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  1. If you can do $140 cash I can do that. I live in SOCO RI too... Thanks
  2. I bought these Danco Premio 7.5" Titanium Pliers last year new for $190 and used them only a few times. Used on a boat and never dunked in saltwater, and I rinsed them with freshwater after each use. They come with the Danco Leather Sheath and Box, but come with a different lanyard (see the pictures) as I didn’t like the Danco lanyard and cut it off. The Jaws and Cutters look in excellent condition. $165 Shipped… Thanks
  3. Hi thank you for asking, but I'm looking for a MH power rod and only 7'6" for use on a boat.
  4. Thank you for asking, but I'm only looking for a MH power rod.
  5. I'm looking to buy a used but good condition St. Croix 7'6" MH power Inshore Rod ... preferably an Avid Inshore or 2020 model Mojo Inshore. I may consider a Legend Inshore or Tidemaster Inshore but prefer the first two. Just looking for the rod as a backup... Thank you
  6. Hi yes it's still available, sure I'll sell it for $360 PP shipped. Thx
  7. I meant marks on the blank lol
  8. Hi what's the condition of the rod? Any marks on the blsnkyor blems/corrosion on the guides? Thanks