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  1. Locking hubs! I remember having to put my dad's truck into reverse to get it out of 4WD.
  2. Great buck!
  3. Mine likes Remington Accutips, I paid $15 a box. I agree new normal is crazy. I was thinking about putting a new glass on but changed my mind when I thought about re-sighting it in, between availability and cost.
  4. Not in any particular order A rise to a dry fly. The smoke that drifts out of my O/U when I reload. The sun rise over Galilee as I drive out in my boat. Bass slurping bait so just their eyes and backs come out of the water
  5. I have experienced the same issue. With Shotgun season about to start you might have a hard time. I ended up finding them on line and bought a bunch this past summer. Issue is you can't get ammo in the mail in MA. Luckily I work in RI and had them delivered there. Good luck. Both my son and I shoot Savage 220's for the past 4 years. We've pulled the trigger 3 times. All three were game over. Ours shoot like rifles, easily group under 3" at 100 yards.
  6. Thanks, they are on the high end for sure. One of the big reason I went with it is I feel like it will be very durable and should be transferable when I buy a new truck. I also liked the integrated roof rails if I ever want to add some racks. We'll see. I agree with you about the suction cup set up. I built my own and they do work but scare me. If I was just driving short distances I would be ok but I often have to get on highways to change/get to spots.
  7. I bought a RSI Smart cap. Had to wait 3 months picking it up next weekend.
  8. Thanks, sounds like I know what to do with my saved up Cabela's Points.
  9. Just got a cap for my truck. Looking for a way to carry rigged fly rods. Don't want a truck vault type on the roof of the cap because I wouldn't be able to get my truck inside my garage. Did a search and found the RodMount system, looks like it might work. I did a search and didn't see anything recent. Does anyone have any experience with this system? Thanks
  10. My Son graduated form there. When he was thinking about going there he had a conversation with a friend that graduated from there. His message: "Your going to hate it while your there, but love it when you graduate." That advice was spot on, he had 6 job offers before even graduating.It is an outstanding value, especially if you are a Mass resident. Search the net, it is very highly ranked for it's return on investment.
  11. My Dad and I walking to the "Traps" at P town. I just turned 56 yesterday, we had the same Birthday. I sure do miss him RIP Pops
  12. What I started doing was breaking the deer down taking the steaks I want and then bringing the rest to a butcher for burger and sausage. Helps on costs and avoids the part I don't like to do.
  13. I use ABU7000 High Speed. Upgraded to ceramic bearings and bigger handle. paired it up with Lamiglass Arra 10'6". When you casting a 5 oz bucktail anything will launch, but this outfit really dumps line. Used 40 lb braid. You can feel a bass breath on the jig.
  14. Now where does that key go?
  15. Ah this post brings back memories of me and my dad hiding from the rangers in p town looking for a place to crash in the back of his pickup. Beach Forrest was the best but they caught on fast. Then there was the under the pine trees at Costa's, Emilio would let us sleep there. Only bad thing was my pa could really cut some wood. There was no where to hide inside that aluminum cap.