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  1. A 20 minute meeting that revolved around orphans. Trump Jr testified to the Committee for 9d hours on that 20 minute get together with the Russian lawyer. there were two other people in the room during that short meeting.
  2. A big reach on your speculation. It is a woulda, coulda thing. A few facts would help make the W C believable! Names of Smearing right wingers who violated so many people! If you can not come up with proof, you could be accused of Trolling!
  3. I believe Joe D is correct in that statement.
  4. What it needed was people who need to move quickly from SF to LA and La to San Diego. There are Millions of people on the West Coast of CA The Bullet Trains tracks were laid inland through the least populated Regions. How stupid is that!
  5. just google MA Saltwater Refistery and it will guide you the site and in about two minutes you will beable to print out the Non-resident permit on your computer. Over 60, including non Residents from all over the world pay a small fee and can print the permit at home. It is a very simple process.
  6. NO
  7. New Smyrna Ourfitters on Canal Street has a stable of good Guides. Their fly shop will blow your mind, Check it out. Google New Smyrna Outfitters, Canal Street in New Smyrna Beach, FL
  8. He was the same one who owned the 200 Russian killed by our troops when they attacked the position that was an outpost for us and our allies. That oligarch needed the base taken so he could get the oil fields beyond the Base. Secretary Mathis told the Commanders at that location to annihilate them if they fired on the Base.
  9. Show me the Money! Mueller hasn't indicted any Ukrainians in the past 2 years.
  10. And they were all democrats! Lemmings have it in their DNA. The current crop of Democrats in office have a high % of TDS in their brains. (Trump Derangement Syndrome) I wonder how many Dems on SOL stand up and leave the Room if Trump's image is projected on their TV Sets? Care to tell us if the image or the voice of Donald Trump make you leave the room or change the station?
  11. Reality Speaks common sense to the multiple personages running against President Trump in regards to The New Green Deal. Who are Democrats running against? What Trump policies are Democrats running against? BY ED ROGERS. The Washington Post 2/14/2019 As the Democratic race for the 2020 presidential nomination gets underway, the contenders are trying to determine how to best distinguish themselves. So far, the only unifying theme among all candidates is that President Donald Trump is unfit and he and his Republican policies must go. Trump’s behavior induces extraordinary rage and bitterness that tend to make Democrats want to outdo each other in their desire to claim that the Trump presidency is illegitimate and that they stand opposed to all things Trump. But, starting with the economy, reality appears likely to force Democrats to walk something of a tightrope: How will they be wildly anti-Trump without pledging to do things that would snuff out the robust economy? Is it a vote against Trump a vote for fewer jobs and less prosperity? According to Gallup, “Americans’ optimism about their personal finances has climbed to levels not seen in more than 16 years, with 69% now saying they expect to be financially better off ‘at this time next year.’ “ As Gallup’s Jim Norman notes, “The 69% saying they expect to be better off is only two percentage points below the all-time high of 71%, recorded in March 1998 at a time when the nation’s economic boom was producing strong economic growth combined with the lowest inflation and unemployment rates in decades.” Additionally, as recent data from the Labor Department shows, wages and salaries for American workers rose 3.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2018 for the first time in more than 10 years. Democrats can throw around phrases and ideas such as “massive inequality” and “everyone paying their fair share,” but the Trump economic boom is broad and deep. The assorted calls for higher taxes and the socialist patina that Democrats are adopting could produce a referendum on the economy instead of a referendum on Trump’s character. But never mind that. If the economic status quo holds, Democrats in 2020 will mostly have to stick to platitudes and slogans. The Democrats could be in a bind. And while we are at it, on many vital foreign policy and trade issues, the Democrats will be left with little to say. For instance, no one running for president is going to declare that they will put the U.S. Embassy in Israel back in Tel Aviv. No one running for president is likely to pledge to simply withdraw all the Trump tariffs. Similarly, it is unlikely that any Democratic candidate will pledge that they will put U.S. troops back in Syria or in Afghanistan. And I do not think any Trump rival will suggest that the diplomatic initiatives with North Korea should be shut down. There will never be an end to the debate about immigration, but even there the Democrats are barreling toward an extremist position that looks a lot like open borders. So, the vain, vindictive “enfant terrible” president is doing more than just energizing the Democrats. By fostering bothersome economic prosperity and making foreign policy moves that no one will want to undo, Trump is effectively rendering much of the traditional debate about peace and prosperity off limits to Democrats. He is marginalizing the left’s cast of 2020 hopefuls, mostly limiting what they can discuss to identity politics, grievances, claims of corruption and comical misfires such as the Green New Deal. Ed Rogers is a columnist with The Washington Post. End Trump is marginalizing all of the 2020 hopefulls with his Policies and experience in running Businesses. I've noticed that some left leaning New Papers and TV news are starting the twitch away form the New Green Deal and the lack of closure by Mueller edging away slighty from his duties and letting his selected Democrat minions try to pin President Trump to the mat.
  12. From with in. The Socialist have controll of the Money now. Chuck U Schummer and Nancy Pelosi are on the outside looking in. NP dissed AOC by not putting her on the Committee she desired. We have President Obama caught on an open mike telling the President of Russia " Tell Vlad I will have more flexibility when the Election is over!" Now that, there is way past proof that Obama and Hillary we getting their orders from Putin! After the urainium purchase and its quick movement out of North America Clinton Foundation received 1.5 million donation from one of the Russian Parties who benefited from the sale. He flys to Moscow and Gives a speech that is 100% above his his usual appearance $250,000.00. He and she netted 2 Million Dollars! Comey looked the other way! We will see what the new AG does about the lack of evidence connection our duly elected President.
  13. I misspoke on this quote. The Black and Hispanic voters are walking away the Democrat Party because that Party is going to far left and are supporting Open Borders, Higher Taxes and lying about Free College, Government Jobs for everyone, even those who don't work. AOC is their Pied Piper! Promising every thing including total control over every aspect of life in America. The individual American with a gun will not surrender it. Our Armed Forces are not robots. They are Our Sons and Daughters. They have taken the Oath to protect the US from our Enemies foreign and DOMESTIC! The Democrats are becoming our enemy.
  14. I'm saving the whole Maggilla! And if Mueller breaks to the Right, I be able to spoon feed the "Doubting Thomas's" a line at a time! As we see History in the Making! Thank you "J"! That felt Good! Spring is Coming. Count the days!
  15. Check out the Serria Trading Post Fly Fishing by goggling The Allen Coumpany also makes good waders.


    The first set of waders if by FroggTogg they have it in 3 sizes at the sale price of $119.99  There are 3 or 4 other styles including Allen Co. I've fished using both and was ver;y happy with the FT's  and the Allen boot agood as well.


    Serria has about 14 pages of flyfishing stuff from Flys to $600  Bauer reels a half the price.


    Check it out.  The price of slys are very good a well.