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  1. He must come from a land Down Under. Three feet tall and full of muscle.
  2. I'd fish at first light off the beaches of my home waters or bring it along on my yearly trip up to Lemire's old hangout 11 miles south of Point Judith. Retrieve it walk the dog style just like the zara spook --- lots of pauses. Would smash down the barbs for some quick releases --- no pictures unless a fish tapes over 40 inches. That's about it.
  3. When structure permits............... fan-cast ... sometimes fish are at the end of the 90 degree cast --- sometimes 40 degrees to your left sometimes they are practically hugging the beach 150 feet to your right.
  4. When diamond jigging/squidding for bass,blues,( and hopefully one day big weakfish if they ever come back) mono is still my go to . This when spooled on an Abu 6500 - Jigmaster or Torium depending on conditions. I feel it gives the jig a "bounce" that you don't get with braid. Teamed up with an all glass or composite rod this lets you 1) hook a lot of fish 2) swing a lot of fish with no worries. Using braid for all other applications.
  5. That Ande would be Ande mono on the coventionals ?
  6. Good choice on the size and colors --if i could only have 3 albie lures they would be your 2 preferred jigs plus a snax pack in white.
  7. These Pacific bonito seem to have larger mouths and fewer stripes than our East Coast Sarda Sarda From what I can gather the Pacific bonito are not highly prized as food, I see descriptors like gamy, oily and "like cat food " being applied to the West Coast fish. Anyone here have experience with eating Pacific bonito?
  8. When the wind kicks up and the surf gets a little high on the Jersey oceanside the albies get aggressive. The L-Jacks are the densest jigs I ever fished. you can punch them out there and the albies will bite under the above conditions. L-Jack 60 gram profile is close in size to an A-17 diamond jig--- lots of albies taken on the 17 over the years.
  9. Found what I needed URGENT - MARINE WEATHER MESSAGE National Weather Service New York NY 339 AM EDT Fri Aug 17 2018 ANZ345-353-355-172200- /O.NEW.KOKX.SC.Y.0066.180817T1800Z-180818T0500Z/ South Shore Bays from Jones Inlet through Shinnecock Bay- Fire Island Inlet NY to Moriches Inlet NY out 20 nm- Sandy Hook NJ to Fire Island Inlet NY out 20 nm- 339 AM EDT Fri Aug 17 2018 ...SMALL CRAFT ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM 2 PM THIS AFTERNOON TO 1 AM EDT SATURDAY... Thanks all who took a look.
  10. Looking for forecasts or observations for Rockaway Point NY from Friday just past. Any links and/or search terms ?
  11. I second that motion.
  12. What size would these be ? --- Regarding management decisions I'm sure people will remember how the beautiful Viva Parade Maria had the weakest body/hook quality ratio of all time.
  13. Love the UL for smallmouth and trout. The smallies are usually airborne before the line comes tight. Treasure my old Penn 716 and Mitchell 308 but a tiny 15 dollar Shimano provides easy entry to the field. "Pro tips" Panther Martin is a killer but unlike spinners tiny Rapalas and Pin's Minnows can be effectively fished by casting downstream. Worried about the drag --- look into backreeling tactic -- huge in the Upper Midwest.
  14. I fish chugs both saltwater and tiny. The tiny i rig with a single siwash on the back. I find the saltwater size chug hooks a might small - also IIR the 1 1/4 oz smackit has a significantly larger profile than the saltwater chugs. Have not encountered a rust problem on the smackits - then again mine are a decade old - could have changed suppliers.
  15. Plus 1 on the Smack It - under 10 bucks and you don't have to upgrade hooks. Seems they were a hot item a few years back - they still catch.