Afraid of Him? Little girls call little boys mean! How old are you? Just above Kindergarden?
  4. Russian Bounties: Fake News after All National Guard, conduct security as part of an advise and assistance mission in southeastern Afghanistan, September 17, 2019. (Master Sergeant Alejandro Licea/US Army) The Afghanistan Russian bounties story’ proves it is False. NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE Fake News Is Real By DAVID HARSANYI - April 15, 2021 5:54 PM Soldiers assigned to First Battalion, 178th Infantry Regiment, Illinois Army Both Dan McLaughlin and Michael Brendan Dougherty have already weighed in on the media’s embarrassing “Russian bounties” story. In June, the New York Times reported that United States intelligence officials “have concluded that a Russian military-intelligence unit secretly offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants for killing coalition forces in Afghanistan.” No doubt you remember the hysteria. Now that Donald Trump is gone, and new president Joe Biden needs to garner public support for his Afghanistan withdrawal, NBC News informs us: “Remember those Russian bounties for dead U.S. troops? Biden admin says the CIA intel is not conclusive.” You know, in the old days — like, maybe six years ago — reporters would generally hold off publishing stories that accused the sitting president of engaging in seditious behavior or a dangerous nuclear adversary of targeting American soldiers until after officials had investigated those claims. Modern journalism is a bit different. When I initially began writing this piece, I was hoping to assemble a list of major blown stories, and the corrosive media frenzy that accompanied them, but I quickly realized I don’t have that kind of time. Let’s just say that major media outlets have spent five years spreading disinformation, first in an effort to delegitimize the outcome of an election, then to undermine the (especially foreign) policy of an elected president, and finally, to help elect their preferred candidate, Joe Biden. Russian Bounties: Fake News after All Biden May Regret His Afghanistan Decision The rollout of these fake-news pieces — and really, what else can we call them? — was almost always the same: Political reporters without any ethical qualms about being manipulated became stenographers for politically motivated “officials.” Sometimes their scoops were wholly concocted. Other times, they might contain some sliver of truth to create plausibility. Once the story hit, cable-news hosts would breathlessly report on the report, accepting its veracity without doing any of the legwork. From time to time, outlets might pretend to verify the news themselves (almost surely using the same sources.) For instance, a June 2020 CNN piece — festooned with five bylines — informed us that “a US official familiar with the latest information” was certain that Trump had lied about not being “personally briefed” and claiming the intelligence “wasn’t verified.” (Trump was right.) Outlets then amplify the scoop by closely covering the Democrats’ feigned outrage and calls for investigations. Reporters stalk Republicans down hallways and into elevators demanding they comment on the newest outrage. Favored “analysts” and “experts” put on solemn voices to bemoan the destruction of American norms. And anyone who questions the veracity of the reporting is smeared as a sap for Putin or a partisan shill. At CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, almost no one will show the slightest journalistic skepticism. NOW WATCH: 'Biden to Withdraw All Troops from Afghanistan by September 11' Then, as the story incrementally loses its impact, or it starts falling apart, as so many do, it will either be walked back or quietly “clarified.” Journalists will even pat themselves on the back for being transparent and correcting the record, never once bothering to explain how every single one of their mistakes skews in the same partisan direction. None of the pundits or reporters or editors or Sunday-talk-show hosts or owners of media outlets feel the need to explain how they were supposedly duped. Sources that lie to reporters aren’t burned. No, the lesson the media learned from the Trump years, as we saw after 60 Minutes’ transparent hit piece on Ron DeSantis recently, is that there are no consequences for unethical activist journalism. THIS IS CORRUPTION! DAVID HARSANYI is a senior writer for National Review and the author of First Freedom: A Ride through America’s Enduring History with the Gun. @davidharsanyi END Over the past 5 or 6 years the most of the Press & TV stations were feeding us their narrative to under cut their wish for Socialism. Now their narratives are pure $hit! You need to read EPOCH TIMES and watch NEWMAX if you want the TRUTH!
  5. Crocks are To soft and to slip slip on the oyster beds. Wadding boots on the flats is what you want High Top sneakers would be good. Go to WalMart and pick them up for under $30.00.
