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  1. Sorry NO. I think Ill bring it back to GARY an have him put his signature on it an hold it for a while longer. I also have the blue bag that his wife sowed for his plugs. thanks for taking a look an making an offer. good luck an good plug hunting P.S. This plug is no longer for sale. in case anyone else express interest.
  2. EZIO, I finished them today MARCH BROWN WORM FLATWINGS for FRESHWATER.with JC EYES. send me your address, an Ill pack 'em up an send .A.S.A.P. Just TOSS into the current an hold, you will see them ungulate. "GOOD LUCK GOOD FISHIN" these went to ITALY on a swap I did.
  3. all yours sold to MorningWood, will pack up an get ready to ship, thank you an Tim, an S.O.L.
  4. Id do $30.00 ,already have the other packed an label on it ready to go. thanks for your interest.
  6. One thing you should remember with big flat-wings you do not need to STRIP them. just toss into the rip an watch them swim on there own. GOOD LUCK GOOD FISHIN
  7. New never fished signed by builder an dated 2.3oz 7" long. old school plug dated 07 custom tied short brown deer hair tail. can be yours $32.75 includes Packing, Shipping, PayPal Charge, an tracking no.
  8. got a Double stamped GRS lobster "very collectible" if your interested $185.00 will post if your relay interested, if not Ill hold on to it. will just increase in the years to come.
  9. All yours. sold to MorningWood thank you an Tim an S.O.L.
  10. New never fished, this is an old plug. 5" long 1.5 oz a sweet moss green with red chin, black patch , yellow painted eyes . OLD SCHOOL ! $35.00 PayPal with tracking no.
  11. No interest closed.
  12. closed no interest.
  13. Thank yyou Jason V an Tim an S.O.L.
  14. No staamped lip just one great fish catcher. can be yours !
  15. Some one needs a great plug ?