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    Your typical post-WW II baby boomer Army Brat...heavily influenced by the early days of TV, Sci Fi, Hot Rod culture growing up in the Fifties. Was fortunate to live overseas a few years ( Rome Italy ) while in grade school, experiencing other cultures.
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    Surf casting barrier Islands from Rehobeth DE to Assateague MD-VA. Try to get to the Outer Banks at least once a year.
    Even tried Laguna Madre TX once...sight casting jigs to a huge school of black drum. Also dabble in a little artwork and scale modeling in the winter months when I can't fish.
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    Estimator Project Mgr - commercial Stone and Tile for 30 plus years. Contemplating where I want to live when I retire in 5 or 6 years as I write this....hopefully it will be near a nice body of water somewhere.

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  1. Saw a couple of reports online this week of a "dead zone" growing in the upper/middle Chesapeake ...run off causing algae blooms robbing the water of oxygen. Wonder if this has any connection to what was seen.
  2. Not allowed on Federal administered beaches like Assateague Island....or the Outer Banks.
  3. I remember seeing a lot of pics of him in the Coastal Fisherman back in the 90s when red drum re appeared on Assateague...and in the early 2000s when striped bass returned in successively bigger sizes. It's the end of an era.
  4. Precisely. When you're in the conga line at The Point it isn't uncommon to have your line tangle with another's ....and you don't want your braid sawing through the mono of another fisherman's rig...especially if he has a fish on. I've never participated in the ritual, but have stood by and watched the proceedings. I prefer having a little stretch of beach to myself.
  5. Link to pic of Daves record catch taken that morning in 1984..... https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CnVE1W6W8AUPdJJ.jpg
  6. Jim...I'm totally invested in old Daiwa spin gear from the 80's...Apollo Silver Series 4000 & 7000 reels...even have a 9000. Most of them I have found on EBay...they're not all spiffy and sophisticated like you see on today's beaches and piers...but they are simple and damn near indestructible...built like Stalin tanks. Years ago when I got back into surf fishing after a brief hiatus at the suggestion of Red Drum Tackle's Bob Eakes I purchased a Diawa Emcast reel with matching surf rod...the combination looks pretty and works well but after a couple of seasons I ended up sending it out for cleaning and repair...and despite frequent fresh water baths the finish doesn't seem to hold up as well as the older gear. P.S. The pics of Dave Deuel's record setting fish mount with rod and reel are hanging on the wall at Frank and Frans bait and Tackle in Avon N.C.
  7. Yep...pier fishing for Reds in the OBX has its preferred methods and etiquette, just like fishing The Point in Buxton ( no braid ). Nevertheless...I get a big kick out of knowing the world record drum catch by Dave Deuel back in '84 on a beach near Avon was made on a rather pedestrian Diawa surf rod...with an inexpensive Diawa 7000C spinning reel! 57" length, 38" girth, 94 lbs 2oz.
  8. A few years back one of the regulars posted a great list of tips for surf fishing the outer banks...and using eels for bait elicited one of the more humorous responses...something agin to "forget it....this ain't Jersey...or Montauk."
  9. I agree that holding onto your rod instead of planting it in a sand spike is the best way to catch...but the fish seem to be so dispersed at the DelMarVa beaches that can be mighty tiring. The last few years I've taken to using circle hooks of various sizes and setting up 3 or 4 rods spread out to increase my chances. The great thing about the circle hooks is that the fish seem to hook themselves...invariably in the lower lip so dehooking for catch and release is easy. My only problem is forgetting to drive the spike deep enough when starting out if a big one takes the bait...Ive had fish on more than one occasion hit with such force the rod is taken down and laying in the sand...its really fun when you end up chasing the rod as it cuts a path in the sand heading to the water line...
  10. Fortunately for us the Reds will eat just about anything...my last decent red drum catch was in the surf down at the OBX near the old Frisco pier...caught him on a circle hook baited with a glob of bloodworms! Prior to that catch I was fishing the surf at Chincoteague and a father and son were fishing a spot on the walk over beach and limited out ( yeah...the walk over....even though they had a 4 wheel drive parked in the lot ) When they packed it in the kid walked over to me giving me the rest of their bait...it was frozen mullet fillets! Kid also told me the reason I wasn't catching was because I was overthrowing the fish....they were feeding up close right in the wash. I managed to catch one before I left...using fresh cut bait. I imagine sand fleas or peeler will work as well.
  11. Haven't been to Indian River Inlet since the new bridge went in, but back in the day my bro' caught some big weakfish throwing bucktails...schools of blues come plowing through there now and then. Years past the spring run of stripers in and out of there was epic. I always lost a bucket of bucktails getting hung up on those rocks. Word of caution...be careful on those rock jetties...especially during an incoming tide. Every year it seems someone gets swept off the rocks and if lucky their body is recovered down the beach. I went there once in the predawn hours with my bro' to fish the incoming and when those waves came rolling in on those mossy rocks it scared the **** out of me....you really should be properly outfitted to fish the jetties...grippers on your shoes...head lamp at dark, etc. From what I've read that inlet is narrow and extremely deep....and the currents in and out can get very swift. Its a trip just sitting back watching the boaters trying to negotiate that inlet when the current is running...seen some near mishaps.
  12. I only made one trip this spring and as usual a cold front rolled in and churned things up...but from what I gathered the spring run of black drum was impressive...at least on the Virginia end. By all accounts the spring striper run continued to be in decline compared to years previous...but bluefish look as if they might be staging a comeback.
  13. ....and which side of A.I.? Maryland...or Virginia?
  14. Nice work. Just curious.. What size were those Blues?
  15. Understood. I've made plans to get out there late Sat the 11th and stay thru Mon morning the 13th...unfortunately Tundra Tom won't be driving the beach so it will be walk over fishing only....but better than sitting in front of the telly with the remote. Hope they're still a few fish around.