  6. TRUMP'S Operation Warp Speed Will live long in our History. Europe’s vax disaster shows Trump, UK’s BoJo got biggest COVID Challenge Right By Betsy McCaugheyApril 12, 2021 In the race to save lives from the novel coronavirus, the United States and Britain are winning. A stunning 47 percent of UK residents and 36 percent of US residents have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Compare that with the European Union, where only 15 percent of the population has gotten at least one jab. America and Britain are ahead thanks to the brash nationalism of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and former President Donald Trump — the very quality that drew the ire of the trans-Atlantic elite. The political import is especially ironic in the American case: While our blue-check Twitterati were busy using Europe as a supposed exemplar to bash Trump, the 45th president was getting things done. The United States is now vaccinating as many as 4 million people a day, and President Joe Biden has announced that vaccines are plentiful enough that all adults will be eligible by May 1. It’s a remarkable achievement. Biden gets some credit for distributing the shots, but Trump is responsible for producing vaccines in record time and guaranteeing that America had first dibs on the supply. The current president claims he inherited a mess. In fact, he inherited a miracle — Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. In the spring of 2020, Trump put America at the front of the line for whatever vaccines would ultimately be produced. He had the foresight to contract with not one or two, but six different vaccine companies for a total of 800 million doses. Not all six companies’ vaccines would actually be approved and put into use, but he went for all six, because failure was not an option. Operation Warp Speed paid firms to manufacture the vaccines before clinical trials proved they were safe and worked. Companies couldn’t take that risk on their own. It was a bold strategy, and it worked. Trump insisted he would have vaccines ready by the end of 2020, a goal naysayers like government virus guru Anthony Fauci said was impossible. Thousands of column inches and many more tweets mocked Trump’s optimism. Before the novel-coronavirus vaccines, the fastest ever vaccine development — for mumps in the 1960s — took four years. Johnson, like Trump, showed the pluck to partner with the drug companies early and lock in Britain’s future vaccine supply. Meanwhile, the European Union dithered over what to buy and at what price. By the time the Brussels bureaucrats contracted with vaccine developers, 105 days after Johnson signed his deals, it was slim pickings. That’s largely why the European nations lack supply now. Looking back, French President Emannuel Macron admits, “We didn’t shoot for the stars. That should be a lesson. We were wrong to lack ambition, to lack the madness . . . to say: ‘It’s possible, let’s do it.’ ” England begins to reopen after several months of COVID-19 lockdown Now EU countries are so desperate for supply that Hungary has bought 5 million doses from the Chinese state-owned company Sinopharm for a whopping $36 a dose, probably the highest price in the world. Amazing, since China refused to publish clinical data proving the vaccine works. Now there are signs it’s far less effective than the Chinese implied. Britain has plenty of supply, and Johnson regards that as a vindication of Brexit and proof of the “innovative genius and commercial might of the private sector.” Spoken like his sometime-buddy Trump. Yet the enemies of both men have tried to rewrite history, with Biden going so far as to claim, “When I came into office, the prior administration had contracted for not nearly enough vaccine to cover adults in America. We rectified that.” Sorry, even the left-leaning Kaiser Health News rates that “mostly false.” Without the contracts giving the US first dibs on supply, America would have been left high and dry like the Europeans. Worse, the vaccines might never have been produced. Trump’s intervention made warp-speed vaccine development less risky for the companies doing it. That’s crucial, because this is not the last pandemic. Trump’s Operation Warp Speed is a model to follow next time. In 2019, before COVID struck, Trump’s Council of Economic Advisors warned that a flu pandemic could cost 500,000 American lives, but emerging technologies could make it possible to develop a vaccine against an invading disease in a matter of months, instead of years — provided government could reduce the financial risks. That advice was prescient, and Trump took it. The rest is history. Betsy McCaughey is a former lieutenant governor of New York. end TRUMP & JOHNSON HUZZAR! HUZZAR! HUZZAR! Joe Biden is a lair and the worst President in our Nations history. His Splattered 100 daze will go down in infamy as "The Ignorant One!" His Border Czar quit this week and his VP who he tasked her to take care of our Southern Border! that was 20 days ago and she hasn't made a move to go near the Border! RJ
  7. What have you need smoking?l
  8. When the last round is ejected the clip follows the round you will hear “a metal Ping” That means you can push another clip in under 3 seconds! Deepwater, nice try acting ignorant. RJ. The M1 8 clip 30 Cal. rounds ejects the clip and can be reloaded in lesson than 5 seconds. A well Trained Infantry man can kill out to 500 yards. In the Marines a 13 Man Squad has one or two Designated Marksman who can kill out to 1,000 yards. Today The M1 Garland rifles are selling for more that $1200.00 clips for $5.00 or more! Between 1937 & 1957 4 million Garlands were manufactured at the Springfield Armory, Harrington & Richardson, Inter National Harvester and the Winchester Factory. The USA whad the only semiautomatic Rifle used in WW TWO. 8 round Clips, A! The rifle that killed over 1,000,000,000 enemies during WW Two, Korea, Viet Nam is allowed to be purchased By lawful “AMERICAN PATRIOTS” I was trained to use the US Rifle Cal. 30 M1 at Parris Island Rifle Range to hit targets 200, 300 & 500 Yards, I earned the Sharpshooters Cross. I scored 118. The next time I went to the Range, I scored 220 point for the Expert Crosses Rifles medal. Over the next 5 years I shot 240, 246 and a Perfect 250 Expert scor “Thus endth, todaysHistory Class Room”
  9. Portland, Rochester NY, NY City, Queens, Balitmore, Philly, Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis for God's Sake!
