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  1. Tried my white perch spot for bass again, seeing if lightning would strike twice. Nope.
  2. That's what I thought, went perch fishin yesterday, no perch but 2x bass LOL. Far from over if there's sizable bass in perch spots.
  3. Not really complaining, well maybe a bit lol. Just after reading all the reports from the weekend, and me not being able to get out til yesterday when it was mostly dead, just disappointed.
  4. Went white perch fishing with the nephew, ended up with no white perch but 2 bass, 20" and 35". Go figure.
  5. Did that yesterday, caught a bunk of dinks in the wash. Nothing of size though
  6. Started south then moved north. Stopped at a dozen spots to look, nothing seen. Last stop north saw another giant blitz, 500+ yards out. Got to about 150 yards from the beach and that was it. Settled for dinks in the trough. One bluefish bite off, felt big anyway.
  7. I just can't get myself motivated to go fishing down the shore on a weekend unless it's on the ammo pier. Going Monday, hope it's halfway decent.
  8. You didn't have to, I'd bet all my gear that the googans who mugged you posted all over social media. Probable be 300 guys there tomorrow.
  9. Absolutely, tons of unhinged maniacs out there. That's why I stay away from people the best I can hahaha
  10. I can't imagine shooting or stabbing someone over a cut line. Ruin someone else's life and your own for a lure? Seems ridiculous to me.
  11. It especially sucks when you're the one putting the time in, finally find the fish and the Googan Patrol ends up in your back pocket in 9 seconds flat.
  12. I used to play ice hockey in my younger days, outside a lot. My hands would get COLD as soon as we started warmups. As soon as they got cold I'd take my gloves off and put my hands under my armpits for a few minutes, warming them back up. Never got cold again. Same thing I do when fishing, the other days my hands froze up, did the armpit thing, then I was fine for 2 hours even with no gloves. Weird, but works for me.
  13. huh?
  14. We use a bridge/pier net on the ammo pier, and if you have a decent sized fish you need to net, it's a 2 man operation. Holding the rod while lowering and trying to get the fish into the net at the same time, man, I wouldn't even try it myself. Edit: we dont use a telescoping net, we use a round pier/bridge net on a rope.
  15. I love venison, but I've become a tree hugger in my old age. Can't bring myself to take a deer anymore. Weird how that happens.