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  1. bump to watch this later, bring back the nuke
  2. went clamming this weekend for the first time in awhile, outfront-low to high. nada
  3. good on them, hope they stay in business and make money for a long time to come
  4. to many variables- but usually lighter so leader breaks before main line
  5. ^ this dude knows whats up with rm. pretty sure ive gotten a few off him over the years.
  6. fluke, cuz my son is with me for them. trout for the adventure with my buddies in the stream, and blues/stripers in surf
  7. learning experience, luckily i deal with cars so im not dumb to sealant/aluminum patches. just sucks me and the kid couldnt use it this season. ill post a full walkthrough when im closer to done. wont be pretty, but will be solid
  8. nope, was under the paint/hidden on trailer. my fault for not going over the boat better/poking around more, but sure he knew what he advertised was in correct. im currently stripping the boat, gonna seal bottom/gluvit inside and re paint and hope its all sealed.
  9. i bought an old beat up tinny to bring back to life, but turning into a show due to the dude i bought boat from being a scumbag and hiding all the rot/pin holes under a fresh coat of paint/flex seal. ill post up what i did once i know i wont sink
  10. wanted to quote you not tom, see my above post.
  11. fishermans den is awesome, just go the day before your trip to get supplies. its packed in the morning with the party boat rush, you dont want to miss the boat due to the line. once they out of the way, dudes in there will help you/tell you anything you want to know.
  12. what you using to seal rivets/ bottom coat? just started a 14 foot project. it worth taking the foam out and re doing it while i got floor out?
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