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  1. Sold to rhahn247 thank you, an Tim , an S.O.L. thread closed
  2. Sold to rhahn427 pending payment. thank you
  3. Gilv no problem, the price will stay as posted, it goes for the asking price. thank you.
  4. GilV, if you Look closely at the picture you can see, it says Finn Raccoon Fur. as for each bag being full, I cant tell how much should be in each bag. I haven't seen this around in a long time. as you can see they all have been open, so I assume whom ever owned this must have used some. the price is also on one of the packets, hope that helps, if you dont feel safe buying them, then please dont. they will be posted till Monday if they dont sell I will close it then. thanks for your interest
  5. NO. sorry . thank for the interest
  6. This stuff was great, But haven't see it around in a long time. there is 9 packs 2 Orange, 2 Red , 2 Purple, 1 Chartreuse , 1 Olive, 1 Black. $18.50 for the 9 an $6.50 shipping an Packing with tracking no. ships A.S.A.P. Total $25.00 payment is PayPal
  7. SOLD to frazerp thank you, an Tim an S.O.L. Thread closed
  8. all yours, Ill pack it up tonight an get it out tomorrow an message you then send payment to 

    pay pal    thank you  

  9. all yours sold to frazerp pending payment.
  10. Rainys foam 1 of each 3/4 & 1/2 , Float foam 1 natural small, 1.Black Med, an 1 yellow Small, Tape for bodies 1 sheet of Holographic, an 1 sheet of white pearl . 5 packs of body Tape 3 sheets per pack . shipped A.S.A.P. W/ tracking no. payment is PayPal. $26.00 shipped
  11. Sold to CIbay1971 thank you an Tim an S.O.L. thread closed
  12. soft rubber caps on tubes

  13. clbay1971 all yours pending payment !
  14. theirs a cap on both ends, take one or both off, stand up in a bag, or you can also drill a hole in one cap an keep the caps on or gut to size of smaller plugs or just store then in the tubes, it all up to the user to do what they want. thanks for you interest .
  15. I have 26 of them they are 10" long an 2" round they have caps on both ends. 26 of them for $52.00 will ship A.S.A.P. W/ Tracking no.payment is PayPal P.S. Plug Not Include ! just example,