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  1. That's actually what I was asking about. What's the control for too much people? They're far more out of balance. You're more likely to catch a bullet, get stabbed, blown up, mowed down, carwrecked, catch disease etc etc. All the risks of being around other people. I thought shark avoidance is pretty simple, it's not like they walk on land and last time I checked, I don't have fins or gills. If you were living in Australia, what would be the solution for box jellyfish or irukandji?
  2. Govt responsible for accident fatalities by allowing cars on the road and building highways. They have ruined the landscape and now heavy pieces of machinery controlled by irresponsible, reckless, druggies and drunks are flying by near you at high speeds. Wear your crash test suits and install your rollcages.
  3. What do you propose we bring in for people? Dinosaurs, mass shooters? It's a fact of life that nature of all sorts kill people in far greater numbers than a big demonised fish, spiders, snakes, jellyfish not forgetting cars, people(Crime), too much hamburgers? Even man's best friend.
  4. Who's Marty?
  5. That's a standard 1oz gotcha, there's some slightly heavier and others are smaller and lighter. 99% of gotcha users are fishing that size with a red head and plain white body. Elephants eat peanuts or so the saying goes lol, but the concept is true of fish.
  6. Gotcha plug, it's a staple for spanish mackerel.
  7. You guys know that powerpro is the most counterfeited braid out there right? I've always used sufix performance and original pp. Never had any issues.
  8. Probably not but it gets the point across lol. Come to think of it, holding fish vertically damages organs, probably reproductive as well (epigonal organ.)
  9. What if you get strung up by the balls for a few seconds?, I'm sure it won't cause any life threatening damage- you'll live. But I'm sure there will be some amount of injury sustained. It's an absolute no go for fish like large snook, not only does it cause jaw dislocation but organ damage, gravity suddenly acting on innards meant to be supported in an aquatic environment. Even larger fish like goliath grouper taken out of water and laid on a hard surface will by virtue of it's own mass, crush it's organs. Even land animals held in positions that they aren't supposed to be like a horse that's on it's side or upside down for too long will suffer damage via reperfusion and even die.
  10. You're the best kil, fishing while everyone else is arguing lol.
  11. Try using a 5 -10ft piece of mono or fluro tied directly to your braid, use the swivel on the metal lure itself joined to a split ring to your leader.
  12. This is probably because you don't have a mono topshot, braid doesn't resist as much as mono and usually the swivel will just rotate along with the braid.
  13. Swivels have always been and will continue to be important pieces of terminal tackle, it prevents line twist. Use one, crane swivels are tiny. They're eating a piece of metal after all. Even though it's not apparent as much in braid as it is in mono, your braid is continually being twisted if you're using a spinning reel.
  14. Would have never guessed the age, looks great.
  15. 20 years of Alex Jones every day and week, and suddenly pulled for violating community standards. Consider it's Youtube(Google), Apple and Facebook within hours of each other all pull his plug, no collusion? This about Jones' supporters and their political stance and the proximity of midterm elections. The arguably 3 most powerful technology groups coincidentally act out this scene, maybe Trump is right, the media is the enemy of the American people.