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  1. When jig fishing cheap isn't better. I personally and as a fisherman, will never use a black nickel hook when targeting striped bass during the fishing season. They will make you lose sleep at night.
  2. From shore the chances of hooking up are less, (less golden casts) so using trebles to improve the catch rate when ones hooked up. Targeting albies from a boat, I prefer the inlines/single hooks because there are days with 20-30 plus fish and trebles create a lot of blood..
  3. Yes I would!!!! One bad experience = one bad day at work for the owner. You work and have bad days right? The next day all, is back to normal. That simple....
  4. I can't tell you how many times I got bad service at McDonalds, D n D, Wendy's, and ton's of other places. I still go back and don't think twice about that experience. It's sad that one bad experience will make a snowflake out of people to not want to go back. Be human and understand that there are worse things in life to complain about. One bad experience doesn't deserve a bashing and a vent online. It's time for Americans to toughen up and respect the hard working shops that support our needs.
  5. Damn, I thought Joebaggs would have made the cut to be part of the voting process. Perfect bullet head, 8/0 Mustad hooks, the best collar design in the game to hold plastics, Fits almost every soft plastic, soft plastics are quality plastic.
  6. Delaware doesn't have Swarters. North East and Cali does and they are killing it. Don't follow the opinion section and do a search on Swarters on FB and see the results (pictures).
  7. Just use a Joebaggs eel jig which is designed for this topic.... There is a video on how simple it is to rig.
  8. Green Mack pencil popper Magic swimmer ghost white Joebaggs Patriot Fish, Freedom Fish, or the new sandeels.
  9. Water temperature is always an issue in the spring. Best action is usually the last 10 days of the season... Sandworms. crabs and crabs all work, but rumors are they have soft mouths and don't chow on crabs. I never get a response, when I ask a Blackfish caught on crabs in the spring. They are tight lipped... Shallow is better
  10. I think you might be surprised at the casting distance this lure can achieve.
  11. Try the Joebaggs Swarters when you have a chance. Something different to play with this season. They swim like an SP 6-18 inches below the surface, and dart like a Magdarter. Cast like a bullet. Meant for early season fish.
  12. Joebaggs will be there with Canal Bait and Tackle. All new 2018 products will be available. See ya there
  13. The bottle Darters. Load the rod and watch them fly. I've always learned to cast each lure to get the most out of them. Each lure has a way to cast, that has to be figure it out. good luck
  14. The North Bar bottle darter casts like a missile and has great action. (easy to cast and goes some distance) Not familiar with the darter.
  15. boil the tail and the plastic will loosen up. (hint hint)