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  1. Starting today, St. Louis city and county re-start the mandatory mask requirement in public places (indoors). Press conference today at 9:30am. Nothing has been discussed as to how the rule will be enforced. Three communities in the County have already stated they will not enforce the mandate. I don't believe this is going to go over well at all. The people I have the most sympathy and empathy for are people like the guy at my local 7/11 or the clerks at my preferred grocery store. Hard working decent people, with a customer service job that's stressful enough on a good day as most people are a-holes, who now get caught in the crossfire of this crap. Taking grief from both sides. I wonder if guns will be drawn this time around. Anyone else being asked to mask up today?
  2. Ran some errands this morning. Seems to be about 60-40 compliance (60% in masks) at the three places I went. Not much info on penalties for non compliance from the presser I watched.
  3. Rate of infection increasing. Some of the highest rates in the entire nation are in the southwest corner of the state (Springfield area) and the claim is it's coming up the I-44 corridor. (It takes 3 hours driving 75mph to get from my place in the western burbs to Springfield) That's how it was reported on local news last night.
  4. Hope to find out at the 9:30 press conference. If I had to bet, my guess is they'll chicken out and leave it up to the individual municipalities within the county. The City is so messed up, who knows what they'll do. They just spent a bunch of pandemic relief money on an anti gun violence program that will employ a bunch of social workers, and not save a single life, but I digress.
  5. Hospitalization rates , Death rates, and % put on ventilators are all that matter to me. Data paints a pretty clear picture on that one.
  6. And this is how it should be handled. You didn't want to wear a mask when asked, so you didn't make a scene and berate some guy just trying to make a living, and took your business elsewhere.
  7. What % Guardian is Elizabeth Warren again?
  8. The case is even worse. Someone from Gardner's office used electronic signature software to sign off on numerous documents for the prosecutor who was on maternity leave. Just this week the prosecutor on maternity leave resigned when she found out about the murderer being set free. Two other prosecutors from Gardner's office have also resigned in disgust. 17 have resigned since Gardner took office. The family of the murder victim was never notified that the scumbag had been released as required (despite the fact that he had threatened the family repeatedly), they found out from a local TV reporter. Not much you can do about Soros money as the law is written, but more disheartening is the fact Gardner is not being condemned by local officials. The new black mayor had no comment when asked about the incident other than to say, "I don't tell her how to run her office". The new black chief of police had nothing to say about the matter at all. It's pathetic. It's a shooting gallery in parts of St. Louis city, and the people in charge of protecting the people in those neighborhoods don't care.
  9. I was a kid when Brooks was still playing, but I just don't remember him saying much of anything controversial. Guys like us that hang out in forums like this are interested in politics, but when I watch sports, I'm not at all interested in politics is my point. I'm only speaking for myself, but sometimes it's nice to get away.
  10. I'm not proposing anyone should be silenced. I'm just not overly interested in the opinions of athletes or entertainers. When Nolan Arenado got traded here to the Cardinals, at one of his first press conferences a reporter asked how he felt about BLM. I don't remember anyone asking Brooks Robinson a similar question.
  11. Agreed. I actually enjoyed sports and entertainment a LOT more back when nobody cared enough to ask an entertainer or athlete what they thought about anything outside their profession.
  12. I was always a big fan of Allagash White when I get back to Maine.
  13. I used to read Howie's column in the Herald everyday. Glad to hear he's still around.
  14. Be happy to buy you a beer anytime you happen to be in town.
  15. The numbers here is St. Louis county show that the overwhelming number of hospitalized Delta variant patients have not been vaccinated. There has only been one death of a fully vaccinated person reported. Since I have no plans to go to Israel, I like my odds as a fully vaccinated person. The severity of the disease is what concerns me most.
  16. Beautiful family John. Prayers for your wife. I'm living proof that people do beat that disease. 8 years since I got my certificate!
  17. This is really the story. Everything else is hyperbole, speculation, magnification of the importance of outliers, fear, politics, and not wanting to be wrong IMO.
  18. Maybe not just from unvaxxed people, but the odds of catching it certainly go up according to all the data.
  19. Good for you! I do several volunteer duties from our local Chamber of Commerce, to the VFW, to the Fischer House for veteran families. Kids are grown and gone, and I'm semi-retired, so I have the time. I really enjoy it and have met a lot of people.
  20. Time to end the gravy train. Small scale landlords got hurt during the pandemic much more than the deadbeat renters they were forced to house. People in mortgage forbearance will, for the most part be just fine. Even if they have to sell, with the record prices of today coupled with the fact that the vast majority of home owners have equity in their homes, they can sell and be just fine. If they're too stupid to sell before the bank forecloses, they are probably too stupid to own a home.
  21. She's insane. Totally out of touch with reality.
  22. BLM. When people get those stupid signs and flags out their yards maybe some progress could be made. Dividing up into "teams" isn't working.
  23. I think you can learn much more by talking to people at ground zero of the problem, than you could hunkering down in DC and relying on lackies feeding you information. There's no reason to go to a natural disaster, except you might learn more about what a town needs from it's mayor than some bureaucrat. Just my two cents. When I wanted to know what was going wrong on the shop floor of factories I ran, I talked to line workers, not managers.