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  1. I have to preface again, I'm not criticizing anyone that OC's. Respect the decision to excercise your right. To answer your first question, I don't OC, never will and never have the need. CC is what I do and that's all I need and desire. I don't fear governments from "taking away all my rights"....because some gun laws I don't agree with at all. 2 of them are OC and Stand your ground. So if they took away my "right" to OC, no sweat. For society, I would prefer (based on CT laws) that it's not AUTOMATIC that when you get your permit you can OC. The second part of your question you made an assumption from my post that is not true-seeing someone OC doesnt scare me at all. But I know the way society in cities are and I don't have a need to draw attention to me carrying. That's my views, and it is OK only if you can't see it in my book. If i have to use, I don't want someone to know i have one. I don't know if OC allows for easier or quicker draws, hence my respect for those who might need to in wilderness.....but in cities, I don't want to draw attention to me having one.
  2. I read this whole topic and have no input on the types of open carry. I think a lot of good response was here on that. As with many topics it intertwines into other thoughts/comments which are informative.. I agree 100% with DaBig2na above. I don't like here in CT that you automatically with your permit have the right to open carry. And to boot, if you conceal carry or OC, you do NOT have to show your permit to an officer unless there's probable cause. Sometimes excercising your "rights" is not always the smartest thing IMO.......and for the record, my comments are NOT criticizing those who OC.......
  3. I'll take lot for $315
  4. GG that looks like a slim on the atlantic mac
  5. I'll take scup
  6. I'll take the lot for asking.......
  7. Offering $260 shipped for the lot if you can do that.......
  8. Just for some ideas I'm posting this for ya. landscape trailer, I store stuff under it for the yaks like paddles and everything. The rest is with 2x4.......
  9. Take them......
  10. I'll take it
  11. I think you guys are right-very deep mouth, it's a gags? Do they still sell it?
  12. ...and closer tail hooks
  13. Thanks all, here's some updated pictures.
  14. Thanks guys, here's some better pics
  15. Thanks man, looking them up, can't find them. Is it verified they are Salmo Polish Shads?