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  1. Went out for my first honest attempt this year and hooked into a few little guys. Great day with my best fishing buddy.
  2. A great book with cool qreader scans to his excellent videos. $13 shipped, pp preferred.
  3. Surfcasters Guide To The Striper Coast. An informative read for surfcasters of any level. $10 shipped. Pp preferred.
  4. Closing this down. Thanks all.
  5. Closing it down, thanks all.
  6. No love for the BC?! $15 shipped.
  7. Ok. Sending pm now
  8. Last try! Any takers?
  9. Please close, thanks.
  10. Please close, thx.
  11. Lordship reduced to $17. $30 for the lot.
  12. Price reduction to $20 shipped for the pair
  13. Bump and price reduction to $25 shipped.