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  1. hello mr

    my name is Elias from Greece

    i contact with u because i read that u have a kind of ''connection'' with shimano

    here is my problem

    i bought a stradic 5000fk from germany

    from the 1st time when i worked this reel i heard a noise in roller,i fished the year ocasionally in a half of year .one time i inspect the roller area and suprinsgly i see that braid was collected not inside rollers groove but its collected outside ,from bail arm


    this sign( you see photo )in bail arm

    a friend of mine has 2 stradics (2500,4000) the same problem.the solution he found is to put the roller in opposite direction(so the rollers groove is closer to bail arm)

    also check this post with same problem(as in this case ,my bail arm is not set at 90 degrees)


    also here a proposed sollution is to reverse the roller 's direction

    why this happening?

    i already messaged the store in Germany about this and waiting their responce(its in 2 years warranty time but it will be great if i can somehow can save transfer money and time ,thats why im asking)

    but i would like to take a opinion from you.i cant imagine that a company such shimano made such a design failure

    **i worked the reel with various rods so i think ITS NOT matter of distance reel from the striper guide

    *braid i use is pe1.5-2.0 gosen(w8 or omega8)

    thanks in advance

    and merry Christmas


    bail arm.jpg

  2. the same problem with mine the line jumbs from the rollers groove and colected by arm check here the same problem here (and solution) http://www.****.net/viewtopic.php?t=76422 the solution at least for Stradics :change the direction of the roller read the comment about Shimano's rollers here at least, the roller at previous stradic CI4 has this direction JUSTS HILARIOUS for such so called'' quality''
  3. to be more specific the line doesn't go to the railway of roller when I start reeling or twiching.just stays outside close to the arm
  4. hello I have a stradic 5000fk and I fish it last year in beach(rod almost paralel at sea level).never have a issue with it however a few days ago I went to fish in place with high rocks and a NEW rod with Fuji K guides.i fished with the rod vertical at level sea and twiching the lures.under load I noticed a noise like something rubbing at something I said I have to clean the roller so I did when I came day fishing at the same place rod vertical at sea and twiching again the same noise.instantly I stopped reeling and looked at roller I see the braid(gosen) was out of the ""railway"" of roller and was rubbing at the arm .the braid was collected to the spool not from roller but from the arm so here is a photo where you can see the results of such action. ball bear is running smooth bail arm is flawless why this happen?? I read another cases like mine and no explanation.http://www.****.net/viewtopic.php?t=76422 its bad design? even in a Stella reel I noticed that ONLY when I twitch the rod vertical at sea level it has do with angles because of the new rod? Icant think something I check everything and no explanation exept bad design sorry for bad english
  5. I checked with headlamp the inner circle Yes the innercicle where the retainer lock is not perfectly shaped its has 4 how can I say it hmm where the retainer stops the circle movement.if the retainer lock(and indeed it look perfect engaged...but not) right on these spots maybe this occurs the cause of tightening drags .maybe the retainer spring overides on these spots when pressure applied. Oooo i will give up.
  6. I'm checking again the spool and here is a thought I have Maybe the issue is-was the metallic spring retain that grabs the spool innerwalls and keep the drags in place. I inspecting this .i remove finger nail I check the inner groove of spool where this spring locks the drags on place.its not the same in all the perimeter .this what I feel.i put the retainer .its looks engaged .but when I push the retainer in cycle move with a screw driver its engages farther in spool After I push with screw driver the metallic spring and I see that freely rotates until one point As I said before the inner circle is not perfectly shaped!!?? If the 3 angles lock in these spots maybe occur for the drag problem Maybe this? Sorry for bad english
  7. I read a few threads around this issue around net for example here And probably is a drag knob issue
  8. Exactly you set the drag at your preference.cast a few times.then u pull the line to check the drag and you realize that is more tight than you think (u set)Yes I use Cals. And I only noticed that by pulling line via the guides of rod Not by turning the spool by hand.i didn't notice such behavior when I'm playing with the reel in my hands. Maybe the rubber seal at the drag's adjustment knob?
  9. Hello I noticed in a few reels when I set the drag in my preferences pressure after a while the reels drag can't keep this setting and get more loosy or more tight My latest purchase is a Shimano stradic 5000fk I cleaned the CARBON washers and applied tobthem a very light film of Cal's grease After a few casts after inspecting the drag pressure I noticed that the drag always gone tighter than my setting Why this happen? My spool is free running when I turn it in the very low drag pressure.its not stucked or whatever.
  10. Hi Looking at this video I see the guy at 17:12min sets marks to drive gear and pinion shaft to aligned. Is this necessary? its a worm shaft reel not a locomotive one Am I missing something?? Thanks in advance
  11. New just spooled stradic5000fk Please take a look at the video Is this normal ?shall I have to worry? This play in cam's zoom in looks bigger What u advise?open it and look if there is or not the shim at worm shaft(part 16801) ?or just leave it for a future cleaning lubing session?
  12. i was thinking the same ,to soak the entire roller to corrosion x im bit impressed about shimano's decision to make such a fixed roller and bearing even in stella i think u can remove these inserts?am i wrong?
  13. so after a month of fishing wih this reel its time to clean lube the bearing which is the best way to remove these inserts? just force the white insert out? if so its easy to get these inserts in the roller again? thanks in adbvance