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  1. 3 hours ago, The Riddler said:

    Lol....It's entry level stuff. I am hoping others will buy an old beat up tinny and bring it back to life. Keep this thread going. That is my motivation. Not a fan of putting this stiff on youtube. Old school, keep it here and generate traffic for Timmah. 

    i bought an old beat up tinny to bring back to life, but turning into a show due to the dude i bought boat from being a scumbag and hiding all the rot/pin holes under a fresh coat of paint/flex seal. ill post up what i did once i know i wont sink

  2. 16 hours ago, Tom T said:

    Generally speaking, party boats in our area do not provide tackle.  You will get the first rig with a rental rod, however.  There is a tackle shop in the marina where you can get other stuff if you need.

    fishermans den is awesome, just go the day before your trip to get supplies. its packed in the morning with the party boat rush, you dont want to miss the boat due to the line. once they out of the way, dudes in there will help you/tell you anything you want to know.

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