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  1. I'll bet that Tog pulled on a fly rod for sure.
  2. Why do I fly fish? First to be honest I do spin and conventional rod fish quite a lot. However I do find myself fly fishing more as I get older. There are circumstances where you'll out fish the spin guy, but honestly not that often. I would compare it to bow hunting vs gun hunting deer. More challenging, more intimate with the quarry as you have the line in your hand vs through a reel, the rhythm of casting is as much a part of it as the fishing which is different than spin or conventional casting. Also I find it simpler, some make it complicated I don't.
  3. I have a pair of Dryft and love them. Had them 2 years fo far so good
  4. I have an 8 wt Loomis NRX likes the Rio Outbound Short
  5. I have already posted about 3 Tand I have 3 love them and great customer service
  6. IMO I would agree that the Swift is getting like the canal. Only difference I find is that the Swift Googans have a lot more expensive gear, and like the canal I will no longer fish there either. I have been fishing my whole life. It is by far my favorite past time and I'll will not allow bad behavior ruin it. I'd rather fish where it might not be as good alone or with a few respective people than put up with the crowds. But that's just me.
  7. I used the email on their contact us tab on website
  8. That is who responded to me. I didn't realize he was the owner!
  9. In this day I find Customer Service to be very lacking so I wanted to share what I unfortunately find a rare great experience. I went out for my first trip of the season. fished for about 2 hours, when I reached down to reel up I found a bare screw where the handle of my T 90 should have been. As it was there before I walked in the water I knew it was gone. So got home found 3 Tand's web site and sent an email to Customer Service inquiring how I could get a replacement. Seeing it was Saturday figured I'd get a response sometime Monday. Nope got a response within hour with the Contact's cell number telling me to call him Monday AM. So called Monday and he actually answered, spoke for a few minutes asked for my address and told me he would be putting the replacement parts in the mail that day. Later I received a text message with step by step instructions, including pictures on how to install the new handle, I never asked for this. This was all free of charge. I didn't know much about 3 Tand Reels when I bought this used but I have found it to be a very nice reel. have to say if I am ever in the market for another reel there is no doubt where I will look first.
  10. Closed
  11. Got another with an extra spool listed too. Can never have enough!
  12. Sold pending payment
  13. Old version with backing. Little rash on back. Tried to capture in photo. $75 shipped.
  14. Reel with older 8 weight floater and spare spool just backing. Not a scratch on either. $150 shipped.