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  1. What size do you need, i may have it...
  2. Batson only sells to distributors...
  3. The "no flock" is available from batson and likely what you see on getbit. Its the same stuff you see on high end surf rods- cts, century, odm etc...
  4. The fill line and vent line are about the same length- approx. 6'.+/- The fill cap is located midship on the gunnel parallel to the fill in the 88 gallon tank. The belly in the line is definitely the reason it was leaking. Your logic is sound in eliminating the fill line and replacing it with a direct, short fill on top of the tank itself. Too late for me as I replaced both.
  5. Alps chuck is really nice and it will bolt onto your existing bed. Look at dayton motors and a foredom foot pedal
  6. I don't use the pacbay or similar machine however i assume the switch simply directs the power to whatever motor you choose. The wrapping motor is basically adapted from a sewing machine and the drying from a microwave turntable. Each has 2 wires, power to the switch on one side and the dryer or wrapper on the other. Changing the dryer/ rpm from 9 to 18 will have little effect imo. I recommend applying finish with the wrapper and foot pedal then simply switching to "drying mode".
  7. so far so good. fuel tank is good, e tec running good... till its not
  8. Get the inserts for the bottles. Way less mess
  9. I cant be faded- Dr Dre
  10. Hang a 4oz plus water your chunk would weigh from the tip?
  11. Exactly. Stop the thread a few mm's from where the leg begins This will prevent the finish from creeping up the legs while spinning on the dryer. as you can see from this experience, the extra finish causes more issues than solves...
  12. The guide flexes with the blank. Those small pieces of finish discolored and wiggled free from the guide "legs". If you put the finish there intentionally this is a good reason why not to apply finish up the guides.
  13. Rainshadow SW966 is bada$$. 8' one piece and loves 1- 1.5oz
  14. The titebond ?
  15. Did you use it to glue the cork handle to the rod? If so, you done messed up A-A-ron.