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  1. So I guess they will have to do without stripers until the stock recovers to a level to justify commercial fishing again. There are other fish available. There are many types of fish and game that I can’t have unless I fish or hunt for them. There are many just can’t have at all. There is also the availability of farm raised fish, including stripers.
  2. This is not true since in the Feb 9 RFHFA newsletter the specific example they use as what they call McMurray propaganda deals with stripers and bunker. Also should be noted that RFHFA their news letter claims to be looking out for all recreational fisherman including non-boat anglers. Your argument often sound like a politician saying it’s only 5% or 10% like those numbers are meaningless. Then making it sound like the 85% group making comments here only wants to take but not give. Where many if not most of the 85% are willing to take needed cuts. What many can’t understand is when you need the limit the public to one fish a day and now looking at further restriction how can you justify having a commercial season.
  3. In my opinion both are equal reels with the only difference for me is the Slammer is easier to service yourself.
  4. I don’t see them on the vendor list for the RISSA Show. I would expect that there would be a vendor selling them there. ODM will be at the MSBA Show on 3/30&31.
  5. I have both and use the 120-1m as my go to eel fishing rod. I have used it with Sluggo’s but only in a pinch. The rod is just to heavy and you won’t be able to feel what it is doing. The 120-1L is much better for plugs and Sluggos. That said, the 120-1L has become a back up rod to a 10’ ODM Genesis which for me is much lighter and gives a better feel of what your plug is doing. Not pushing this rod there are many others that are light with good feel.
  6. The show is next weekend, 22-24.
  7. The quota is kind of a joke since in 2017 the actual commercial catch was less than half of the quota and is looking about the same for 2018.
  8. Bluefish have been below target value for about the last 25 years. All along the New England coast we’ve been seeing less blues the past few years. In New Hampshire the party boats haven’t really targeted them for the last 4-years since so few around. None of the states went above quota maybe because of lack of fish. Yet the commercial quota stays the same and the recreational limit stays at 15. Then throw in that the last stock assessment was done in 2015. Many things pointing to a stock headed for trouble but nothing being done. With a difference of over 50% of stock between target and SSB threshold (target 223 million pounds with SSB threshold 112 million pounds) just seems extreme.
  9. Just a quick reminder that the show is this weekend. My understanding is Mass fish and game will be there selling licenses.
  10. Just a quick reminder that the show is this weekend. My understanding is Mass fish and game will be there selling licenses.
  11. In addendum IV they projected that based on the changes the SSB would continue to decrease till 2016/2017 at which point it would start increasing. So it wasn’t completely ignored but I agree that it wasn’t formally addressed. I’m not trying to defend ASMFC actions but it needs to be remembered that like congress the members are representing their states interest. Unfortunately politics and special interest groups often have to much say and the rules are bent to appease them.
  12. First off a few thousand is not overwhelming support when you have millions of recreational fisherman. Second if large numbers of recreational fisherman they could round out that hostile group. While I’Ve been to some very hostile meetings I’ve never had more than loud responses. If you stay home and don’t write letters then nothing will change and you have no right to complain.
  13. This goes back to my first comment that recreational fisherman need to get out there and attend meetings and write letters both to ASMFC and state representatives including the Secretary of Commerce. Now that the new technical committee data shows that the spawning stock has been below threshold for the last 5 years and declining it’s hard for the states to hide behind the data. I don’t agree that they did nothing with the 2013 data in that the option they selected showed a return to the target value in three years just at a low percentage for Addendum IV. I agree there were far better options with higher percentages of chance of reach target that were not selected. They did cut the limit in half for the most part for recreational. Also the new Technical Committee data uses up dated data and more conservative approach show striper numbers much lower than previous data. Last night I went to a meeting on changes Mass is recommending to require cycle hooks when bait fishing for stripers and no gaffing stripers. About 40 people showed up with two thirds being commercial or charter people. Heard very little support for making either change with commercial and charters totally against it for them.
  14. The Secretary of Commerce has general oversight of the commissions activities. The commission has to develop annual reports for review by the Secretary of Commerce. ASMFC is tasked to develop Fishery Management Plans (FMP) for each species of fish they cover. These plans are approved by the board members who are state representatives. Prior to the vote on changes to the FMP these representative would get input from their state. Once an FMP is approved if a state is not in compliance the commission is tasked with notifying the Secretaries of Commerce and Interior who will determine any actions that need to be taken. In the FMP for striped bass it requires the board to take action if the stock is overfished to develop plans to restore the stock to the target level. From FMP amendment 6 " If fishing mortality exceeds the threshold and biomass is below the threshold level, the Management Board must act to reduce fishing mortality to the desired target level or lower.". Changing the target and threshold would require a change to the FMP and justification for the change.
  15. While droppers are very effective they have a few issues other than fouling one being shorter casting distance. The other is especially an issue at night, if you catch something on the plug as you grab for the fish you now have a hook flying around by your face. Keeping the dropper simple with just a bucktail fly helps with the distance while still effective.