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  1. Hot darn Fisheye that’s just the type of info I was looking for. Can you tell me the average sized hook you used? Thank you so much. I have been a guide up here for a while and already own the best rain gear money can buy. It rained so much this January I thought I was going to go even crazier. You know I spent some years in Eugene Oregon and thought that was a wet place...ha Oregon has got nothing on Yakutat AK. Yes the Situck is popular known as perhaps the world’s best steelhead water but I can tell you that right now there is almost no one in town most all of the lodges are still closed and the river is just starting to get some fish back in. I know all about the glazed eyed travel worn anglers that flock to Yakutat whenever the fish are running. To get to my salmon playground they have to climb into an even smaller plane and fly over 60nm of ice and they do that for the most part to get away from everyone else. It can be a bit of a circus on the Situck but it don’t have nothing on a busy jetty back east in May or from what I have seen the Kenai River is the worst in Alaska for combat fishing
  2. Hi, in about four days I will be hanging around Yakutat doing boat repair work for some weeks. I had some coworkers out at the lodge and on their way out through town they went to the Situck River. They told me tales of 40” class fish just chilling in the gin clear water. It has been very dry but started raining just today. By the time I fly into town the river will be fishing normally and full of steelhead. This has me pumped up for sure and I am working the fly tying bench hard. Almost all of my tying hooks are silver salmon sized 2/0+ so I am using some of these tubes I had around to craft smaller patterns. What are my choices for the tube fly? I am making many wooly bugger/egg sucking leach flys because that is all I know. You guys have any other ideas for the tube flys? What do you think is the best hook to trail the tube fly? Are one or two hooks better with the tube fly? Anyone want to offer advice on large getting a bite from large steelhead? What do you think the best colors will be in mostly clear water? I am used to fishing with large barbell eyes. How do I add weight to get a tube fly down in fast water (spacing and size of shot) I am not a fan of sinking line. Can I use a strike indicator? What would you recommend for tippet lb test and length of leader? The Situck is a good sized river it’s not a little creek. Has anyone here actually fished the Situck River? I understand that some of my questions may be out of the norm here but I respect the wisdom of you guys and wish to find as much fishing knowledge as possible. Thanks for any help you can offer I will keep you posted on my Situck Adventures.
  3. ON THE RUN: David DiBenedetto
  4. I’m just chilling out in Alaska this winter.
  5. From the album More SNOW?!?!

  6. From the album More SNOW?!?!

  7. VA NC MD DE
  8. I have just made some light 1/4oz bucktails up for fishing trout and stripers in the shallows.
  9. There was a great bite going on in the shallows of our Chesapeake Bay this weekend and here is what they were eating. In one of the stripers was a big glob of organic stuff but I could not tell exactly what it was.