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  1. $85 shipped is good, thanks, sending a PM.
  2. $90.00 shipped PayPal... Thanks
  3. Brand new BG 4000 with the box, has never had line on it. It's an extra I don't need... $100 PayPal shipped. Thank you
  4. OK no worries, if I come across another color you may not have I'll let you know. I'll pass on the black/green, I'm most interested in the raccoon. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I definitely would like the Raccoon (4th from the top on the left side), and if you have a second Raccoon I would take another. If not, then I like the black/yellow (4th from the top in the middle). Thanks
  6. Hi, are you interested in any of these?
  7. I'll take this one Marc.
  8. I'll take it...
  9. Hi if you do decide to split I'd take the Bunker CB Jr for $35. Thank you
  10. I'll take them
  11. I'll take lot 6 please
  12. No thank you guys, none of the ones I'm looking for. Thank you though
  13. WTB Beachmaster … Only with Eyes … Juniors, Cowboy Juniors, 3 ounce Darters, and 7.5 inch needles (the ones around 2 ounces) … in Silver Mackerel with the Purple/Pinkish Hue sides...
  14. I'll take them
  15. I'll take it