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  1. what can i make a vertical jig mold out of? i made a wood mold, works pretty good but not perfect. Thanks twj
  2. I made a wood mold and painted it with heat resistant grill paint. Works pretty good.
  3. Great looking plugs. Those would work great on the wahoo down here in Fla.
  4. Great looking lures. I have been messing around trolling off the kayak with some homemade billed baits down here in florida. What colors work best for you off shore?
  5. what a chunker!!!
  6. Love the popper
  7. Looks great, cant wait to see it finished
  8. Thanks guys. Just weighted with the hooks. vmc 9626 ps of course. #4 in front #6 in back.
  9. Here is a new lure I worked the bugs out of recently. This has caught me more trout and redfish than live bait this season. Only 3 inches and made of red oak, it sinks about 6 inches per second. Steady slow retrieve with light twitches and WWHHHAAAAM! Really easy to make. Jigsaw and a belt sander. Sorry I have been away so long. TWJ
  10. I have used both but am a fan of the eye screws but I do have a WARNING!. Only use stainless steel. There are a cheaper plated screw out there but the head snaps off easily. Also it is best to use a semi hard to hard wood so they grab. Epoxing in helps. 1 more thing, if you are using a screw gun to put them in, use it slowly the hole can get stripped if you drive it in to hard. Other than my swordfish and tuna plugs, it is all i used. Cheers TWJ
  11. Insane stevel. Quite impressive.
  12. Awsome! and thinking outside the box. greatstuff.
  13. Wow, Great Idea. You inspired me too.TWJ
  14. WOW! Top notch , I love the pearch color.
  15. Amazing work hp! The scale patterns are perfect.