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  1. What is everyone’s opinion on the TFO Clouser fly rod?
  2. I was casting with a good amount of the head inside my guides. This is good to know and will try only doing about half to less than half in the rod guides. Also, I will try to only use one or two false casts, as you described. Crunch, are you located in Finland or in the U.S.? You seem like a good casting instructor!
  3. How much head should I have in the guides when casting?
  4. Update: I got the Rio Striper Floating, 9wt. I like the line so far and it does cast well. However, I’m having trouble casting at times because of the taper, I tend to get tailing loops at times. I’m used to traditional WF lines. Any pointers for casting this line?
  5. Link?
  6. I usually just take it off with tweezers, wash the wound and wait to see if it develops a bullseye around the bite wound. I use picaridin when I go hunting and anytime I’m bush whacking, seems to work very well.
  7. Send them to me
  8. Red top, $30 per reel plus parts.
  9. How did you cut the slots for the belt?
  10. Could you send pics of the Colton tradewinds? I’ll pm you my email. What does “Cs” mean?
  11. Yes please, will pm you with email.
  12. Interested in the Ion 9ft 8wt, could you send pictures? Will send you a PM with my email.
  13. What kind of action does it have?
  14. I’m looking to buy a low cost 9ft or longer, 8wt fly rod for bass bugs. I live on southcoast MA.
  15. I’ll take the bass bug 6wt line