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  1. I understand that bicycle theft is at an all time high down there. People ride their bike to the beach, lock it up and come back and the only thing there is the cut lock.
  2. How long before they ban this song?
  3. I've had a Craftsman snow blower for 12 years. Runs fine, starts on 2nd pull every year. I have a Craftsman lawn tractor, made by Husqvarna, no complaints.
  4. 87 octane works real well. Right now its cheaper than any weed killer you could buy!
  5. I found this out through the DMC in New Jersey when I was selling my boat. All boats 12 feet and longer, constructed in 1984 or afterwards should have titles. I would think that New York would have enacted something similar, especially on a boat built in 1990. You or your grandfather can call the NY DMV and ask what year boats had to be titled in NY. Is Sea Nymph still in business? If so, call them. They should be able to tell you the exact movement of the boat especially if your grandfather bought it new. The other thing to do is call the NJ State Marine Police and ask them. They use to run the HIN # and issue some sort of letter "that the boat is clear" and you could take it to NJDMC for a title.
  6. I bought a used boat last fall. The boat came with a GUEST Class B, Model 630A EPIRB. The gentleman who had the boat bought the EPIRP back in the late 80's with his first boat and kept it with his next 3 boat purchases. I cant find any information about this EPIRB in regards to if it can be serviced or whether it is still active. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  7. The cam latch is useful in a hatch where you dont have to get in it numerous times on a trip.
  8. The box stores sell a disc attachment for powerwashers, which is about 15 in diameter. It attaches to your wand and has a rotating arm on the underside with two heads. It covers/cleans between 2-3 boards at once. Takes all of the guess work out of choosing a nozzle and maintaining the same distance from the deck. Put soap/chlorox solution on deck then use the disc. Mine does a real nice job and cuts the time of washing your deck by at least half. Spindles and posts are a different bear.
  9. Been there, done that with a 200 hp Mariner 3 years ago. PB blaster helps in the top grease fitting, however heating needs to be done with a propane torch or better. I got movement of the engine back and forth but it was still tough when hooked up to the steering cable. I finally drilled a hole above the collar on the bottom of the tube, tapped the hole and put in an additional grease fitting.. After a few pumps I had grease coming out the bottom and top of the tube and steering improved dramatically. The tube is aluminum, so it is very soft to drill. If you do this, make sure the drill hole is smaller than the grease fitting, since the aluminum "taps" very easy. Good luck!
  10. I went in there last summer with several prices for the identical washdown pump sold (not in stock) at their store. They matched the lowest price I had. I was told it didn't matter where it was advertised, as long at it was in the past 30 days. They ordered it and the pump was in the store within one week.
  11. Jimmy, I had the robotic surgery almost 5 years ago. I was in the hospital for less than 48 hours. Good luck!
  12. Jimmy, I had the robotic surgery almost 5 years ago. I was in the hospital for less than 48 hours. Good luck!
  13. Thank you for all of the replies. This helps,
  14. Taking the boy scouts shooting in a few weeks. Are the Remington 22 rimfire hollow points legal in the great state of New Jersey?