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  1. 5000 lot sold and shipped. 4000 lot and belt still available. Thank you
  2. I can do that. PMing you paypal details. I can ship it tomorrow on lunch. A picture with the overlap with it set at 33 below. There would be 2.5 Velcro "squares" on each side as pictured. I'll leave it up to you. If you want any additional pictures, let me know and I'll do my best to get them. Thanks
  3. Sorry Forden. Without cutting off the ends to get it to velcro down smaller, the smallest I can measure end to end is actually about 38". It fits me at the moment at 36", but around clothing.
  4. Wow, nice giant collection of plugs, thank you for posting them. Unfortunately most of them are too big for the way we fish our part of the bay (No surfcasters per say). I mostly fish Storm shad, X-raps (SXR-12, SXR-10), or Yo-Zuri Mag Darters here in 5" or 4-1/8". I should have posted that before taking your time to take the pics. I collect RM's, but rarely get them wet in our water here. Sorry
  5. What do you have in mind? Worst I can say is I don't need it.
  6. I no longer have my FI's as I upgraded to FG's this year. While unpacking after moving, I found all of my spare spools and boxes. All spools have one season old Powerpro on them currently, but this line was fished every day last year. Blue is Superslick 8 20lb, yellow is Superslick 8 30lb, and green is Powerpro 40lb. Clickers are in varying degree of wear, but the spools are in excellent shape. I upgraded the drag stack in some of them to carbon. I normally replace my line every year, but I leave that up to the buyer. I also now fit into my better surf belt, and I would rather someone use the Aquaskinz one than it sit in my garage. All prices are paypal, and shipped via parcel post to continental US. 2 Shimano Stradic 4000 FI spools. 2 Stradic 4000 FI boxes, paperwork, and a reel bag $45 2 Shimano Stradic 5000 Fi spools. 1 Stradic 5000 FI box, paperwork, and a reel bag $45 1 Aquaskinz Surf Belt - Fits me at 36, fit me at 40, and has plenty of room in both directions $15 Tight lines
  7. I'll take it. Assuming it doesn't work out for Misha. Paypal, check, or m.o.
  8. Thanks! I'll take it. PM me a convenient meeting place and time for you. Preferably after 0900 if able.
  9. I could bring you $550 cash on the south side of Lancaster Sun morning. Green paper bills, no shipping, no paypal fees. It'd be about a 3hr 15 min drive for me one way if you're interested. Thanks
  10. If the Ebbpoint falls through for whatever reason, I'll take it. I've bought one from you before and would love another. It's full of lures in my Jeep right now!
  11. How about I send you the $36, and you raffle something off here for me? I bought a reel off you for the same cause a few years back =).
  12. Tom, I'm a diabetic of 30+ years (diagnosed as a juvenile). I don't need any deer tails this year, but will gladly donate $36 paypal or check. PM me the preference and info please.
  13. Ok, I'll be the first to ask.... What is it? =P
  14. Thanks! Payment sent, already picking out the plugs to load in it! Tight Lines.
  15. Sorry John, I have no idea which one has the white logo. I just want the white interior, easier to see my plugs when fishing after dark with a headlamp.