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  1. Thank yyou Jason V an Tim an S.O.L.
  2. No staamped lip just one great fish catcher. can be yours !
  3. Some one needs a great plug ?
  4. SOLD TO Jason V , no problem, Ill pack them both together an get ready to ship. thank you.
  5. will leave up for 1 more day take down sunday night. some one is losing out a great low number colectable plug.
  6. If your collecting this is one is for you, it is over 10 years old an card is included only 1. Serial no. 36 Signed and Dated, New Never fished $50.00 for the plug $5.00 shipping an $5.00 Pay Pal charge $60.00 total shipping an tracking no. included.
  7. Jason V. Ill give you that deal $50.00 PayPal it yours, SOLD to Jason V.
  8. The paint work on this is amazing, 5" long 1.3oz new never fished.Signed an stamped on lip $60.00 includes PayPal charge an shipping w/ tracking no.
  9. Heres your tracking no.  9500 1117 4248 9106 3014 48   thank you enjoy the marabou 

  10. SOLD thank you JR, an Tim an S.O.L.
  11. all yours, will pack up an after receiving your address will print up label 

      $34.50 PayPal   thank you

  12. Sold to JR. THANK YOU Message on the way
  13. Sweet plug custom Marble painted, jointed body 2.5oz cant remember the builder an is not signed some one on here might know who it is. $20.00 for the plug, $5.00 for postage an packing includes tracking no. an $1.00 PayPal charge total $26.00
  14. Very nice plug hand built cant remember the builder but is was some one on here, Yellow with red chin large tail hook an custom tie. New never fished 2.5oz can be yours for $20.00 for the plug $5.00 for shipping $1.00 PayPal total $26.00 including packing an postage an Tracking no.
  15. 17 assorted packs Ginger, Peach, Orange Brown, 2 Red, Cream, Blue Dun 2Purple, Wine,3 Black, Blue Light blue Green. if you were to but them at a fly shop it would cast you over $50.00 can be yours for including shipping an PayPal Charge. $34.50