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  1. Yeah, you won't see a report from me til I get on the navy pier in March
  2. Plus they keep the fish out of the water for 5 minutes taking pictures. How many pictures of a 25" bass do you need? LOL
  3. Sometimes when I see them watching me, I'll act like I just hooked up. Fun to see them running to the water for nothing.
  4. Same. Last time I caught way out back was Thanksgiving day. 3 trips since and not a sniff.
  5. The other day out front I was catching schoolies during a blitz, then got bit off clean on a shad. Was thinking there was some blues mixed in but maybe it was a mac. Didn't see anything but bass caught there, though.
  6. MoCo out front, half hour before sunrise til about 9:30am. Big old skunk. Saw some big splashes about 200 yards off the beach for about 20 seconds, then nothing. Only sign of life I saw. Fleet was out but they were about half a mile off the beach.
  7. That's insane. Screw dying for a fish. People need to use common sense...
  8. Tried my river spot, 2x in a row skunked. They seem to have moved out, but not a surprise, it shuts down about the same time every year in the river.
  9. Only got out a handful of times this fall down the surf. Scored fish almost every time. Figures I pick this year to go into a weird non-shore mood. Stayed to the river near me for the most part and caught a ton of slot fish. Think the gas prices mostly kept me away, to be honest.
  10. Tried my river spot in the rain for an hour, not a tap.
  11. Nothing but cell phone blitz chasers. I'd be down there if it were a weekday, but I don't do weekends down the shore anymore. Gonna hit my river spot and see what's up. Caught them last weekend, gonna see if they moved up or out.
  12. MoCo out front before sunrise, had one hit on a shad. Then nothing. Made the move a few miles south and found them blitzing on peanuts. Got 6 in 10 minutes or so, all on shads. Nothing bigger than 26". Saw 2 guys fishing in jeans, soaked to their waist. Crazy. Also saw a swimmer take a dive in. Another nut lol.
  13. Report as little or as much detail as you would like to provide the reader but please don't post specific street names or areas. A specific spot is too much information! It's not like telling a friend or two, posting it here is telling thousands. Doing so only creates crowds, garbage, and loss of our spots. For example, you can say that you caught fish in Ocean County but saying that you got them at Ocean Beach is a no-no. The terms to use are.......... Monmouth County Ocean County Atlantic County Cape May County North Jersey for the Hudson and other backwaters. County name plus "In the back" for Inlets, Rivers, and Bays. Try to keep other conversations, inquires, and rants in separate threads.
  14. I can't stand crowds anymore. Did the combat Pulaski fishing in the 80s and 90s, never will do it again. If I see people on the beach, I walk the other way even if there's a blitz. That's why I've been hitting my river spots, and probably catching as many fish as the blitz fishermen, but without another soul in sight usually.
  15. I caught my personal best on a lead head jig and a mister twister rubber tail LOL. Caught more bass on that and shads than 18 dollar SPs and topwaters.