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  1. A small 1/2 ounce diamond jig or Deadly Dick type lure tied directly to 12lb mono or fluoro, treble hook replaced with a 1/0 jig hook (Siwash etc) I cast as far beyond the school of fish, push my rod tip into the water (2'). and reel fast Obviously best from a small boat or kayak. Retrieve speed and strike should set the hook. . Probably best to have a long top shot of light mono, or a dedicated spin reel with 12lb clear Big Game. I'm sure there are many ways to fool these fish, but this simple method has been very effective.
  2. In 1964, Fri after work, I would assemble my free diving gear and take the LIRR to the last stop, then hitch the rest of the way to Montauk (town center) and sleep on the beach. In the AM spear a blackfish or small bass and cook it in foil in a driftwood fire..Just off the sand beach was a field of cobbles that was loaded with fish. Never got hassled, and on Sunday hitched a ride back to the lower east side. I'm glad I saw a legendary spot, when it was still worthy of the word legend.Freedom is obviously no longer free.
  3. Happy Ending! Wanted to read as many responses as I could, so i'd go to the gun fight with a gun. Put on hold for a while but spoke with a surprisingly cooperative DELTA lady, who issued me a refund. Going to have to wait a while up to 60 days, but i'm not surprised considering how damaged the whole air travel industry is.and how many refunds have to be paid. Was able to book a direct flight from Laguardia on Jetblue (of course a few $100 more0, but the Miami airport is a zoo and the trip to the rental car terminal seems endless. Key West to Marathon 1 hr and it may lighten my wallet a bit, but at my age it's well worth it. ThankYou for all suggestions and advice,
  4. My 1985 Grady Sailfish, had a leak (on top) of the 125 gal tank. I contacted Grady and they had the original fabrication drawing, which they sent me. I sealed the leak with Marinetex epoxy and so far it's holding, but it's good to knowGrady keeps drawings for "vintage" boats.That way a new one can be made before the old one is removed.
  5. Just found out my non-stop flight to Key West, has been changed to a 3 hr stop in Atlanta, and then down to Key West. And have to leave at 7am instead of 11 AM. Am I entitled to a refund, or will I have to settle for "DELTA Dollars? Have done very little air travel in the past 2 years, so trying to figure my options.
  6. Back in the day it was called a "Killie Car" Chicken wire mesh bottom to allow circulation.
  7. Have been eating Fluke regularly this year, and it is generally fried. I like the taste of breadcrumbs, is what I tell people. The fish are caught in Jamaica Bay,& N.Y. Bight area. Changed up on the boat fishing and tried the surf for a different view. Low and behold, after a number of shorts managed a legit surf caught fluke. Did not properly bleed it, but let it rest over night and have to say the taste of the fish was a very pleasant surprise. Sweeter and slightly denser, much superior to the boat caught fish. The big difference seems to be the diet, which as far as I could see consisted of sand fleas (mole crabs) and small calico's.which were often regurgitated by the short fish. Like eating a completely different variety. Any similar experiences out there?
  8. Whenever I saw Gulp at a reasonable price, I bought it. Much of the various shapes were white, and I had read that it is a water based material. So I reasoned , why not let it shrink in the air a bit, then mix some food coloring in the Gulp juice or even water, or a mix of the two, and let it re hydrate to create a new color. It worked. Not really sure what color would be best, but the choices can be custom made. Since it is food coloring, I doubt there is any after taste. It tasted fine to me. Like I said maybe too much time on my hands. I would post a picture, but unfortunately that is above my pay grade.
  9. First time I tried it along the party boat docks in Sheepshead Bay, I came up with many rusted out hooks a good fillet knife and a stilson wrench that was beyond repair, but the most interesting thing I recovered was another magnet with a short piece of shredded line on it. The magnet is shaped like a powder horn, and have no idea what its' original use was. If you do use the magnet ,get some good cut resistant gloves.
  10. Yes Seal, that is a Bond, James Bond reference.
  11. Did the officer have a "OO" rating? If so , it's OK if not, he's got some splaining to do.
  12. A crew was filming a commercial in the rockaways, and I noticed the dude using a surf rod was holding the reel on top. I saw the fellow that looked like the director and mentioned to him that the reel should be beneath the rod and not on top. He said that nobody would notice, and I said that to anyone that knows anything about fishing, he'll look like a clown. To your question, yes I notice and it bothers me.
  13. Tin would work, but as you said, it is much lighter. I believe it has a lower melting point too. Back in the day block tin jigs were the go to sand eel surf lure. Just rub em with sand paper and they have a nice "dull shine" Probably be able to trade for lead (it is more expensive so you'll get a premium & have more material to work with.) Not sure about the whole color thing, but that's the fun of DIY.also, not sure about the paint to tin bond.
  14. It is definitely a dead one.
  15. So I kept on getting my tip wrapped while jigging and casting bucktails for fluke. The 10lb 832 was seemingly a bit soft, so I spooled the Stradic 4000 with 8lb Spiderwire Fused and the tip wraps stopped, but yesterday in a strong wind and tide was working a large fish to the boat with said braid when it parted. Never saw the fish, think it's back to the 832 832 has been my go to braid (up to 80lb for offshore), for a long time and it really is a superior braid., not perfect, but very good.