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  1. Just my 2 cents but I have booked 2 fishing excursions through a cruise ship. Both times the trips were more suited to people that are looking for something to do rather than do the type of fishing "we" on this site do. I would try to find a guide on my own and book it separately. That is what I always do now whenever on a family vacation.
  2. My condolences and prayers go out to the family. I am deeply sorry for your troubles. Rest in peace my friend.
  3. Both my Son and I have 3 Tand. We like them. Smooth, rugged, like the drags. Never dunked them in the sand so not sure about that piece.
  4. I met Dick through a friend of mine. We used to meet at various Plymouth Trout ponds to fish from shore together. He taught me how to catch those fish. I still use the same techniques to this day. I remember how he could fish for hours on end without stopping. One day we were at Long Pond. It was early April. We fished from dawn till dusk. He must have caught 100 fish. I probably caught 20. He always was willing to help me. I think he helped my fly fishing more than any other person I ever met. In fact I have taught my son the exact same things. I fished with many older guys in my life. Some of them were legends on the outer cape beaches. He is one of the greats. Thank you for everything my friend. God speed John
  5. I always tip my guide
  6. I had an 18' Parker fished where ever I wanted. Obviously weather has to be taken into account. Got the big boat fever. What an idiot I was!
  7. I found one thanks to all. Going to try Strip Strike Charters
  8. Did some search’s but everything was a little dated. Anyone have a guide recommendation for Marathon. My wife and I are going to spend a week there in mid November. I should be able to squeeze a day or two on the flats. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. $27.50 on principal
  10. For sale 2 Zarcor Universal drink holders, not sure but I think their either 2 or 3 years old. In excellent shape. Made some modifications to my boat and now they don't fit. $25 a piece brand new, How about $30 shipped?
  11. That's what I use. 8's to 10's
  12. I love the X Caddis. Easy to tie. Just put the floatant on the wing. Can't count how many fish I have caught on those. Only thing I do is fish it off a bigger fly so it's easier to see. For mayflies I like the Klinkhammer, another easy tie plus you can fish it alone the white post really stands out.
  13. I have been tying on the DynaKing Jr for 10 years. Nothing bad to say. No experience with the Renzetti but I don't think you could go wrong either way
  14. Sorry to hear about your troubles. I just put my last lab down about a month ago. Always a tough time.