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  1. Search "deck hand" style grips/builds and you will see that this is common practice on the west coast.
  2. leave space between the chord as stated above and fill it with epoxy. Good to go. ...probably better than tape for the record
  3. its "no flock" shrink tube available through batson dealers.
  4. Sweet! I suggest you get out there as soon as possible. Fishing from the beach has been pretty good down here.
  5. where in south jersey? im in cape may if you need any help with the whichever you choose.
  6. anglers resource dot net will answer all your questions.
  7. If im correct, every one of the 1321M's has 10 or a 12 tip for this reason. Although its purely aesthetic, I would recommend using #10 runners on that beast of a blank to keep the continuity. Alps makes a tip in the PP line that comes in a 10 ring with an 11 tube.
  8. I have some .984" in stock if that helps you. shoot me a msg and I can let you know the details.
  9. Here is a set I made from Osage, cork , and eva.
  10. A great source for info is wood-database dot com. It will list rot resistance, origin, hardness (or lack there of lol) of just about any wood on the planet.
  11. GUIDES! Please sir, they are guides, never eyes. If you want to learn while redoing these rods I suggest doing a tiny bit of research on Cone of Flight, New Guide Concept, and K Guide layouts. This will give you insight on what to use. In terms of sizing, the line and reel you plan on using will determine what will work best.
  12. this thread had me at guidles...
  13. Wood grips are very common. In terms of weight, it will vary depending on the species of tree. Some are woods are very durable and others need to be finished or stabilized so they don't rot. The elusive soft maple...now that remains to be seen.
  14. I would simply tape and test it... The rod will cast good or it wont.