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  1. Im on my second liberty and have been pleased with both. Pay the extra $ to have it delivered and set in its final resting place. Just like everyone else said, bigger is better, in this case.
  2. I keep my boat in a marina on LBI. I am in a slip that backs up to the bulkhead that has a walkway for every 2 boats (no floating docks). The boat is backed into the slip and of course there is a piling right in back of the engine. We use spring lines to keep the boat from hitting the piling. The walkway is short and at low tide it's tough to get on the boat. A friend of mine said I can have his mooring whips. I was wondering if anyone ever used mooring whips in tidal waters (such as this situation) and how they worked? Could the base be mounted on the bulkhead and rope tied to the stern cleats on the boat to keep the engine from hitting the piling? Thanks!
  3. My wife purchased a set of that snapware this year. I tried to confiscate the large container for gulp, but was shot down.
  4. Some good ideas. Never new Plano made the screw lid container. Nice to hear that the yellow one doesnt leak. That's a big plus. Thanks.
  5. For those of you who use gulp for bait, do you keep it in the zip bag it comes in or do you consolidate it into a larger container? If you put it into another container, what do you use?
  6. Biden wants to go to E 15, says its all because of Russia...HAH
  7. The great state of NJ is trying to get a bill passed that says you cant use one animal to hunt another eg dogs and rabbits or pheasants. Sneaky governor!
  8. Shore Point Electric, I think they are in Waretown or Tuckerton. I have a house on LBI and they have treated me well.
  9. Holiday inn on 72 in manahawkin
  10. Gas

    Used the same type of pump you mentioned in the first post. It worked great, attached it to the boat battery. I had to pump out around 90 gallons of fuel/water mix.. A friend who had an underground storage tank removal business took the drums off my hands.
  11. Rust is not friendly to metal and guns, and temperature change is not good for synthetic stocks standing vertically.
  12. Go LED. We just finished changing all lights over to LED at work.
  13. I heated the room with a torpedo heater. I had temperature sensors and CO meters from work to let me know what the room environment was at. If you are looking for bed bugs, look for the tell tale signs of poop, near cracks and crevices. The pop looks about the size of these periods.....If you can get the corner of a piece of paper into a crack/crevice/joint, the bed bugs can hide in there.
  14. Tried everything; spray, heating room up to 120 degrees, clothes and blankets into the dryer with high heat, dry ice, more spray. Nothing. Luckily they were isolated to Oak headboard and foot board. Mattress and box spring had special covers on them and had no problem there. Threw out head and foot board (actually burned in fire pit) and frame. Bastad's, they make ticks seem friendly. Call an exterminator!
  15. Not on the boat. But there are cold ones in the cooler when we get back tot he dock.