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  1. I used cream cheese, this is the recipe 2 trout boneless, skinless fillets (about 5-6 ounces total), checked for bones and crumbled 6 ounces cream cheese (3/4 cup), softened to room temp 2 teaspoons capers, drained 1 rounded teaspoon hot prepared horseradish salt and freshly ground black pepper pinch of cayenne 1/2 lemon, juiced (about 4 teaspoons), or to taste 2 teaspoons fresh chopped chives 1 tablespoon fresh chopped dill I try to maintain a temp under 200, say 175 or 180. The WSM is a charcoal smoker, so the temps are going to bounce around a bit.
  2. Have you checked Bass Pro or Target Sports USA?
  3. Made some trout dip, it was a hit at work.
  4. Nope, only my wife and I.
  5. Ive tried doing them whole and filleted. I prefer filleted due to the bones. I’ll have to try them butterflied. What’s your technique for butterflying them?
  6. I’ve filled my freezer up with fresh Rainbows for the smoker. Do you guys smoke them whole & gutted or fillet them?
  7. I scouted a central waterfowl zone location in SE MA. I didn’t see a lot of ducks but the area was filled with Canadas, Coot, and a gaggle of rare Trumpeter Swans. It was amazing seeing the worlds heaviest flying bird up close. Anyone ever eat Coot?
  8. You would think they could at least stock a few times, with the license free increases. Oh well, Rainbows for the smoker it is. They’re the best for smoking anyways.
  9. When does Masswildlife wrap up trout stocking? The website says they will stock browns and rainbows this fall. So far, my favorite trout pond has only had one round of rainbows at the end of September.
  10. Weber Smokey Mountain
  11. I’m interested, let me know. What’s the weight capacity?
  12. I’m looking to buy a float tube for fly fishing I’m about 5’11 and 250lbs give or take. Any recommendations?
  13. I ordered the Airflo, seems like it would be similar to TT but better.
  14. My Wulff line needs to be replaced due to damage from jetty rocks. I tried looking around and they’re out of stock everywhere. What are some lines that are similar?
  15. What weight TFO Clouser do you use? Are you matching a 10wt line to a 10wt rod? Yes, I’m matching a 10wt line to a 10wt rod. You're looking for a line similar to the Royal Wulff 10wt WF-Floating line but that has better distance characteristics and better ability to turn over larger flies. Yes What Leader do you use on the Royal Wulff (what's your specific formula or are you useing commercially made?) I’ve been using a straight shot of 20lb mono or self made tapered leaders(first half 30lb butt/second half 15lb floro). About 7 or 8 feet. You want a line that has a 30' head that casts further? Or are you open to a line with a longer head? I would be open to a longer head. In fresh water, my favorite trout line is the Cortland 444 floating and it casts well for me.