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  1. .He was the main speaker last year, this year Ron Powers.
  2. I do not believe this is correct. I asked this question last year in RI and they said I could use my Mass license even though I wasn’t a Mass resident. What they said was if you are a Mass resident and buy a RI license it is not good in Mass. Same is true in NH where I am a resident if I bought a Mass license I could not use it in NH.
  3. I just use a day planner. Pre-season on the monthly calendar section fill in plans for trips and locations based on tides. Use the individual day sections to list actual results. Keep the planner in my vehicle and fill it out during breaks or end of day.
  4. As we get closer I’ll let people know but right now looks like about 15 to20 vendors selling plugs and such. We’re trying to get more than in previous years.
  5. The show this year is March 9, 2019
  6. Plum Island Surfcaster show March 9, 2019.
  7. One of the key points from the meeting was that 48% of the kill was from recreational release. What the board talked about was that any change that occurs needs to take this into account. Increasing the size limit as an example may actually increase the release kill. So the coming changes are not going to be an easy fix. One other her point that was clear is the board members are very aware that the public are going to be very unhappy with the failure of the board to prevent stripper from ending up overfished and will be expecting quick action. So need to keep the pressure on them.
  8. I've had both and they are good for what you want to use it for. The 1083 is excellent for casting smaller swimmer and as good sensitivity. I will say that the tip broke twice and Lami replaced them without any questions. The third one had a lot of use with no problems. If you are getting a one piece custom made remember they just replace the blank. The 1081L is good and much stronger but not as sensitive. Been using a Century SS1145 sling shot 9'6" for the last three years and to me neither of the other two compare especially when it comes to sensitivity.
  9. So far they are only talking about in the bay. Plus they want Maryland to work with them so who knows if anything will happen.
  10. With Virginia looking to put a 36” max in place on their own and North Carolina closing certain areas to stripes fishing we may be seeing a big shift in atitude. Theses are normally two states that resist any kind of reduction.
  11. I guess the main point here is we just have a different opinion on what constitutes a waste of fish. I understand how hardy a fish may be but after trying to revive and they are still floating belly up the chance is nil. While getting them in fast helps but if you fish rocky areas like I do you know that they sometime get themselves stuck in the rock more or less fighting themselves to death so heavier tackle wouldn't resolve the issue, especially since I already use heavy equipment. Need to recognize that the consumption advisories you see do not say don't eat any fish and in fact the bigger fish are what make up the major part of the fish sold commercially to the public to eat. While none of the one or two fish I keep a year goes to waste I would agree that a good amount of the recreational caught fish is wasted in the end. A friend used to owns a hotel that caters to a lot of people fishing local charters and he was often complaining about people leaving fish in the rooms after they left.
  12. This is a hard one for me for one reason. I usually only keep a fish or two a year being ones I can’t return alive. Problem being they are usually bigger fish caught from the surf that exhaust themselves during the fight. I would just hate to throw a dead fish away just because of a size limit. The tag system is appealing and would help some but not as much as many think because many of the larger fish caught are on charts by people who only fish once or twice a year. But then tags are a tool to address not having to throw back dead fish.
  13. I don't think that is the reason they will use. What some of the states will be claiming is that they see an up swing in the numbers out three years based on YOY and other data. This has been their argument for sometime now.
  14. If I read this right my only question would be how could 6 acres on the river be worth less than 400K.
  15. Plum Island Surfcasters has a show on March 9, 2019 in Newburyport MA. This show is mainly focused on surfcasting. Check the club web page for details.