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    Your typical post-WW II baby boomer Army Brat...heavily influenced by the early days of TV, Sci Fi, Hot Rod culture growing up in the Fifties. Was fortunate to live overseas a few years ( Rome Italy ) while in grade school, experiencing other cultures.
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    Surf casting barrier Islands from Rehobeth DE to Assateague MD-VA. Try to get to the Outer Banks at least once a year.
    Even tried Laguna Madre TX once...sight casting jigs to a huge school of black drum. Also dabble in a little artwork and scale modeling in the winter months when I can't fish.
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    Estimator Project Mgr - commercial Stone and Tile for 30 plus years. Contemplating where I want to live when I retire in 5 or 6 years as I write this....hopefully it will be near a nice body of water somewhere.

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  1. I remember how astonished I was when I came across this pic years ago looking at old threads and posts. Was that at Wallops? Would love to hear the back story on that beast.
  2. Funny title...but Rick Wilson ain't no Saint either.
  3. Another COVID death.....
  4. Who knew the gilded one...Trump...was actually King Midas in Reverse?
  5. You might be hitting it just right. I was out there at AIVA Easter Sunday and had nary a bite...just missed the first black drum run of March 30-31. Then I was back at work when the second black drum run happened April 8-9. Since then it seems to have been a run of skates and dogs. Something tells me as the surf temp gradually warms to the high 50s maybe things will cut loose and you'll get a visit from the creatures in the striped suits.
  6. "It's Official: Russiagate is this generations WMD". https://taibbi.substack.com/p/russiagate-is-wmd-times-a-million
  7. No problem...the way things are going in California it won't be long before millions abandon the over taxed filthy streets of the "Golden State"...and bring themselves and their problems to neighboring states of Arizona, Texas, Idaho, etc....that will even things out!
  8. That's what all the people in "fly over country" want ....to be ruled over by the city dwellers in corrupt crime ridden NYC, Chicago and L.A.
  9. Precisely...the Paris Accord is a feel good manuever...to make all the signatories feel like they're doing something. Meanwhile...China has 2,363 coal fired power plants...and they're building 1,171 more. India has 589 ...building 446 more. The E.U. has 468...building 27 more. The USA? 15...and cutting back...and we are not even on board with the Paris Accords.
  10. That's been the progressive liberal mantra for years..." don't judge us on our results...judge us on our good intentions."
  11. Points well taken...but President Clinton did sign onto to Graham Leach Bliley didn't he?...saying it was needed to keep up with modern banking practices...or we'd fall behind. And one of my lasting memories of the mortgage backed securities meltdown was a YouTube clip of Maxine Waters during a house finance committee hearing saying that there was nothing wrong with our financial institutions...Fannie Mae, etc...right before the **** hit the Fan. ( everybody should own a home...maybe more than one! whether they can afford one or not ). So any inclination you have that our economic issues are strictly Republican based seems a little out of step with reality. Wall Street is the "party" that has their hands on the steering wheel and their foot on the gas. ( no penalties or punishments meted out to the wizards of Wall Street during the OBama administration...as I recall...just big bonuses...right? )
  12. Sounds to me like poor Sidney was drunk off that vat of Kool Aid that Gen. Flynn was brewing up.
  13. The recession at the close of H.W. Bush's term ( which Clinton Gore falsely portrayed as the worst economy since the Depression) was one of the shortest & shallowest on record.....probably because the old man did compromise with Democrats on new taxes...and the dot com revolution that quickly followed ( which Clinton was fortunate enough to ride like a surfer through most of his two terms...until that bubble burst....thanks to the unbridled greed of Wall Street and their thirst for commissions on I.P.O.s...initial public offerings for dot.com companies that were so new and unproven they didn't even have office furniture. ) And lurking beneath Clintons term was the repeal of Glass Steagall and the bi partisan drive to make our banks more like gambling houses...which eventually caused The Big Short...and the melt down of 2008-2009. Any characterization of yours that boom and bust cycles is strictly due to party affiliation strikes me as overly simplistic.
  14. As I recall...my first years out of college during Democratic President Jimmy Carter's tenure in the 70's were some of the worst in my life...double digit inflation, double digit interest rates....decent paying jobs for people just out of school impossible to come by. It wasn't until Reagan was well into his first term that things finally turned around...and I personally did very well during the Reagan / Bush years in the 80's well into the 90's.
  15. Given where our current culture is taking us I can't help but believe that while we are self flaggelating ourselves over things done more than a half century ago ......China is moving ahead...with their plan of replacing us as the dominant economic and cultural power on the planet.