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  1. Could this blank be considered for Canal rod ? Conventional . Would be glad to read all of your responses,etc . Thanks. Would also be used as a surf bait & wait rod.
  2. Ah ,...Much better with the braided line .
  3. I f you don't see that the mono is broken ,buried under a couple layers of line , you might be making the longest cast of your life . About 1/3 of mono from reel flew off to the unknown because it was broken .
  4. Been using mono for years,every now and then the mono will overrun during cast ,sometimes breaking ,if you do not remove the loop. (using a conventional reel . ) Switching over to braid .. Thanks for input .
  5. Does anybody use braided line while chunking bait in the surf/beach ?
  6. Thanks for posting photos.
  7. where may I text photos to ?
  8. No problem , let me know when is a good time.Put it aside or keep it listed ?
  9. Price drop,...$50.00
  10. I had one ,regret selling it.
  11. If it has not been started in a while , I take the small elbow from fuel tank to ,clean it out, will run all day.. Have an extra muffler .
  12. Selling my old Eskimo gas ice auger, 8in diameter. Extra set of blades(new). It "works". No longer need it, upgrading,...going electric. $75.00. North of Boston(North Shore) Thanks.
  13. My wife"s grandparents go me started with some Hennesey years ago on Xmas morning ,many years ago. I been having a pint on every Xmas Eve,...enjoy it.
  14. Not enough enforcement. Seems like we pay for a license to help enforce the rules & regulations,they get off easy,...way too easy !
  15. Price drop ,....$100.00