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  1. I checked out front before I hit the back...Out front looked very fishable, but I again only had my bay pole. Really nice white water, didn't look dirty.
  2. MoCo out back late afternoon. Picked a few cocktails, lotsa bait around, all small where I was. Water clarity was good, some grass in the water but nothing you couldn't fish through.
  3. Just in time for a hurricane lol.
  4. Yeah, not looking good til at least 10+ days from now. Maybe longer.
  5. Went out after work this evening, MoCo. Was starting to whip up out front pretty good. Water looked great, nice rolling waves and clarity was still decent. I couldn't fish cause I only had my bay rod and no way I was handling the NE winds and waves with that. Watched a few guys catching doggies on chunks. Went out back to some sheltered spots, lots of bait, couldn't even draw a strike from a snapper lol.
  6. Yup, the challenging part is finding them in the first place haha
  7. I read it's all diesel fuel, not oil, so it's not nearly as bad.
  8. Yup, but best avoid the weekends, otherwise you'll be elbow to elbow.
  9. Because it's not, the original poster put 2017 instead of 2018. It's THIS YEAR'S reports thread. It's a typo.
  10. You responded to a 17 year old reports thread? LOL
  11. Those jigs are expensive and blues will tear them up pretty quickly. I only use them targeting albies, if blues are around I'll throw on a cheap krocodile or something like that.
  12. Yup, saw a fluke blitz out front the other day.
  13. Gonna start hitting it hard next week. Gotta wait til Labor Day passes lol. Great job, MC!
  14. MoCo out front, tons of tiny bait. Picked up some sea robins and short fluke. Finally witnessed a fluke blitz haha, picked up a 15" fluke casting to the blitz. Also caught something I've never seen before. Was about 8 inches, dull silver, not as streamlined as a snapper, more rounded but not near as round as a pompano. Was holding it up by the bucktail ready to take a picture and it shook loose. Def not a herring or shad.
  15. Went out this AM, MoCo. Saw a lot of small bait, snappers all over harassing them. That's about it for me, didn't try hard, though.