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  1. Anyone that can pass the security check. Doesn't have to be related. Just 1 now.
  2. We got our IDs for 2018 season, and the only thing different was that you were only allowed 1 guest, instead of 3 that it used to be. Nothing else seemed to change.
  3. Noooo, fluking is great at night. The couple of year I had access to the pier at Earle we killed em at night. Sometimes under the street lights, sometimes in all darkness.
  4. Yup, people don't get it. Over fishing now means you won't have diddly to catch later on.
  5. Canned cat food works great, just crack open the top some and put the entire can in. I used to use bread but it seems to disperse too quickly.
  6. Yeah. Always see dead bass near the Belford canal, bunker boats dump them on the way in I think.
  7. Bass like gulp, too. Was fishing a tidal river a few years back. Wasn't getting anything. Threw on a gulp just for the hell of it. Started getting bass lol. Same color as the rubber I was using, almost same design, too.
  8. Naw, river is cleaner than it's ever been. Saying that, I wouldnt eat fish that spend their entire lives there, lol. The problem with the Hacky is finding good access. The public places mostly suck, have to do your homework on that river.
  9. A few years ago when I fluked hard, I noticed that gulp didn't produce well for me until the water warmed up. We killed them on live killies we trapped, not so much on gulp. Once the water warmed up, gulp outproduced the killies.
  10. Crabs gotta eat, too
  11. I like it when the blues quick release themselves lol. PS: Change out all the hardware on your SPs. Stock rings and hooks are garbage.
  12. Great thread, thanks for sharing. Would love to see a video of you feeding them minnows
  13. Last year I was live lining peanuts in the bay looking for stripers and catching big keeper fluke in October LOL.
  14. You mean dumping them in a garbage can and letting them bake in the sun for 5 hours doesn't improve the taste?
  15. Do you use trebles or singles? I leave the trebles on the belly but last year I changed the rear to a single. Used VMC inline single hooks. Had a LOT of fish come unbuttoned on them. I think the design of the hook is to blame, not the single hook aspect. I changed one out on the water, used one of my teasers and didn't have one fish come unhooked. I've read a lot of people use the VMC inline singles, but I can't recommend them. (sorry for the derail)