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  1. Anyone getting Macks or Pollock in the canal?
  2. I like conch fritters. Plus keeping the conch population in check helps the shellfish beds.
  3. I don’t know if I can take the pressure, let me see lol
  4. What do you use for a net?
  5. I was thinking this or a cone shaped black plastic wastebasket.
  6. Bay Scallops. And none of your business lol
  7. What do you use for a scallop viewing box and net? I was thinking of making one out of an old bucket with the bottom cut out. Then gluing plexiglass to the bottom. This seems like it would be a bit awkward to use. Could I get by with my crab net for scallops?
  8. I went out Sunday and picked a peck of Oysters and a few Quahogs. I can’t help but think the Quahog beds in Mattapoisett seem a little barren.
  9. There is a small population of wild boar in NH. Technically they are considered property of a game farm they escaped from, so written permission is needed. I’ve heard they alway approve it.
  10. I’ve had a few welded loops become worn and start to separate. A coating of gorilla glue epoxy would have fixed it. But I decided to snip and retie with a perfection loop, added some glue on the knot for good measure.
  11. Very lean and flavorful compared to domestic duck. Domestic fowl spend their life waddling around a farm yard being fed grain. Wildfowl spend their life migrating thousands of miles each year and fighting for food. It also depends on what kind of duck your eating. Puddle ducks such as mallards, wood ducks, teal..ect are the best tasting because they feed on grain and freshwater vegetation. Divers such as riders, scooter, canvasback can have a downright fishy taste due to their love of fish and crustaceans.
  12. I soak the skinned bird in a brine solution for 24 hours, then rinse in fresh water. This draws the blood out and helps the taste. The way I prepare it after brining depends on my mood.
  13. First Mallard of the season.
  14. I’m covering this weekend so I’m taking Tuesday off to head out to bogs/swamp I have permission to hunt. Hopefully this cold front sends our avian friends packing south,