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    Your typical post-WW II baby boomer Army Brat...heavily influenced by the early days of TV, Sci Fi, Hot Rod culture growing up in the Fifties. Was fortunate to live overseas a few years ( Rome Italy ) while in grade school, experiencing other cultures.
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    Surf casting barrier Islands from Rehobeth DE to Assateague MD-VA. Try to get to the Outer Banks at least once a year.
    Even tried Laguna Madre TX once...sight casting jigs to a huge school of black drum. Also dabble in a little artwork and scale modeling in the winter months when I can't fish.
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    Estimator Project Mgr - commercial Stone and Tile for 30 plus years. Contemplating where I want to live when I retire in 5 or 6 years as I write this....hopefully it will be near a nice body of water somewhere.

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  1. Dang Allen...reminds me of an Alfred Hitchcock movie.
  2. I think you have us confused with Alabama and Mississippi.
  3. OK...not familiar with west coast fishing. Impressive.
  4. What's happened to Poppy?..anybody know how he is?....He just up and left the website awhile back...havent seen or heard from him here since. Hope he's doin OK.
  5. Oakey...what species of fish are those in the boat?
  6. Nice fish all...but that's a beauty of a gray trout! What's the back story on that one?
  7. My bro's personal best on light tackle.....21 inch 3-1/2 lb speck....Buxton NC Nov 23, 2018.
  8. Thank You! A picture is worth a thousand words...and your release? Who knows how many fish will be spawned if it makes it through the gauntlet that is the CBBT.
  9. *
  10. "Missed the bite"? What bite? All kidding aside...the only big fish I've heard about on the ocean are miles out. You might see some action at the inlets however...Indian River DE, Ocean City MD or maybe even Chincoteague VA. Weather permitting a nice boat ride on the water with the possibility of catching and releasing some schoolie stripers might beat a day on the couch with the remote looking at football...or raking leaves outside.
  11. Kracka...think I read that report same time you did...maybe last Thursday -Friday? Can't recall which thread I found it on. As for enforcement 3mi out..guessing our manpower is being severely challenged? Shame if thats the case.....
  12. Ive been reading on other threads and websites that the big bass this fall seem to be way offshore. Example...Larry Jock at Coastal Fisherman posted on 12/9 that boats heading in from offshore sea bass and tog fishing have run across big schools of stripers 10 miles out. Believe I read another report posted elsewhere that boaters were slaying cows well offshore...will have to find that thread. Which does bring to mind the thought...if big fish are being located that far out...who is out there to stop them from being taken?
  13. Same kind of fall down here on the Delmarva. Can only hope and pray it was some kind of aberration...and not some kind of portent of things to come.
  14. It's been posted on threads here that decent numbers and sizes of striped bass are being caught by boaters up north....10 miles offshore! That seems to have become the new normal for the fall migration. Wonder if its due in part to the lack of big bait schools closer in...
  15. Seemed like an hour...50 inch Cobia hooked while bottom bouncing baits near the Cabbage Patch - Lower Chesapeake - Cape Charles Virginia. We were using these wimpy little Ugly Stix...like buggy whips...had no back bone. I must've brought that fish to the transom at least 4 or 5 times and when it got near the back of the boat it would take off again...after awhile it seemed more like drudgery than sport...like some of the huge rays I have beached at Assateague. I handed it off to the boat captains son who was built like a fullback and he eventually brought it in. We caught several Cobia that day...and that one was the biggest. Quite a work out...for all of us.