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  1. I've been using a surveyors field book for my log. These are designed to be used outdoors and are small and very sturdy. I put the hours run on the engine (never trusted the fuel gauge), what I caught and with what, tide etc. Your choice of what matters Always fun to see what happened, where it happened, tide etc. Every year is a new chapter.
  2. I could have been a contender. I had my one chance at immortality and let it swim away. DAMN
  3. Final few days of drifting for fluke, when I thought I got hung-up. Thumbed the spool to break-off the rig, and felt it break free. Felt like a pair of horshoe crabs (I could feel a little wiggle) and netted this beast of a Northern Stargazer. Had to weigh 12lbs+, I have caught these before, but the largest had been about 3 lbs. Supposedly, they can give a nice jolt of electricity, so didn't want to take a chance of stopping my pump. and handled it carefully. Edible? I'm not going to find out.
  4. I really like the 4500SS, it's a simple, easy to maintain and unlike more "modern" reels parts are still available. My one recommendation is to remove the bail trip mechanism, and use as a manual bail. The bail frequently closed at the worst possible time and cost me a few nice lures.
  5. Many moons ago I worked the deck with the owner of the Helen H. Joe "Huck" Huckemeyer has a passion for, and knowledge of fishing, and I believe you'll have a good day if you go with him. But, the uncertainty of the weather this time of year would keep me closer to shore, rather than an over nighter. Sea sickness can turn most people into trout fishermen.(Not that there is anything wrong with that)
  6. Has anyone mentioned the uni-sex porta-potti?
  7. Know someone who thought they could sneak in a few pilings to increase the size of their "dream house" deck. Eventually the y had to remove it and pay fines. 20 years ago it cost them about 75K. for their re-do
  8. Tried them and did not have a tap Tried using them in the Keys, but only had blowfish-puffer nibbles. I suppose on rare occasions they might get a reaction hit, but I'd stick to crabs,shrimp clams or conch.
  9. I hope the gel coat cracks are your worst problem. Lots of luck and enjoy the freedom and independence the boat will give.you and your family.
  10. . We were in the Hudson Anglers shark tournament and in spite of some dense fog, the tournament proceded with the likelihood of the fog burning off by late morning. I was on the bridge steering a 150 degree course, when a large sportfish cut across our bow within 50'. Two men were having a conversation on the boats bridge and did not look up, and certainly didn't see us. I almost crapped myself and realized how close we'd come to disaster. lLike CWitek said, "Not maintaining a proper lookout" Radar won't pickup a log, sheet of plywood, or kayak, a lookout would.
  11. Read "Five Came Back" about a number of hollywood directors that served in WW2 One of the things I took away from the book was some of these guys had some major testicles. Bill Wilder (sp) flew on a number of B-17 raids over Germany when the Americans were flying daytime missions!. Much of the B-17 footage we see today was filmed by him. Was disappointed to hear that John Wayne did not serve in the military. Another of my boyhood heroes that chose to sit the "big one" out.
  12. I have 4 EGO tools (snow blower, mower etc) that run on 56Volt Li ion batteries, the batteries are crazy expensive and if they don't last a lot longer than 3 years, i'll re-consider my choosing the whole battery powered option and go nuclear or diesel.
  13. The 5500SS is still one of my favored mid size spinning reels. Parts are readily available and if you like the 4500SS as well, many of the parts are interchangeable. I have converted all my 5500 & 4500 reels to manual bail, and that cuts down on the crack sound of your lure sailing away, no longer attached to your line. The anti-reverse is kind of hokey, it uses a thin wire spring with a kink in it, that is very easy to install improperly. (Friction dog spring #230N-5500) and that is probably why you find these reels for sale with non functioning anti-reverse The 4500 & 5500 SS reels are always there as my back-up when less sturdy reels fail.
  14. The great equalizer is time. Take a year of healthy living off anyone rich or poor and yes it's 365 days. Retire earlier with a little less $, and enjoy your life. If your funds far exceed what you anticipate your needs are, give it to the family members that can use it, now. Not when you croak. Have known more than one person that got seduced to stay at their job,for a great deal of $ and regretted their choice because their, or one of their love ones , time ran out .I retired at 59 and that was ouch 16 years ago. I have never regretted my decision. On a lighter note, the Brits have one of the highest tax rates in the world, and retire in Spain or Portugal. Malta is not a bad choice either.
  15. These are the very same people that would rather fire bomb Dresden, than abuse a puppy. They ruled the world for hundreds of years, "The sun never sets on the British Empire" They lost hundreds of thousands of men in the World Wars, and gave us Monty Python. They are incredibly tough and resilient and frequently brilliant. However they are eccentric and I will continue to boil my lobsters, but think they are great!