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  1. Thanks BrianBM! Appreciate the feedback.
  2. I owned the 1145 and I think it is a much faster recovery than the 9' genesis. The genesis is a more moderate rod. I think the genesis does better on the lower end anywhere from 3/4 up to 2.5oz. The 1145 is rated better on the upper end from 1.5oz up to 3oz. I'm associated with ODM and take my advice for what it is, the ODM would be better in my opinion for someone who is looking for a rod that is easier to cast/load, particularly on the lower end of the ratings scale. Both rods offer more than enough backbone for striper fishing in the northeast but the 1145 would probably edge the genesis out in this category. If you want apples to apples comparison in terms of ratings/backbone, the ODM frontier X 9'6" would be a better comparison to the 1145.
  3. The 3 tube ODM bag was designed with versatility in mind. You can't go wrong with any of the bag makers mentioned in this thread.
  4. If you're ok with the disposable wader concept, then LL bean has a good warranty policy in place. I've owned a pair of Simms for over 5 years now that are still functional with little issues.
  5. 'Made in America' is an officially and internationally recognized FTC label. Why would a company like St.Croix use the language 'Handcrafted in the USA'? What's the difference between Built vs Handcrafted vs Assembled, etc., etc., etc..
  6. Where does it state on the Surfcaster that the rod is 'Made in the USA'. I see 'Built in the USA', but nothing that states 'Made in the USA'. St Croix uses the word 'Handcrafted in the USA' on the same site.
  7. Where are you getting this idea that we are claiming to be Made in America? If the rods are wrapped/built in the USA with American employees, are we not allowed to state that for purposes of quality control and craftsmenship?
  8. Back to the topic. Having owned both rods and now representing ODM rods. The 10' 6" 3/4 to 4 legend handles up to 3oz with no issues. Anything above that weight I thought the rod tip got a little soft to handle and load properly. I consider it to be a faster action blank than the Fronter X 10'6" 3/4-4. They're both 70/30 split rods. I've been fishing the Fronter X for the past year or so and can comfortably load and cast a 3.5oz GRS giant with it. The rod does a lot of the work for you which might be a little different for guys who are used to rods where you have to step into it a little more. We offer a one year limited warranty on our rods. Where we may lack in the warranty department, we try to make up for in terms of our overall product, customer service and quality control. They're both great rods and you can't go wrong with either. My best advice is to find someone who owns the legend and ask them if you can test cast it.
  9. ''Built/assembled' is different in context and scope than claiming something that is 'Made' in so in so location.
  10. I love how the original topic get sides tracked with all of these current and former pro staffers.
  11. Maybe I'm overthinking this. The blank comes from overseas. The rod is built, assembled, manufactured, produced, fabricated (whatever you want to say) in the USA. Why do they have to say 'made in China'? How is this different than what Honda, Dewalt tools, and even Ford says when it comes to where there cars are built/manufactured? Are they legally obligated to state 'Built/Assembled in the USA, with parts from China'?
  12. Apologies Scoob!
  13. The blanks our produced from our factory in China and every rod is built to order to support our 20 plus dealers across the United States from our Jersey City location. Please keep that kind of stuff off SOL it doesn't belong here and is against the rules. Not to mention that it was completely out of left field. Edited Scoob