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  1. I also like to use a 3' leader connected to my braid. I've never broken the tip, but realize it is likely when the small swivel contacts the ceramic ring(either coming or going). I realize this is a bit fudgey, but before I palomar the swivel, I put a plastic bead larger than the tip I.D.on the braid. I use a tri-bead, that I used to use rigging off shore lures,but would imagine any bead would work. I never fouled or lost a lure because of it, and if your willing to put up with your friends abuse, it's worth a try. . It works for me.
  2. Just got in from a walk along a south shore beach. Saw a gull pecking on a fish, and of course went to take a look. I suspected a Herring, but it was a Bunker. Another 100 yds and another, very fresh Bunker. On the return trip, happened to look off shore,just in time to catch the back end of a whale breaching. Saw another half hearted breach, and a number of spouts. The bunker were probably the big guys' crumbs, that reached the surf. Spring really has begun to spring.
  3. My understanding of the methods used to determine pollutants in fish (mercury, PCB's etc.) is that the whole fish, internal organs,scales,skeletons etc are chopped up like chum, and that is what is analyzed. If all you eat are filleted fish, then the ppm of the nasty stuff would be significantly lower. I've been eating fish out of the NY Bight for 65 years, and so far nothing I really need has fallen off or glows in the dark.
  4. Have to say the Quincy flounder fishing was the best I ever experienced. Would bring my 5HP Evinrude there in the 1970's and catch as many Flounder and small (2-5lb) Cod as my greedy little heart could ask for. It was no problem to buy a flat of Sand worms, anchor in a likely spot and be back at Hurley's by 10AM to have the fish filleted at 10 cents a pop. .Over fishing? You bet!. What I didn't realize at the time was that Boston Harbor was one of the most polluted areas in the U.S and a poster child for a federal Super Fund grant. Partially treated or I suspect untreated sewage was dumped into the harbor until the Deer Island sewage treatment plant improved the water quality. I long suspect (and have been blasted by comments) that the sewage was feeding the eco system that supported the Flounders habitat. The fish I caught back in the day, had quite a bit of fin-rot and that seems to coincide with the pollution. There was plenty of corn floating around for the fish to eat. (Ugh) No wonder Spigola got rid of his fillets. Would like to make a return trip there from Queens, but that's a long way to go for a few Flounder. When younger anglers hear about the "good old days" they should realize that not all of the conditions were good.
  5. When toxic waste became big business, there was a good deal of illegal dumping in that area.People were paid off,and PCBs were buried. That I believe is the primary reason these landfills took so long to open. I would be reluctant to eat crabs or shellfish.from the area,but I guess fin fish are OK, but .I would try to touch base with the DEC to see their recommendations before eating anything caught near either dump site/park.. .
  6. Just got back from 5 weeks in the Keys. My wife and I spent almost every day fishing from local bridges. (from Long Key to No Name Key bridge. ) Fishing was good, but not great. As others have mentioned live shrimp is really the ticket. Without them you're fishing at an extreme disadvantage. On the other hand, those fishing with fresh cut Ballyhoo and live Pinfish caught the largest Shark, Jacks and Snapper. I went with live shrimp and did not regret it.I jumped a few large Tarpon, but since I fish light, there was little chance of more than a short,but sweet relationship. If you like, PM me, and I'll do my best to give you my suggestions on how to proceed.
  7. Similar situation in Key Colony Beach (Marathon area) that I just returned from. Used to fish a small jetty that was ideally located at a point where Tarpon, Jacks, Cuda (used to eat the jacks) and various other gamefish. were extremely cooperative. Was given various reasons "Bull Sharks would be attracted and eat wadding toddlers" and" undesirables out " the most popular. There are numerous other rules like no dogs, smoking, loud music, drinking etc. but it seemed that if you were not a guest, but an owner, you had a pass on any of the forbidden items. They used to call Fire Island the "Land of NO", but Key Colony Beach is a definite contender for that title.I vote with my wallet, and if I don't like the way a business is run, I go else where.
