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  1. I'm talking about snaggers. I thought I made that clear. Snaggers usually aren't landing them in the mouth. When I go up there, I still see snaggers. Those are the ones I'm calling ignorant. Not legal fisherman.
  2. Whatever you say, doesn't disprove my point at all. Lots of ignorant people do ignorant things. Doesn't make them right. Keep snagging and breaking the law if you want. Real fishermen won't.
  3. There are hundreds of vids of people actually fishing and not snagging. Look it up. Either you can be a slob snagger, or a fisherman. It's your choice.
  4. Don't care what you say, been there and done it. Saw many others do it as well.
  5. This is the experience of most people who actually fish for them. In Oswego the go to is skein under a float up by the power plant. The salmon eat the eggs up. In faster water I use the old split shot/skein or single egg on a small hook and I catch fish. When I first went up with my dad back in the 80s, snagging was the only way people did it, and we didn't know any better. A few years went by and after getting to be friends with some of the tackle shop owners, they steered us straight. Started to actually fish for them and we caught, and felt way better about it, too.
  6. Nope, saying the bass are in the rivers is bad ? Since when? Not even remotely burning a spot...so what was bad? Edit: Didnt even name a county lol
  7. Edit - you've been here long enough to know that post wasn't cool ~ Sudsy
  8. PS: Read the article...Might be hard for you but do it.
  9. Glad to see you telling me what I do and see with my own eyes, plus all my friends. Keep snagging and breaking the law.
  10. MoCo out front, nothing. Dead sea. Checked some bay spots, nothing. No bait.
  11. Wrong. If you're snagging, you're doing it wrong. Read the article. Ask people who aren't snaggers lol.
  12. Salmon eat eggs in the river. I've caught them on eggs, many many other people as well. It's pure fallacy that salmon can only be snagged in the river, people need to stop pushing that myth. https://www.canr.msu.edu/news/amazing_revelation_some_pacific_salmon_do_feed_during_spawning_run
  13. Wind change forecast for Saturday night...gonna try Monday and see how it looks.
  14. Same. 2 years ago was live lining peanuts in the bay and caught keeper fluke after keeper fluke, all in 1st week of October LOL.
  15. Yup, you can drive. When they allowed more than 1 guest, my father would sit in his truck and fish out the window. Perfect for older people or people who can't get around much anymore. As for the guest permit, he needs to show up with you, he needs to be vetted by the government first, though. You have to fill out a security form so they can do a background check on him (and yourself), then you have to wait for them to do it. They'll send you an email saying you passed or failed. If you pass, you then gotta go to Colts Neck with a printed copy of that email. They'll take your pictures and issue your ID cards to get onto the pier. It'll cost your brother 50 bucks. Edit: You'll also need your saltwater registration as well.