  10. i heard they found how many guns Hunter has at home recently! In the last 2 months the weapons sale were bolstered by 51% of the sales were to democrats. Biden wouk up the the Working Class Democrats. His shutdown of the Keystone Pipe Line! 8,000 of the 11,000 workers were Union Members. The same Biden "I'm going to build a Million Cars in Mexico Boast" will show up Car Companies cutting back on their fellow Americans.
  11. The the Dems insult the Black Race with a BS about them being the under dog! The 2.5 million illegals is Biden's Goal for this year. Even the thought of it the black community from Dishwasters in Hotel, and Motel, Chefs in resturants, The line cooks, Wait Staff will be replaced by low pay "DOCUMENT PERSONS" IN MANY cITIES AND TOWNS ACROSS THE NATION. THOSE WHO ENTER THE USA NOW GET $1100.00 AND A BUS TICKET TO WHATEVER PART OF THE USA THEY WANT TO GO. THEY ARE NOT TESTED FOR ILLNESS. THE THE FIRST 2 MONTHS OF BIDEN'S REIGN WE NOW HAVE 15,000 UNDER 17 CHILDERN IN CUSTODY! THE NUMBERS OF CHILDREN ARE HUGE AND RISING EVER DAY. THE CARTELS RULE ALL OF THOSE CHILDREN. IT'S A DAMM SHAME! THE COYOTE'S NEED TO BE SHOT ON SIGHT!
  12. SCANDALS UPDATED MAR. 12, 2021 NY Intelligencer Everyone Who Has Called for Governor Cuomo to Resign By Nia Prater Almost the whole of New York’s Democratic Party has turned on Governor Andrew Cuomo, calling on him to resign from office after allegations ranging from berating phone calls to sexual harassment in the workplace, as well as an apparent cover-up of nursing-home deaths. The one story you shouldn’t miss, selected by New York editors SIGN UP FOR ONE GREAT STORY In recent weeks, the third-term governor has also been accused by six women of inappropriate touching and comments. That fueled calls from across New York politicians, including in his own party, for Cuomo to resign or risk impeachment proceedings. The calls were amplified on Wednesday, March 10, after the Albany Times-Union reported that an aide accused him of groping her at his private residence in late 2020. New York’s Rebecca Traister reported more inappropriate behavior by Cuomo, including that he told aides to track down attractive young women he found at parties and offer them jobs. By Friday evening, New York’s two U.S. senators, most of its members of Congress, and a majority in the state legislature called for him to step aside. Cuomo has been adamant that he has no intention of resigning prior to the release of the findings from the attorney general’s investigation. “I’m not going to resign because of allegations. The premise of resigning because of allegations is actually anti-democratic,” Cuomo said in a recent call with reporters. Below is a running list of everyone calling for Cuomo’s exit. Members of Congress Jamaal Bowman (D) Yvette Clarke (D) Antonio Delgado (D) Adriano Espaillat (D) Senator Kristen Gillibrand (D) Brian Higgins (D) Mondaire Jones (D) Nicole Malliotakis (R) Carolyn Maloney (D) Sean Patrick Maloney (D) Grace Meng (D) Joe Morelle (D) Jerry Nadler (D) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) Kathleen Rice (D) Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D) Elise Stefanik (R) Claudia Tenney (R) Paul Tonko (D) Ritchie Torres (D) Nydia Velázquez (D) Lee Zeldin (R) Democratic Assembly Members Speaker Carl Heastie Thomas Abinanti Khaleel Anderson Brian Barnwell Charles Barron Harry Bronson Kenny Burgos Patrick Burke Marianne Buttenschon Robert Carroll Sarah Clark Catalina Cruz Carmen De La Rosa Simcha Eichenstein Harvey Epstein Nathalia Fernández Mathylde Frontus Emily Gallagher Jessica González-Rojas Richard Gottfried Judy Griffin Aileen ****her Andrew Hevesi Jonathan Jacobson Billy Jones Anna