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    Love to fish all types (fresh and salt). Have a boat for LI Sound fishing.
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    Philadelphia Flyer, NY Giant, Yankee fan.
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    Own a Home Remodeling Company

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    Stamford, CT
  1. Everything gone, enjoy and hope there's some fishies caught on them!
  2. Everything gone, enjoy and hope there's some fishies caught on them!
  3. Everything gone, enjoy and hope there's some fishies caught on them!
  4. You got it, in the mail today
  5. Ty RR Bridge Fisher, all going out today! Chunkbait, those corked bottles are homeade-shared in person!! Get down to CT and we'll drink!
  6. Yes shoot me a pm
  7. Good advice from all above. I"m right here in Stamford, and do all types of fishing and have the same boat style you got. Personally, I think Shimano thunnus are the best boat reels-the older ones, the F serises. They are heavy and I like the weight balance ratio on it. I personally like light rods, so I use Terez for them. For me you need a clicker/baitcasting reel. I have a pair of Thunnus 12000fs. We also have 6000f's which are good for bunker snagging and then lure throwing. Make sure in the sound you have all your boat safety stuff, they do check and your floats/life jackets/etc are big. A lot of good advice above but I do think you need spinning on a boat. Personally, I'd recommend Trinidads over Toriums. Toriums we use for guests, but the trinidads are for us with togging, fluking, porgy, etc. For bass I use talicas cause I'm liking lever drags over star drags for that. Nick
  8. You can have both, be back Monday will go over everything.
  9. If you still want a few, go for it, we started at 3 casting with plastic and weights at the end of poles.
  10. Great fishy lures!
  11. You got it!
  12. You're welcome!
  13. Absolutely, and take the Roberts too, he''ll be happy casting it 4.9 miles!
  14. You got it, enjoy, great avatar!
  15. Hey guys, my son is now 13, SOL has given him a bunch of lures years ago when he started out, so we want to return the favor.. Pick 2 or 3 whatever you feel you want to give and if it's ONLY for use for a KID for fishing to either share with yours or give them to some kid to start them out surfcasting, etc. Lures and shipping on me. Hopefully you will share a pic of that kid catching a fish on these! Left Side: Unknown builder-wood blurple SS Littleneck Blue/Grey SS Littleneck Yellow ? Pencil (rattle) RH ? Pencil (rattle) olive/silver Right Side: Creek Chub Striker Strike green mack/grey Larger CC Striker Strike Style lure Creek Chub Striker Strike black/grey scale Roberts Ranger RH Deadly Dick Nick/Jason