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    Love to fish all types (fresh and salt). Have a boat for LI Sound fishing.
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    Philadelphia Flyer, NY Giant, Yankee fan.
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    Own a Home Remodeling Company

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  1. Not much Jethro did "Wrong" in his career (except as a Flyer fan go "offsides"). My favorite non-Flyer player. Loved when he broke Boxcar's jaw. Every single team would love to have Gillies!
  2. Any big collectors of his stuff?
  3. Just busted out these, had them for a while... Goo Goo Eye is from 2010 Black swimmer from 2009 Both Pencils from 2014 Copper Brown Swimmer 2007 Awesome paint as usual!
  4. Thanks, didn't even realize that!
  5. Hi, I'm drawing a blank on the chartreuse if anyone knows. Also, any clue who made this darter? Appreciate it, thanks!
  6. No thanks. I'll ship it for $21 total
  7. I tried/reached out to Tim already, new I phone 13,.....ugh
  8. For Sale: Gibbs GTS $17 Rhode Island 5" Danny White $20 Salty's Kit Lures Darter Red Head/Yellow $20 Fish on 8 Slopehead swimmer Black/Brown around eye $30 Lordship Blue Cloud $17 Salty's Kit lures Swimer Blurple $20 Rhode Island Pike $25 Lloyds Lures Long Swimer White Glitter/Black eye $15 Paypal only, Add $6 per lure shipping, 2-4 Lures $9 IMG_0459.HEIC
  9. For Sale: Gibbs Danny (white glitter) $20 Rhode Island Lures Danny (White/glitter top) $25 Pfleuger Red Head Mustang $25 RI Custom builder Yellow Troller $25 Gold/Orange Scale Gibbs GTS 7" $20 H'Islander 06 Danny Lt blue/Purple/white Tsnunami Slopehead swimer white Glitter $15 Captain Andy Vintage Jointed $25 Paypal only, Add $6 per lure shipping, 2-4 Lures $9 IMG_0459.HEIC
  10. I can/will pack it real well. I'm not worried. If it comes broken I"ll refund your money....!
  11. PM Coming
  12. 2 rare North River lures from the 90's. Just try finding these around. The joint is ultra rare! $87 shipped for both!