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    Your typical post-WW II baby boomer Army Brat...heavily influenced by the early days of TV, Sci Fi, Hot Rod culture growing up in the Fifties. Was fortunate to live overseas a few years ( Rome Italy ) while in grade school, experiencing other cultures.
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    Surf casting barrier Islands from Rehobeth DE to Assateague MD-VA. Try to get to the Outer Banks at least once a year.
    Even tried Laguna Madre TX once...sight casting jigs to a huge school of black drum. Also dabble in a little artwork and scale modeling in the winter months when I can't fish.
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    Estimator Project Mgr - commercial Stone and Tile for 30 plus years. Contemplating where I want to live when I retire in 5 or 6 years as I write this....hopefully it will be near a nice body of water somewhere.

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  1. What a set up! They're ready for anything that comes down the beach.
  2. Hey Pilotman!....I'll be down in Buxton Thanksgiving week...feel free to share any tips with me as well! LoL.
  3. Man...I always thought a west wind was the least desirable...but there you go....
  4. Ive been spooled a couple of times in my surf fishing history...once fishing near ramp 34 in Avon on a clear moonlit night...and again in Buxton on the beach during a foggy afternoon with rain moving in. Both times it was like the creature didn't even know I was on him...no head shakes like a big drum...no direction changes like a lunker bluefish...no stubbornly hugging the bottom like a big ray...it was like the bait got hooked on a passing submarine and just kept on going....oblivious to the pressure I was trying to put on him. This time last year I hooked up with 2 or 3 good sized sharks at Chincoteague...was on the biggest one for what seemed like 20 min until I got him in the wash and the line parted ...at one point saw what I thought was a ray wingtip ...brownish triangular shape breaking surface...then realized it was a dorsal fin... looked to be a 5 or 6 footer of some kind. Sounds like you tangled with a toothy critter...dont think one of those big rays would take you up and down the beach like that. Shame you didnt get a visual.
  5. Another beautiful pic. Was that earlier....or today?
  6. I'll PM ya....
  7. Chris...that you? Were you out there?
  8. Great work there Dave. You mentioned within the last two weeks...assuming the Maryland end of the island...and not Virginia?
  9. Indian River Inlet? When I started salt water fishing back in the 80s that was one of the choice spots to go but I never mastered it....lost more bucktails jigs in those rocks than I care to remember. I have seen some great catches there back in the day before the new bridge went in...trophy grey trout....big blues....heard of an incredible striper run one spring a few years back. But the depth and the current there puts you on a steep learning curve. And don't even think about fishing those jetties during a running tide unless properly outfitted...they have taken their toll in lives thru the years.
  10. When do the reds show up at Assateague?
  11. You think that one is great, should see some of the wife's pics. I was using my old Galaxy S6 ...she stepped up to the new S9...think she got nicer pics. And every which way we turned on the hiking trails ....another great shot. Beautiful country up there...shame about the forest fire smoke though...really cast a haze some days.
  12. Ive caught stripers in the surf up to 16 lbs...red drum up to 33 lbs..some folks up north I know dismiss reds as nothing but a big carp...but once you've hooked and beached a big channel bass you come to realize they have a mystique all their own.
  13. What they said. From what I've read thru the years on this forum up north the beaches from Jersey on north sound like plug fishing, while down south on the OBX it's the reverse....bait and wait. When I started fishing the barrier islands of Md Va and NC back in the 80s it was possible to catch blues on artificials when they were schooled up and feeding aggressively, same for the stripers when they made their comeback after the moratorium in the 90s....but that was the exception. Nice thing about the OBX is the length of the fishing season....and the variety of fish.
  14. Yep....it did the job.