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  1. Yep, spot on. I only use this on braids that 'open' easily like powerpro or a heavier braid (65-80lb test) as opposed to a thin, tightly wound braid, the needle goes through much easier and wont damage any strands with the bigger stuff.
  2. Yes you can actually splice solid braid and have the greatest strength possible, I've found that the braid will break before the splice fails. I believe I saw a post on SOL from the guy who did alot of knot testing where he shows you how he does it. This is how I do it. This is a loop I spliced in the vid. The photo is a diagram of of how to splice into another length but the concept is the same.
  3. Are persons really this grouchy about other's hobbies and/or worried about people stealing 'their spots'?
  4. How much time do you spend scrolling through social media, Sol, web browsing, etc. daily? , I know it's more than 2 hours. Don't watch it if you don't want to, nobody's forcing you.
  5. AMA with lead scientist Travis Taylor has worked on various programs for the United States Department of Defense and NASA for over sixteen years.[1][6][7] He is currently working on several advanced propulsion concepts, very large space telescopes, space-based beamed energy systems, high-energy lasers,[1] and next generation space launch concepts.[7] Taylor is also involved with multiple Human intelligence (HUMINT),[8] Imagery intelligence (IMINT),[9] Signals intelligence (SIGINT)[10] and Measurement and signature intelligence (MASINT)[9] concept studies.[7] Education Taylor's degrees are from Auburn University (B.E.E. '91) and the University of Alabama Huntsville (MS '94, Ph.D. '99, MSE '01, Ph.D. '12). He has a doctorate in optical science and engineering, a master's degree in physics, a master's degree in aerospace engineering, a master's degree in astronomy, and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering.[11][12] As the investigators in the past hired by Bigelow, legit and serious minded scientists with a thirst for truth and investigation of the unknown. Also, similarly to investigators in the past, he describes that phenomenon has indeed followed him home..
  6. They're capturing ufos on film and guys are still asking for proof? Coincidental that official footage and rebranding of ufo's as uav coming out on mainstream media at this point in time as well... Been following skinwalker ranch for a long time, glad to see it getting the recognition it deserves. Disclosure is here basically. Also if you want to hear about something similar and even more creepy, check out the soha site the portal phenomenon that Adam Davies experienced. *
  7. Have a first gen mojo inshore, purple with the split grip, best inshore rod I have. Can't speak for the newer models but, they sure make great rods.
  8. Written by Jacques Vallee, a co developer of the system that transitioned in the the internet, arpanet. He along with j allen hynek worked on government projects concerning ufo's. He found the ufo phenomenon reflected characteristic identical to that of the traditional demon/paranormal activity of old in modern clothing. This is based on observations of ufo's to not obey physical laws and manipulate space time. It suggests something far more richer than physical being, more along the lines of interdimensional entities masquerading in a specific outfit for the purposes of a larger narrative. The simple fact that they have humanoid bodies in itself is highly indicative that something is off if you agree with the idea of life developing independently in some other part of the universe, the chances that the morphology of the most intelligent beings end up being the same as our own is more suggestive of a single designer than a random process that lead to it.
  9. That's because you were defending it as a release after your glory shot lol.
  10. You know for a site that's founded on surf fishing, it's amazing that people can't comprehend the concept of waves at the shoreline. And also I just realised people were actually criticising the plug used, in terms of effectiveness. Umm tarpon eat the same lures jack crevalle will, people get this notion that you need flies or some sort of woo to catch them. They're just moody fish, if they're rolling and don't want to feed, they won't eat simply put. If they are hunting, well.. you couldn't ask for a better dumpster diver. They'll eat bucktails, poppers, plastics, plugs, spoons. My biggest tarpon came while bottom fishing for cubera with a slab of bonito sitting dead on the bottom. Once it's moving, they'll hit it. This one made some great fish cakes.
  11. lol, Here's some of the action here where the population actually eats em. And how it's cooked, this is a guyanese variant, usually the filets/chunks are fried then curried.
  12. You read my post and that's the point you thought I was making?? Comprehension 101 people. I'm responding to the fact that you think abundance of a particular species justifies levels of harvest, which completely contradicts everything about the idea of Tarpon in Florida needing protection from overharvesting. Also I was looking for a post, finally found it. I thought it was really funny how denny was out guns blazing for Tarpon but he calls goliath grouper a nuisance fish that's wiping out stocks of other fish that they harvest to sell lol. Denny's viewpoints, I think some of this sounds familiar no? "Have also dove reefs that have developed a heavy population and all the lobster and other sportfish either relocated or got swallowed. The fish are overprotected and a nuisance to say the least. "These are heavily fished areas as well. Naturally to support as large population of goliaths it has to be a biodiverse system with alot of prey, but if you allow harvesting of everything else and prevent harvesting of the dominant species that is prevalent, at some point the natural balance will get skewed. Without sustainable harvesting, it seems to be getting worse and worse." In Fact Tim put this out in that particular thread. " Last comment - I think some folks are mistaking breaking the law with not following suggestions. Must be immediately returned to the water. That means they CAN be removed from the water. The part about their skeletons not being able to support their weight...they aren't talking about the fish lying in shallow water on it's belly - they are talking about lifting the fish OUT of the water where it's skeleton has to support it's weight. I looked for the actual law regarding Goliath grouper - I can't find anything other than they are protected and they cannot be harvested or possessed. The below is from FWC - it's filled with suggestions...the only actual law is that they cannot be harvested. Kil did not catch the fish in question. He broke no laws. Dennis (apparently) did catch this fish - the best I can figure is that he broke a suggestion to not photograph the fish. He didn't lift the fish up - he didn't "take" it out of the water - he didn't drag it up onto dry land. It appears he pulled it into the surf line and waited till a wave receded to get a picture. Not a violation of the harvest/possession law - at best, it seems he broke a "suggestion". Regardless, even if he filleted it on the beach and ate it's still liver...this site isn't like other social media sites, we don't allow people to attack others personally. This is a discussion forum - we have discussions. If someone wants to discuss something that angers them like respectful adults - please, be my guests and try to have a conversation. Angry tirades and foot stomping doesn't belong here - thanks TimS "
  13. Tarpon are eaten and sold for $1-2 a lb here and despite those challenges we still have a thriving local tarpon fishery and consistent tournament year after year here. Can't imagine how anyone can even make this argument for florida based on a particular species being 'plentiful'. Tarpon of all species, the same fish they used in Florida for fertiliser at one point.