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  1. Maya Wiley supports defunding the police and has even discussed disarming them. Yet she lives in a neighborhood that pays for private, armed security. Wiley has come out against school voucher programs. Her children attend private schools. She receives backing from George Soros. She's a fraud, but the Democrats will love her as she's the right gender and color to support their policy of identity politics.
  2. I think some of them love that you can burn down sections of cities with impunity, but then again maybe the silence says it all.
  3. True. As you mentioned before, it takes time, but I believe we were getting there. I think this "woke" nonsense sets things back for a bit.
  4. At the end of the day, you outlaw statues completely, and nobody's life would change at all.
  5. It's much harder. For it to succeed, truth and honesty are required. It requires those who knowingly or unknowingly perpetuate racist attitudes, rhetoric and policies to acknowledge it. It requires the minority person to come to grips with the fact that their full participation in our system and "opportunity" does not mean "equal results" for anyone of any race. Black, white, brown, yellow, it doesn't matter. We all deserve the same opportunity, what we do with it is on us. These things are not easy for the "oppressed" or "oppressors".
  6. Agreed. On the one hand, no other race in the history of the world has moved as quickly from enslavement to the pinnacle of leadership (POTUS) as quickly as African Americans have. Along the way, there have been several injustices done to them, and that's undeniable. The self destructive behaviors are somehow off limits for discussion. IMO the combination of these three truths is the real history.
  7. It's the easy way out, so that's why it thrives. There are very few honest conversations about race in this country. We can't even be honest enough to say it's not about "racism" in this country, it's about the real, perceived, and imagined injustice toward one race, the African Americans.
  8. That's why is absolutely crazy to say racism is out of control today. Compared to the past, there is hardly any racism left. Can we get better? Sure. Are we exponentially better today than we were in the past? Without a doubt.
  9. I'll give all these people "the bird". It's all BS that only the weak minded are falling for.
  10. She might even be worse, actually, I believe she would be.
  11. You want to really start off your week in the crapper? Joe is making these gaffes now and Kamala is who takes over for him if need be. Let that sink in for a minute. It's frightening.
  12. It seems that part of being a liberal these days is painting with a broad brush and placing people into groups based on race, sexual orientation, gender, political beliefs, etc, etc. There is no respect for the individual at all from the Left. I didn't vote for Obama, so I must have believed in some threat from Sharia Law being adopted here. I didn't vote for Biden so I must be a "Trump supporter" as if you have to support Trump the man to be against the Democrat party platform. It's the same with CRT, people are grouped and generalizations are made. I don't agree with that way of thinking at all.
  13. Kamala Harris is an embarrassment to this country. She is completely in over her head and out of her depth.
  14. ^^^^^ This!