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  1. That's what I do. They take most of the No Parking signs down on the side streets after Labor Day weekend, so you can find parking and climb the wall.
  2. I remember reading the "environmental impact statement" when they first started doing the pumping... "No significant harm to the environment". I felt like Baghdad Bob was talking to me lol... "there are no Americans in Iraq" hahaha
  3. Never really started for us surf guys.
  4. All buried and killed.
  5. Need to adopt the same policy the southern states have on redfish. The redfish population has exploded since they did that. People will cry that the charter/party boats will get put out of business, but where do they think that's going now? When there's no stripers left, they'll be out of business anyway.
  6. True, and I don't blame anyone for keeping legal fish, just wish they wouldn't lol
  7. Big bass taste like crap anyway. I'd rather eat sea robins or porgy. They taste 100x better than bass.
  8. Yup, people keeping buckets of snappers, garbage cans full of gators on party boats, eventually stocks plummet.
  9. Blurple shad? haahahahahaha
  10. Yup...there's a certain boat guy on another site that keeps every legal bass he can, and he says he doesn't even eat them. Just donates them to a soup kitchen, or so he claims. I think he gets off on the hate it generates, knowing it pisses everyone off that he's keeping all these big breeders just to dump them off and not even eat them.
  11. Need to get a boat, it seems. I check other sites and the boat guys are slaying them. No reason for medium/large bass to come into the surf with any regularity when the bunker stay offshore. They're not coming in to feed on 1 inch rainbait and sand crabs lol.
  12. Sunday might be fishable, but Monday will be for sure.
  13. Thank god I crushed the albies this fall. It's over...
  14. MoCo, hit 3 spots out front, nothing. Moved to the back, hit 3 other spots, nothing. Didn't see any bait except some scattered rainfish.
  15. I think it's gonna break wide open on Wednesday.