Kelles Ron Kim Jennifer Lunsford Zohran Mamdani Marcela Mitaynes Yuh-Line Niou Amy Paulin Victor Pichardo Dan Quart Karines Reyes Daniel Rosenthal Linda Rosenthal Nily Rozic Angelo Santabarbara Amanda Septimo Jo Anne Simon Philip Steck Phara Souffrant Forrest Carrie Woerner Democratic State Senators Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins Alessandra Biaggi Jabari Brisport Samra Brouk Michael Gianaris Andrew Gounardes Michelle Hinchey Brad Hoylman Robert Jackson Anna Kaplan Brian Kavanagh Liz Krueger John Liu John Mannion Rachel May Shelley Mayer Jessica Ramos Elijah Reichlin-Melnick Gustavo Rivera Julia Salazar James Sanders Jr. James Skoufis Toby Ann Stavisky Republican Assembly Members Minority Leader Will Barclay Jacob Ashby Ken Blankenbush Keith Brown Kevin Byrne Marjorie Byrnes Joe DeStefano Dave DiPietro Michael Durso Christopher Friend Jarett Gandolfo Jodi Giglio Joseph Giglio Stephen Hawley Josh Jensen Kieran Lalor Mike Lawler John Lemondes Brian Manktelow David McDonough Brian Miller Melissa Miller Michael Montesano Mike Norris Philip Palmesano Ed Ra Mike Reilly John Salka Colin Schmitt Matt Simpson Doug Smith Robert Smullen Christopher Tague Michael Tannousis Mark Walczyk Mary Beth Walsh Republican State Senators Minority Leader Rob Ortt George Borrello Daphne Jordan Mike Martucci Peter Oberacker Tom O’Mara Jim Tedisco Statewide officials Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli (D) Mayors NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio New York City Council Members Diana Ayala Joseph Borelli Justin Brannan Fernando Cabrera Costa Constantinides James Gennaro Ben Kallos Brad Lander Stephen Levin Carlos Menchaca Keith Powers Antonio Reynoso James Van Bramer New York City mayoral candidates Kathryn Garcia Carlos Menchaca Scott Stringer Maya Wiley END The was posted on March 12, 2021 I wonder if it has been updated. The way far Left hates his guts because he is a loner!
  13. The 2 NY Senators, Chuck Schumer & Kirsten Gillibrand have told Cuomo to Resign thru The NY Times and cnn! AOC IS AFTER HIM TO RESIGN! The far left asswipers want him impeached, If the NY Senate have the numbers and vote for the impeachment! Here isn’t the Governor any more. i just posted the Number of politicans who have told Andrew Cuomo to resign. Check it out.
  14. I’ll be 82 in May. Still shoot skeet & Sporting Clays! And I have GOTO 20 ga. For Thugs entering my Castle. #3 Buck shot, for shells 1 to 3 and 3/4 Ounce slugs for 4 & 5. The Rem. 870 Pump racks like butter! I can reload in 3 slug rounds in 30 seconds! Once a “MARINE, ALWAYS A MARINE” #3 Buck has 20 25 Cal. Pellets “Skeet Choke” allows me to hit 10” pie plate out to 50 yards with slugs. Indoors, the 20 pellets at 30 feet they can decapitate the intruder if you shoot for the neck. In these times, the bad guys and gals have discovered body armor. DEAD THUGS can’t sue you!
  15. Ditto! Not a single one of the 250 + Arrested knuckheads have been charged of Sedition! Welcome Aboard, SHIPMATE! I spent several months with the Alligator Navy, 7th FLEET IN 1960! Assault Battallion, 3rd MARDIV, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regt, We did 2 AMFIB Landings To Formosa, South China Sea, and 1 AMFIB landing in the Philippine Island of Luzon the commemorate the 17th Anniversary of Gen. Mac Arthur’s return to the Philippines. I was a Squad Leader for 2nd Squad, Mike Company, 3rd Bn, 5th Marines! The City of TACLOBAN thru a 3 Day Party for the 3rd Bn, 5th Marine Regiment & The Amphib Sailors who put use on the Beach! Semper Fi! RJ My oldest son Flew P3 Orion’s out of Jacksonville NAS Sub Hunter’s and Intelligent Birds in the Middle East during Kuwait and later on Iraq!