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  1. Wow , that is cheap.
  2. I was told that Herring Cove was an excellent beach for fluke fishing ,...NO more ! Think the seals had anything to do with it ?
  3. What are the benefits of having seals on the Cape ? Years ago ,the Cape was very enjoyable ,could swim without worrying about sharks,water was much cleaner, seal poop . Maybe they are part of the problem with some of the bait shops closing,...Nelsons , Black Duck, etc.
  4. What is next " Seal Lives Matter"?
  5. YES ! All of them, not just some of them. What good are they to the Cape , unless people enjoy swimming in seal poop ! There are some infected dying seals up this way (N.Shore) ship a few of them to mingle with ones on the Cape , should or might help get rid of them.
  6. Price drop ,...$120.00
  7. Does anybody still tag stripers anymore? Or is that a thing of the past ?
  8. I have 2 tires ,..P265/70R16's for sale. Decent tread left ,could use them they are for everyday driving or for spares. No plugs or leaks .$130.00 for for both . Prefer local pick up or meet north Of Boston . Photos upon request. (text)
  9. Yes ,... the Atlantic Ocean
  10. Then why is it legal to use it in RI,NH,? Possibly different rules ?
  11. Going to back out . Thanks
  12. Shipping ?
  13. Are they the "Mag 9/10" reels ?
  14. Just a quick question ,.... Is my Ma. saltwater license good in Fla.?
  15. I have an S Glass 10ft spinning rod (1 piece)that has been sitting in my cellar . It needs to be stripped ,maybe some Permaglos applied to blank and re-wrapped. I would like to sell it ,but would not know what to ask for it. I have too many rods as of right now , Open for any suggestions ,...Thanks