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  1. Carlos most your turkey chokes are supper tight. Full or xtra full. It’s one thing to shoot lead through full or extra full but with steel or non tox shot it could blow out the choke or up the barrel. What kind of gun is it for?
  2. Rick G, I am in Suffolk and have the following: -14 boxes of 5 of Lightfield 12 ga, 3” commander IDS. (Red box) -5 boxes of 5 of Lightfield 12 ga, 3” hybred-elite sabots (Orange box) -3 boxes of 5 of Lightfield12 ga, 2.75” hybrid-lites reduced recoil sabots all $10/box or $200 for all. Let me know.
  3. Feds are cutting the Canada Goose season next year. We will be allowed 2 birds instead of 3 and a 15 day shorter season. From what I heard they said the bird numbers are down (could’ve fooled me). Come to,Long Island the birds never leave. Every industrial park; golf course and school ( can’t hunt those spots) hold the geese year round. Yet they still smash and oil eggs and gas birds to prevent population explosion and plane crashes instead of letting us shoot more birdsl
  4. Long Island and I mean Canada geese. We only see a few specks a season on Long Island and not many snows either.
  5. Some bull**** in that Dr Hop. And they are dropping it from 2 Susie’s to one and also,dropping our Dark geese from 3 to 2 with a 15 day reduction on goose season.
  6. Jase,thoughts and prayers for you, your father and your family while this gets figured out.
  7. So yesterday we brought home this little guy. His call name is Jet. Hopefully he will be ready by next fall for upland and ducks and geese both in the field and water.
  8. Two.
  9. Will do it’s gonna be a few months.
  10. Actually a whitetail but trying to get a genetic deficiency out of our herd in our area. Try hunting a sod farm. It’s not easy to were after we stacked the dekes. I have two drake and a hen oldsquaw getting mounted out of that group. Now I’m down to a pair of each scoters and eiders for the wall
  11. Deer season and duck/goose season 2017-2018 mine and my group of family and friends
  12. Yeah can’t imagine the vibration that big hole in the prop caused
  13. Chum a log home will fit right in in schoharie. Not so much in Schenectady. If you are interested a friend of mine builds them up that way. He's done several for people and reputable. Lmk. Ever thing about just doing the inside in knotty pine? Gives that rustic feel with out added headache on the outside?