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  1. I own a few Trevalas and the TVS70L (10-30 lb braid) is my favorite fluke rod. I have the 4000 stradic mounted on one and use 10lb Sufix 832 and can handle most anything i've encountered in the NY Bight. Even subdued a 25lb Cow Nose Ray and the extra butt length was a real asset. Maybe a bit heavier than you would like, but so far it has been bullet proof, and I'm very rough on my tackle.
  2. Modelcitizen you got my number! I rarely pay attention to the same things in my new and say my 65 chevy. Never really thought it necessary. W ont happen again. It might well have been down a quart when I left Rockaway. And RockRonin the first thing I did when I returned was contact Toyota and ask if it was normal for a new car to use oil. My service will be in a few months and i'll take it from there. And oh yeah, i'm looking for the "wet spot" on my driveway. Thank-you for the come back.
  3. Was on a lobster quest trip to Maine in my 2019 Toyota Avalon with about 3800 miles, when the check engine oil message appeared on my dash. Was a bit shocked and after parking on the level (i'd been climbing a steep grade when it appeared) I checked the dip stick and sure enough I was a quart low . Bought a quart of the recommended 0-20W weight oil and back to full. Had never heard of such low viscosity oil, but did as I was told. . Better mileage? better lubrication at low temps? Wonder why a new car uses oil.? Any thoughts?
  4. When I was interested in hunting, my father took me up to the gun department at Abercrombie & Fitch on Madison ave. I had just read" Hunter," a book about a Scot that moved to Kenya to make his mark as a yes hunter. He frequently used a Holland & Holland double barreled rifle, and the salesman at A&F took one out of the display case to let me handle it. A fond memory that you tapped into. Good luck with the restoration
  5. My favorite offense was when anglers would un-spool their reels into the wake of a moving party-boat before putting on fresh line , and cut it off to cause environmental and mechanical (picked up in boat prop) havoc. Whenever I would see this I would ask the person if I could have the line, When asked what I wanted it for I would reply "My wife is knitting me a sweater." I got a few strange looks, but put many miles of mono into the trash instead of the water.
  6. No one seems interested in this so i'm closing. Good night Gracie.
  7. I put down the exact model so you could see what the rod looks like on a web site. I'm technologically challenged, but if my daughter is aro und later i'll give it a shot. I wouldn't waste your or my time if it was not as described. It's a new rod
  8. Dropping the price to $50. Sure someone can use a brand new, affordable, bait stick.
  9. Brand new, unused Shakespeare ,Ugly Stik , Bigwater. Model USBWSF2040S122 12' Hvy 20-40 lb.line 20-40lb.Line 3-8oz.Lure.(Spinning rod) This is way too much rod for me. Would be great for fishing chunks.Original tags, plastic on butt grip etc. $60.cash.( Pick up only in Rockaway,Queens, or meet you in Brooklyn, at Marina on Flatbush Ave. just off Belt Pkwy. (near closed Toys R Us)
  10. I would recommend you buy a bunch of spring loaded clothespins. Distribute them to the workers that find the dudes fragrance offensive. Wear them around their necks and clip the clothespins onto their noses when he approaches. Sooner or later it is bound to have an effect. I guess the other option would be to put dead fish in your pocket and when asked to get rid of the stink, say it is part of your cultural life style and not to violate your rights. Fight fire with fire.
  11. My friends father ,Vincent Gregory jr. has passed on. His life was truly one of the American dreams, that came true, and has sadly gone. He was from a poor family with 10 children in Oil City, Pa When WW2 called, he joined the Army Air Corp (Air Force now) and became a Mustang, P-51 pilot in England. He married his English bride and returned to the U.S. where under the GI bill,he earned his college degree and MBA from Princeton. He joined Rohm and Haas,a Fortune 500 company (they invented Plexi-glass) and rose through the ranks to become the companies CEO. I knew him as kind, generous and very friendly man when I stayed with him and his wife Marjorie in Phila. He eventually moved to England to be with his only child (my friend ) and his family, including 3 great grand children. I can truly say, it was an honor to know him , and hope he can rest in peace after a life well lived.
  12. Not a big fan of the teaser rig for fluke, have always had better success with the single bucktail. Do like a hair teaser above a Hopkins Shorty in the surf. Also, have done most (98%) of my fluking in the NY Bight,Jamaica Bay is home, and always felt the fish there are heavily pressured and need a bit more finesse, than fish whov've had fewer encounters with the likes of us. Whether or not this is true, remains to be seen, but it keeps me on my A game.
  13. Have been spending part of my winters in the Keys, and one of the most frequently used method of fishing uses a jighead in any color and various weights and hooking baits to them and that's it. No hair, no razzle-dazzle mylar , 3-d eyes etc. Sink rate is obviously affected and important, but I wonder how different my Fluke fishing results would be if I went hairless? Anyone fishing bare jigheads that wants to share their experiences?
  14. So far this year it's been a tough grind in Jamaica Bay and there abouts. Gulp has received few strikes and fewer "commitments" so even the shorts have been difficult to come by. Sea Robin strips have been productive and the old spearing and squid strips have also been out producing the plastic. I toughen up the spearing by soaking them in a strong brine solution on the boat. I am reluctant to use spearing, because i've always felt once the fluke hits the spearing and pulls it from the hook, you've lost your chance at the fish.On the other hand if it's the only way to get the hit, you've got to compromise. and take your chance. If the water ever warms up, hopefully the bite and size will improve. (P.S.Took me 3 trips to land my first keeper (22') this past saturday. My worst start in 5 years)
  15. You've been making me feel a tad guilty, but not enough to stop me from starting my season with a few flounder trips. Fishing has actually been pretty good and have put some nice post-spawn black backs in the box. Post spawn fillets are firm and excellent eating. I'll leave the impact of my "harvesting" on the stock to others. Hard to change a habit that started almost 65 years ago. But take heart, i've only got a few more seasons to catch my two fish limit.