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  1. As of now, they're not selling permits and it seems to this humble angler, they're not going to. Supposedly last year's sticker is what they're looking for, if you have it, you're golden. If not, park elsewhere and hoof it (my story, and my knees hate it). Some don't have it and fill up the lots anyways, but those that do and can't park will rightfully complain and eventually they'll act and pass it the tickets, so be careful if you try anyways. I don't understand why they can't do it electronically and then mail it. While some of the staff may have been let go, they have to keep many of the federal employees due to worker protections so the office can't be empty. Offer it online for a fee, then enforce it at the lots. It will make money for the organization, keep down complaints and garbage at the lots - win/win for all. Enough emails, etc may get it done!
  2. Thank you Ross and everyone else involved!!! This is HUGE and MANY, MANY THANKS!!!
  3. Still closed, still getting tossed off of the bike path in that area. No official estimate of when. I'm still pumping emails to the NYS parks and Albany FWIW.
  4. Some years are better than others, and some years the mung could be worse than the salad, or vice versa. I used to wonder if it was from the sewage when I lived in Long Beach, their outflow was out in the ocean and there was times it was brutal on the ocean side and it would just pile up in the groins. Going West to Atlantic Beach it wouldn't be so bad but getting access required super stealthy ninja skills. I couldn't believe how bad it was by Captree yesterday and watched a couple of guys in the bucket brigade snap rod tips trying to haul up a mass of mung from the main pier while the tide was running. Beyond brutal. Do they get it farther east? If I had time I would've tried out by the new inlet. I don't remember getting mung this bad by Mecca, back in the day.
  5. Be very careful at Navy pier. Even though the field is mowed, I still picked up the "trifecta" on the walk there, dog, deer and lonestar tick. Lots of nymphs too (look like brown sugar crystals with legs.) Another good kid spot is by Gosman's, you don't have to go that far out on the rocks to have something. Beware casting around the lobster pots and expect to lose some rigs in the bubbleweed rocks, but also kid friendly and you'll be surprised by what's by there. Nothing large, but enough to bend a kid's rod. Last few times I've seen blues "tailing" in and out of the harbor, and the kids always go nuts when they see that.
  6. Coming out of Joint Base Dix/McGuire in Jersey. Enjoy the show!
  7. Was working in Reynold's channel today, and saw quite a few roosting in the pole boxes in the hassocks vicinity of Hewlett Harbor. None were fishing however, despite signs from the cormorants and seals that there's plenty of bait around.
  8. Wasn't a good year for herring, most you'll see here are freezer-burned and mush. I wondered why this Winter was so sparse with the scaly ones, it was definitely below par. Same with the White perch.
  9. Look on the state webpage regarding where fish are stocked for where and when. Usually the majority are quickly picked off pretty quickly, but there's the possibility of winter holdovers. Crush your barbs, and if possible let them go. I loves to tangle with the trout, but after tasting saltwater fish, all sweetwater fish (except maybe crappie and some catfish) are all muddy tasting. Go light, very light and you'll be surprised. If you know how to fly fish, try the Connie (call to see if they're open in the Covid scare) just watch the rules regarding the tackle (fly only, no egg patterns and crush the barbs). Caleb Smith normally opens later in April (also fly only), but again, call with the covid restrictions. Like saltwater, the fresh has it's pros and regulars, and it ain't easy being a fish anywhere on the island, between the sharpies and the birds, etc. But look around, Suffolk has some amazing terrain, find some and enjoy it before they develop it. Also, watch the ticks! The father east you go, the more you must be careful. Enjoy, and good luck
  10. It's still early but be mindful of the ticks if you go shore fishing. Remember DEET has been ineffective for me, I use permethrin treated boots, etc. if I go east of Rt. 110. And the ticks are crazy bad east of the Canal. Some may think it may wreck the seams of waders, etc., but I'd rather have leaky waders than the protein allergy.
  11. And that's the scary thing, more of these folks are going to get hurt by their panic buying because they won't get the instruction needed, etc. Or worse it will get stuck in a closet, prolly unsafed and cocked, waiting for kid or a tip-over. Heaven help these numbnuts!
  12. Look for Sebago Canoe club, they have a place in Paerdegat Basin. I'm sure there are others, but that's the big one in J-Bay.
  13. Speaking of which, I've seen a line from the folks who do both bait and weapons in RVC. Seems like the 2nd amendment just got very popular.
  14. Got turned away. No access to USCG, Basin, Nature Center and WE2 until further notice. Was even turned away when I whipped out the bike and ninja'ed up the bike path. Wish I kept the fat tire bike. Birders were fuming also, but resigned to "it is what it is", and we all agree we're done with "living in interesting times." Good luck with damn virus!
  15. Anyone remember the lines for the Xmas show lights? One time I went for herring, the line backed up the bay pkwy all the way past F10. All because they didn't hire enough kids to run the show quickly. I can only imagine what this will be like if it gets going in earnest...