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  1. I'll take this one Marc.
  2. I'll take it...
  3. Hi if you do decide to split I'd take the Bunker CB Jr for $35. Thank you
  4. I'll take them
  5. I'll take lot 6 please
  6. No thank you guys, none of the ones I'm looking for. Thank you though
  7. WTB Beachmaster … Only with Eyes … Juniors, Cowboy Juniors, 3 ounce Darters, and 7.5 inch needles (the ones around 2 ounces) … in Silver Mackerel with the Purple/Pinkish Hue sides...
  8. I'll take them
  9. I'll take it
  10. Hi I'd be interested in buying the Cowboy Jr if you split the lot. Thanks
  11. I'll take the BM Torpedo
  12. No problem, I appreciate the pics and offer. But I'm going pass, the only BM needles I like to fish are the thinner profile ones around 2 ounces or so. But again thank you
  13. OK thank you very much. I'll send the PayPal now.
  14. Any chance you can add in the Raccoon Cowboy from the other picture and make it $220 shipped?
  15. Hi, thanks very much for the pic of the Jrs. How much for the Bunker that's 4th from the top left, one of the black/purples, the Radioactive (bottom left), and the 2 tutti frutti (Purple over yellow) on the right side? So 5 of them?