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  1. Tim! I hear you have become a golf pro?
  2. Done something like this with Aqua Seal, and that stays fairly flexible. offshore, hollow core with the top shot served for 3-4’ has never failed, even under break testing.
  3. The time has arrived! They’re already here
  4. On smaller boats, I go over the raft, EPIRB, and all other safety equipment, since the more people with some knowledge could be handy in an emergency. The larger boats with crew on board, we do drills, so everybody has enough training to be calm an collected. I run a lot at night, but love an early afternoon steam, time to look for temp breaks and bait. Then you can troll through sunset to dark an beyond, or setup for the chunk/jig overnight. We’ve caught some pretty nice fish on what equates to basically striped bass tackle, but a large bigeye, or bluefin over 100 is going to really put a beating on you, if the game lasts long enough. A VS-250 would be a minimum, and a 14-20,000 Shimano in any flavor sure would be nice. Pair that with a 5’5”/ 7’6” rod rated 40-100, and you are good to go. 65-80lb braid, 100-130lb top shots, along with some fluoro if it comes to that.
  5. The loop must close around the base of the knot. let it slip above and it will cut right through the mono.
  6. Before 2007 the SSU was issued to prototype testers, and Lami was kind enough to allow us to keep them. Feels like it might have been around 05? Very nice blank, though I extended mine to 11’6”.
  7. Lubricate with scuba O ring grease, and your light will turn butter smooth. I dive with Princeton Tec and Underwater Kinetics.
  8. With braid to mono, you might want to try upping your wraps to 15. Tie some test knots and pull test them to failure, It takes a bit of teasing to get the knot cinched tight, but works for me. Also been using the FG a lot for the join.
  9. No, but I keep it to about 16oz - 24oz a month. A friend of mine goes ape$#*t for it, and his levels get kind of up there. Goes back down over the winter every time. There’s plenty of sea bass, mahi, wahoo, tilefish, bergall, fluke and such to round out the veg and fruit.
  10. Awesome shots folks… getting hungry lookin this thread over! Grilled veg Crispy pork, fresh clams, cherry tomatoes, parsley, lemon zest, black vinegar and soy, finished with a dab of butter over pasta A snack from previous day’s catch Cold ramen with fish stock, bluefin sashimi, and fresh wasabi Yes, we eat a lot of tuna during the season
  11. Howdy gang! Steve let me know I’ve been a bad boy. They haven't put me under yet, but I’m back to the sea. Friend took me fishing in 2014, and against my better judgement, we went out in 3-5s for bluefish. Great day, which pushed me to keep at it. Working on and running boats as a mechanic and a captain. Bout friggin time I suppose. Mated on a party boat for a few seasons, and now have a 100 Ton Merchant Mariners Credential. Will be running Divided Sky this season out of Montauk. Nice to see you all doing well
  12. Still available, Been very busy, so I have not been around. Apologies to all. pm sent
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