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  1. The term "NEW NORMAL". Every time some DB uses it at work to cover for their incompetence I just want to lose my sh*t on them.
  2. First cast rule has hit me many times. In fact I try to make a short bad presentation cast first every trip. Also if I see a deer in route I typically have a good trip.
  3. I live I’m Mass just over the line. Work on Quonset Point. I drive 146,295,95,4 everyday. It absolutely sucks! Only good thing about Covid is I’ve been working from home since March. Now we’re stating to open I’ll be on those roads again. My poor pickup is so beat up. It’s ridiculous
  4. Can't comment on Maritime but I ran an 18' Parker for 10 years. Fished out of Point Judith many trips to Block Island and all over the RI Coast. Not sure if you know the area but it can get a little rough especially in the afternoon ride home. Your not going to run it at 4000 rpm in 3 footers but if you use your head and take your time you'll get home no problem. You'll get wet and it'll bang but you'll be fine. The note about checking the tank is good advice. That's why I got rid of mine.
  5. Kinda gummy. Probably me. First couple times I used it. There is definitely a learning curve
  6. I have the version that uses wood pellets. Your right you gotta be there the entire time. We used dough from the market I think it would be better if we made our own. Gotta spend some more time trying it.
  7. I use the same bucket system at my cottage over the winter. I smear a 2" wide band of peanut butter 3" down inside all around the bucket. Keeps the mice at bay, trap that keeps working. However if I'm not down there for a month it can get a little gross.
  8. Perfection Loop for tippet to leader. Non Slip Loop to fly. Only times they failed is when I didn't tie them right. use this combo for everything from Trout to Albies. Stripers too.
  9. Not sure about Rapid but 2 friends and I have been going to the East Outlet every year for the past 15+ years. Lodge owner where we stay called and said we couldn’t come up without quarantine for 14 days. Then the guide I fish with called and had to cancel too. So we had to cancel entire trip. Sucks I really look forward to that trip. Typically hit the Caddis. Dry flies all day. Awesome. Maybe next year.
  10. When I fished the outer beaches of the cape with my dad my preference was hip boots and rain bibs. That was so comfortable. Especially for those all nighters. We never went in past our shins. Mainly just to keep the spray from the surf off.
  11. if it was your only waders I would definitely get chest high. I have both and love the waist high for certain situations. They are more comfotable for sure.
  12. Great shop. I recommend it to everyone I can.
  13. I have been on the same quest. Tried Orvis, Simms, and Patagonia. Found them all too big. At Marlboro Fly show saw Vedavoo Side Kick. Think it’ll be just right for New England wade fishing
  14. What do you guys think about this? It’s about 2 1/4” long
  15. I tried the deer creek version. Seems to work pretty well. After I'm done I leave them on a window sill for a day. Seems to finish them off nice.