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  1. Given enough time, I think it would be worse actually. I don't want to derail your thread. Topic for another time. Be well.
  2. Off topic, please leave.
  3. I can hardly wait for the final dismantling of the United States you folks have planned.
  4. Agreeing other than not seeing X as a whackadoodle. Much more in agreement than disagreement,
  5. Please educate me oh learned one. Maxx, it's like you skip chapters in books if you don't like them. Your focus is narrow on most topics. Some obscure Canadian academic writes an article you like, so you take it as gospel. I'm sure the Brit Phd who had the model that predicted 1.2 to 2.2 million deaths in the US is high on your list of credible sources as well. At least your Canadian genius didn't help destroy the world economy. Academics are great and knowledge truly is power, but many times those folks are wrong. Especially when they have an agenda. They should always be questioned, even ones you agree with.
  6. How many "whackadoodle" leftists did it take to get American blacks where they are today? Malcom X was extreme in many of his views, but economically he wasn't far off the mark IMO. Read some Joe R. Hicks, David Webb or Thomas Sowell. They are much more mainstream than Malcom X, but agree that leftist social programs have done way more harm than good.
  7. A lot of people lost money on travel related stocks when the Wuhan hit. Are you saying anyone who lost money in the market due to not predicting the Corona virus is a dope?
  8. At least that's admittedly fake. Those two NYC lawyers who were arrested for throwing a Molotov cocktail into a cop car were educated at Fordam and Princeton respectively. What exactly are you lefties teaching in college these days? Hate, and the evils of Western society, that's what.
  9. You people on the left worship these academic types.
  10. BTW, the Dow had another nice day yesterday. The investors in this country know which side to back in this fight for America's soul. It's not the looters.
  11. You have to be historically stupid to believe the looting would not have happened if Trump had said some acceptable thing to the left. Some meaningless, symbolic BS crap by any POTUS is not going to stop looting. You guys who are so upset with Trump's response think the people looting are watching the news?
  12. The majority of Americans agreed with social distancing and shutting down business to "flatten the curve". In less than 24 hours that went right out the window and now it's ok to hang out in large groups on the streets. If that doesn't make your head spin, you are unable of rational thought. Let's all take a knee and submit to this politically correct BS.
  13. That's because it's all about political power to leftists. They want black votes, not black success.
  14. Because he didn't. His smooth delivery would hide the fact that he rarely said anything of substance.
  15. I believe they were on the way in the 1960's. Two parent families in the 1960's for blacks was in the 84% range (compared to the low 20s today). The void left by the murders of Malcom X and MLK left a leadership void that was filled by opportunists and hucksters. JMHO