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  1. The "Golden Years" are not so golden, but the alternatives suck even worse.
  2. First trip for fluke this year caught an accidental weak (just legal) on a bucktail Gulp combo. Next trip out had a larger "22") fish on the same rig. Not trying for them, but they are definitely around. After I get my fluke fix, I may target them.
  3. Had a friend who knew Moe Kenden and had a green light to visit the wholesale only shop on Foster ave in Brooklyn. Went there a number of times(in the 70's), with Sonny, who was a projectionist at a small X rated theater on Kings Highway. It was like a giant candy shop for fisherman. I knew they made tins and cast lures , but never heard of the plugs. Thanks for posting.
  4. Before heading to a winter flounder spot , tried a bucktail- nemesis Gulp combo for a sea robin and a 25" bass. Anchored up for flounder but not a touch. Only had some left over chum and frozen clam, so I was not confident. The first shop in Sheepshead Bay was closed and the other did not have mussels. Because of the moon the out going tide was pretty fierce.Soaked bait for about 90 minutes and tried for fluke on the way in, but one more bird and that's a wrap. Very few boats out on opening day and only heard of one radio fish. Good to be back on the water in this year of the plague.
  5. Ha d a refund coming from Amex, and before they changed their mind I bought an EGO 56V, 5AH snow blower. It was pretty steep in cost (about$600) but since i've bought it it hasn't properly snowed, sio I figure that's the reason for no snow and everyone out there should give me a few bucks because of all the work i've saved you! Anyway my gardener (i've only had one for 2 of my 74 years) did such a terrible job, and was always adding various costs to the bill . The one thing that grew unaided were weeds. and i don't have to pay someone to do that. Saw an EGO lawnmower at Home depot and said adios to the gardener. It uses the same battery as the snowblower and it kicks butt. ($250 on sale) Added a string trimmer for $75, and all use that same battery. All their tools use the same 56volt battery and have more power than I'm likely to need. Batteries are ridiculous in price, so I hope the 2@5AH batteries I got with the snowblower last a very long time. Have not needed their tech support, but are well regarded. EGO seems to be the best i've seen, but they are pricey.
  6. Woodchuck sticking its' head up to see what all the noise is about.
  7. Having worked on a few boats, I cannot think of a more difficult way to make a living. The few remaining party boats in the NY Bight have been under financial pressure for multiple reasons,and this pandemic may be the cause of their demise. On the other hand, with few places to sell poached fish it may briefly help restore some populations. Just trying to find a silver lining in some very dark clouds.
  8. Went to visit the Humpback that washed up on the Riis Park beach. Long line of Gannets diving just beyond the bar. And saw a pod of dolphin g 1/4mile long, same area. (about 5 days ago) Cautiously optimistic.I am.
  9. As mentioned earlier, the loss of taste is a common symptom. And I guess if you had a flu shot,that may play into the equation. In any case hope it plays out well for you
  10. If the swivel is in good shape, just buy a 7/0 open eye, O'shaugnessy or Siwash hook. (Of course size is relative to jig size and target fish, but thats a good mid size hook) and close it onto the swivel. If you remove a damaged swivel, I use a #7 stainless steel split ring, and a #1 Roscoe , nickel plated swivel and then put hook on swivel. The 7/0 bent shank Limerick is the mid size tube hook. Of course you can go with a larger split ring #9 and a 1/0 swivel for tuna jigs,and smaller for A17's but you get the idea.
  11. Stripers

    One word. Plastics!
  12. I lived between B and C not next to the park. Used to be a bar called the "Annex" that if you bought a beer, you could eat peanuts in the shell until you began to look like one. I think "Stanleys" was on 11th st, but like most things that happened in the 60's if you can remember them clearly, you weren't there.
  13. My wife is watching a show called "Russian Doll" on cable, and suddenly I see a restaurant called Odessa. Flashback to 1964 on E10th between ave A&B. Where I lived in a four room railroad flat, bath tub in the kitchen $45 a month. When I had a few bucks I would eat at the Odessa, Breaded Veal chop, real mashed pot etc, for $1.50. Only decent meals I ate when I was on the lower east side.Fast forward 2019, In the big city I shlepp my wife from mid town and find the new Odessa, mid block,(not the corner where I remembered it. Sat in a booth and ate the worst corned beef sandwich with frozen fries. in existence, tough as an inner tube. My wife said Why didn't you return it? I just shook my head and realized some things are best left to memory.
  14. I live in the Rockaways and have been fishing in NYC most of my 70+ years. Recruitkim is giving you some very good advice! If I were you, i'd take him up on his offer . Heading east or outside the city in the summer can be very unpleasant. I'm traffic phobic and stay in the city, (Rockaways) Fish early mornings, especially week-ends and when everyone is heading to the beach, your on your way home. And the Gateway fishing pass is definitely worth while. You can fish bayside, or the ocean beaches and not run out of spots for a very long time!
  15. There were probably 5 or 6 days that would have been fishable, in say a 23'CC, but mostly choppy. Some mornings would see smaller boats 21-25' heading for Vaca Cut to fish the Gulf side . There are a few battlewagons in Key Colony Beach, that I'd see heading offshore any day they chose, but these are boats that if you gotta ask "How much?, you can't afford. On the other hand talked to someone that fished the Marathon Humps on a charter and caught some small Blackfin. (I didn't ask how much that was either!) He was watching me clean some Mangrove snappers and a nice Yellow Jack and I got the feeling they were not much larger than the Jack. Heard of some Mahi and Kings caught, but didn't hear much.else. Fished Marathon Lady a few times, but that was nothing special. Have to say I enjoy finding and catching my own fish. But anyone on a short stay should consider a charter.