  8. I'd been thinking about bringing my gear to Bahia Honda State Park and new it got slammed by Irma. The flats on the ocean side towards the north end of the park looked especially fishy and as you walk north,there is a deep water cut that wants to be fished. Unfortunately their web site says that beach( Sandspur Beach) is still closed. Oh well. I'm sure there are other areas like it, but that's the one I was looking at.
  9. I've done quite a bit of fishing in the mid to lower Keys. First off, leave the heavy stuff home. They fish very light there. I would suggest a medium weight 7' spin rod and a 3-4000 sized reel with 12lb mono. Bring a good assortment of hooks from #4 to 3/0. Long key Bridge on the North end has been very good to me. I've stumbled into large Tarpon, keeper Hog snapper, and a long list of fish that are great to eat and fun to catch. Live shrimp is really the key to good fishing there. Without it you will have a very tough time. Small jig heads from 1/8-1/2 ounce are extremely effective and widely used for a reason, they work. I fish the Marathon Lady a number of times during my stay and always catch plenty of fish. And though i've rarely been asked for it, the Florida DEC requires a non-resident lic that ain't cheap. Good luck.
  10. Thanks for the in put. Don't do enough wreck fishing to justify the GPS, electric motor linked set up. Would probably need a magnum size trolling motor for my boat. It is very heavy. A few days back I was invited to fish on a commercially licensed hook and line boat. He used a combo grapple-danforth, 2 anchor set up (vinnyb and Big Vin have it right) that requires a lot of muscle and knowledge. Both of which I'm lacking. Like the idea of the lighter diameter re-bar grapple , which should do the job with-out ripping my pulpit off. And Happy New Year!
  11. Sandworms and Bloodworms can be kept alive for an extended period, if they have access to clean, flowing saltwater. I worked in a tackle shop in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, and when the flats of worms were looking "rough" we would refresh them by putting the seaweed and worms in a large Killie car, that was basically a large wooden box with a few large openings covered in fine mesh screen. Obviously the wood has to be tightly fit to prevent loss. After an hour of soaking they were put back in the cardboard flat on fresh newspaper and ready for the walk in reefer. If you choose to keep them for extended "stay" a fine mesh screen enclosure that allows free flow of saltwater tied off on a cleat works a long time. Don't try to put the blood and sand worms together as they don't play well together. Like most things in fishing, there's going to be a learning curve, but you now have the idea. I tried to freeze Bloodworms on paper towels, but defrosted they were fine for the elusive winter Flounder, but were only mushy worm sleeves, not resembling the original .
  12. Since money is their obvious motive, it should also be their punishment. If you take their boat,car or gear and make it too expensive to be a multiple convicted poacher, then they will no longer do it. If poaching income exceeds the "overhead" of fines, then they will continue. I understand a judge in urban courts see much worse offenses against humans and lets them off with a slap on the wrist, they'd have a hard time sentencing a poacher to time. Hit em in the wallet, HARD, and they will stop.
  13. Fished the Rockaways (NYC) in the AM around high tide until I couldn't feel my finger tips. Not even a bump on my Hopkins Shorty-teaser. I do not remember seeing so little bird play off the beach. No bait, no fish, but what happened to the small bait?
  14. Back in the 80's the Hudson Canyon and Bacardi areas were very popular and productive for all species of tuna. Having worked on a Sheepshead Bay partyboat I was always welcome as a "puller", someone who did not pay their fare, enjoyed the experience and left whatever they caught to be sold and or distributed to the boats'paying customers. My favorite jigging outfit was a 6'6" 30-80lb Sabre California (I think it's C glass.) and a Penn 114H Senator II (aluminum spool 0 filled with 60lb clear Berkley Big Game. My favorite jig was a 6oz Vi-Ke re rigged with a heavy split ring,swivel and 7/0 short shank Mustad 9175. Would cast the jig forward on an anchored boat, or "into the drift" if drifting, judge approx depth as stated by the capt. and made sharp lifts and drops until the current began lifting the jig. A fast retrieve and start again. It is really a solid guideline for you, but dues in all fishing have to be paid, and if it doesn't always end well think of it as a learning experience! GOOD-LUCK
  15. I'd bet my bacon it's a hogfish. Only the ears seem to be out of proportion. Fairly common in the keys on patch reefs.