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  1. Interesting, I wonder how they recruited paying customers in 1970's when I went to college? For a fraction of the price of today.
  2. Do colleges need world class gyms and pools complete with lazy rivers, rock climbing walls, etc. to teach kids? Cafeterias that offer all sorts of different cuisines at every meal? The University of Missouri has all this and more. What does any of it have to do with an education?
  3. Perhaps "rip-off" is an overstatement (Perhaps). When paying tuition at a private or sometimes public university and the guidance you receive is pie in the sky follow your dreams into poor ROI degrees, that's salesmanship right up there with used cars. When grad students are "teaching" freshman undergrad courses and there's no discount for that, I'd say it's a rip off. I'm all for education, but many schools if not most are run by people who no nothing about the real world outside of campus.
  4. Agreed. Schools should also be exposed for the rip offs they are. National campaign.
  5. Imagine how well dressed those recruits will be this winter.
  6. I would think the failure of the Russians and the exposure of their weak military would make China think twice before getting into any truly deep alliance with the Russians. The Chinese are a patient lot.
  7. And to think people gave Dan Quayle a rep as being stupid!
  8. An old high school buddy of mine has two feet of water all through his house in Daytona Beach. He was getting ready to retire soon too.
  9. This is from a 15+ year old thread. I think you missed the sarcasm in my post. I thought Janet Reno was terrible at handling both Ruby Ridge and Waco.
  10. Best wishes for all of them! I own a condo in Longboat Key, but that's just property not human.
  11. Wasn't Blanco the governor? How are you making out down there Tom?
  12. I'm a little late this morning, but best of luck to those in Florida.
  13. It certainly appears that the most violent clashes over this mobilization is happening in Muslim areas and eastern parts of "Russia". Cannon fodder.
  14. Check out "Empire of the Summer Moon", by SC Gwynne sometime for the history of the Comanche Tribe. A real eye opener.