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  1. Here is a set I made from Osage, cork , and eva.
  2. A great source for info is wood-database dot com. It will list rot resistance, origin, hardness (or lack there of lol) of just about any wood on the planet.
  3. GUIDES! Please sir, they are guides, never eyes. If you want to learn while redoing these rods I suggest doing a tiny bit of research on Cone of Flight, New Guide Concept, and K Guide layouts. This will give you insight on what to use. In terms of sizing, the line and reel you plan on using will determine what will work best.
  4. this thread had me at guidles...
  5. Wood grips are very common. In terms of weight, it will vary depending on the species of tree. Some are woods are very durable and others need to be finished or stabilized so they don't rot. The elusive soft maple...now that remains to be seen.
  6. I would simply tape and test it... The rod will cast good or it wont.
  7. I built a similar set up a few years ago. I forget the exact blank #'s however I used a rainshadow RX6 9' Salmon and steelhead blank to target weakfish and schoolie bass here in Cape May, NJ. I used KLH 20-10H-6M-kb6 runners to tip. I prefer the sz 6 KB's over the KT's as the larger feet make them easier to wrap on thin blanks and the 20-30lb flouro leaders did not run through the guides. I paired the build with a shimano spheros 3000FA with 20lb PP SS. I feel the KR concept shines on lighter saltwater applications such as these and performs incredibly well.
  8. Personally, I would use much larger runners. What connection will you be using to connect the 50 braid to the leader? Will the connection be moving through the guides when casting? For example, 50 pp to 50 flouro/mono can be clunky through smaller guides when casting ( FG knot is probably the most compact). Another point that Mike brought up, is that this rod is a beast. Using larger runners will not greatly change the rod feel IMO. Also, aesthetically speaking- using tiny runners on heavy rods have the tendency to look disproportionate.
  9. I advise you to stick with what works- Madeira. The guess work is done, the color selection is enormous and more importantly, by purchasing from an expert you will get priceless support from builders with years of experience. ...Or you can save a few bucks. Up to you....
  10. It holds up fine. I build sets like this cork often...
  11. The white and gray set are 15-30's for White and blue Marlin trolling in the Bahamas and NE Canyons. The White and Blue Set are 20-40's and 50's for the same application with the heavy rods used for pitch bait rods and Tunas.
  12. very nice job on the trim band work and your finish looks great! The color scheme isn't for me but your guide work and attention to detail is impressive.
  13. Since you are putting an eva grip over top, I would use tape.... The cheap brown painters tape that doesn't like to rip clean as that **** sticks to itself fairly well. Drywall tape is another option. Is the largest O.D. of the blank a bit larger than 3/4? Also, I have extended several rods in the past using a method similar to this as well as using carbon fiber tubing.
  14. ODM Evolution... Had the chance to bend on one last night at grumpy's. The color isn't my cup of tea (chameleon purple/green) but the blank is very impressive.
  15. ...and?