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  1. It's obviously too early to tell at this point. Because of today's political climate it is easy for those on the right to believe that they are doing an investigation of the man to uncover a crime, instead of investigating a crime to determine the man (which is how it should be). I hope we'll find out more very soon as this is very unusual and troubling.
  2. Brittney wouldn't care about anyone who ever logged on to SOL if they were in a Russian prison. I see no reason at all to care about her.
  3. RIP. Cancer sucks.
  4. I'm not sure I'd go as far as eliminating them. I might make them ineligible for student loans or maybe you could only borrow so much. If some kid's parents want to pay cash for a degree without prospects, that's on them, but don't let stupid kid's do it.
  5. It's the last nail in the coffin of American small business. That's what they're after.
  6. I agree, and think the "open primary" rules here in MO are strange. According to local pundits out here, it's never had a major effect on an election, but who knows?
  7. I lived in Boston years ago, but don't remember all the rules. I was registered as a Republican, which was an exercise in futility back in the 90's.
  8. I would say you don't know anything about history of the bomb or you're revising it to fit your narrative, but that would be a waste of my time to hear more of your bs. Good day.
  9. Doesn't seem very efficient or cost effective, but to each their own.
  10. They were military targets. They had hardly seen any bombing during the war and were major manufacturing centers. Military and civilian leadership forbid anyone for considering Tokyo or Kyoto as a nuclear target. Japan was asked to surrender several times, and refused. Public opinion at the time was galvanized toward "unconditional surrender" after all the atrocities the Japanese committed and the cowardly attack on Pearl Harbor. They weren't going to bargain with the Japanese. It was he right decision then and would be now.
  11. I agree. It's like they are flipping the bird and laughing at you as you realize your provider never gave a crap about you, just your $$. I wouldn't do that to my past clients ever, they paid my bills, I owe them more respect than that.
  12. E. St. Louis has made a little progress. It's still a craphole, but I believe North St. Louis county is worse.
  13. Nobody cares about Marc Fogel who's basically in a Russian jail for the same offense. Of course he's white and no one cares.
  14. And then hand you a Democrat one?