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  1. These images are from the last three weeks. Bill Kiene's Fly Fishing For.textClipping Hello everyone, some of you .textClipping I was born on the Presidio i.textClipping
  2. I would like to suggest a preventive step as well. What would Lefty say? Keep your rod elbow on the shelf, rotate your torso. Could that prevent rotating your cuff? I think so.
  3. Nail Knot to loopless head. I don't like pulling loops through my rod.
  4. Oak, you are correct. This post was all about the 2 handed overhead. The dble haul talk was from another post.
  5. I strip the line until the head is 10" outside my tip, lift rod, roll out letting 3-4 feet of running line. As soon as the fly hit's the water I lift and back cast. Depending on how smooth that was I may let it rip with no false cast. This is where my confusion was. I thought is was a no no to false cast the 2 handed overhead. Thanks for all your help on this fella's. BTW- The rod handle is placed/pinned just below the arm pit for my Opal DBL haul. Video soon.
  6. Just got back from the casting ponds and discovered a "pay as I roll out" worked best. I was able to slide out maybe 5 feet of running (Rio OBS) line, pinch the string and let it rip. The extra false cast to smooth out the deal also gave me a opportunity to slip more if needed. Remember I'm casting the Opal its 11'. I also understand the wind will tell me what I can and cannot do.
  7. Right on, good stuff. Ok, my thought was the cast was supposed to have zero false cast. Lay out/roll then back then fire. Your false casting looks like your paying out line, how many before you fire? 2, 3 ?
  8. For those of you that can pay out line on the 2 handed overhead just before your cast please teach. I roll out 15" of running line, start the back cast but can't smoothly or consistently let out more line, pin my trigger finger then fire. Gets clanky as f, with no solid results. I'm guessing its as simple as letting line slip on the back cast but timing has to be perfect....close up pix/video of line going through (back cast) trigger finger would be helpful.
  9. Technical difficulty has pushed my casting tutorial video. I'll grab my 9/10 and shoot it soon.
  10. TGS- Lets be clear. I'm talking about the Beulah Opal 7-8. Simply double haul with the handle pined to your hip. I will make a video and post after I get off the water tomorrow.
  11. Hang'n 5' of running line out the rod tip is what I was trying to say. Thats a good sweet spot for novice dbl hauling a Opal strung with a you name it..RIO OB, SA triple density, AF...Match the G window, pin that handle to your hip and fire it. Mike, it was I who showed you this cast on the Cape. Cheer's Snapper- no need for tip's with the line's mentioned. Salt leader= 40lb butt @ 24" 20lb @ 6 feet.
  12. We fish year round. Yes, Riley is a big part of our day.
  13. Ever try to toss a large Pole Dancer with a 1 handed rod? You may last 20 minutes before tapping out. I strung up my Opal 7-8 with a OBS F 375g and can dbl around 80' or so feet, plus I can fish that dead cat for a hour or so without rotating my cuff. The technique is very simple and I've been boat fishing like this for 5 years or so. Pin the handle to you hip, do not let it slip. Begin your false case, carry 5 feet or so line then let it rip. You'll find the loops are the tightest you ever seen and punch through wind like never before. I can carry 12' -15' of running (RIO OBS ) string then cast the entire line! My backcast are equally as strong. Other advantages are line management because of the 2 handed e coast strip. All the line is dumped right in front perfect for beach or boat (LMD) buckets/baskets. If you strip hard and big like I do with a single hand you'll find fatigue is a big factor for older folks, not nearly as much with the rod tucked under your arm with the 2 hand strip. Strip sets are deeper with way more control at the grab. No more trigger finger slips at the bite. If you have any Q's please hit me up. BTW- Rods 12' and under. How far can you guys throw with the traditional overhead 2 handed cast? I roll out a foot of string before my cast and only get 70 feet (no wind) max. Serum, OBS, SA's tried them all... *
  14. I believe a bigger challenge then keeping small fish off your hooks is where most of you fish. I think most will agree in general that little fish don't hang with big fish. If I'm catching schoolie's when pig hunting, I'm in the wrong spot at the wrong time. No disrespect Bloo.