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  1. know its late in this thread, but get a penn combo. battle/spinfisher
  2. gonna give that a shot,looks good. know about the jamacian place out there to? awesome ox tail
  3. i got a sticker 1 time for night strikes, many many moons ago. aint seen anything in a long time
  4. windshield urethane
  5. slammer-cant beat it for the price
  6. sad story, poor kid, poor parents. all around ******
  7. sold off most of my collection, the zombie bunkers always in my truck, the loaded jigsmith is always in my bag
  8. ta clips bucktails/plugs-duo lock for weights
  9. did penn warranty them? i want the get the new bailless 5500, and long as penn took care of you, im willing to roll the dice
  10. i bought a few of the cheap led lights off amazon, only dropped a few/lost a few. at 2 for 20. it dont hurt to lose them, and they can recharge in my truck
  11. I'll take . I'll pm you in the am for details.
  12. fishing the bucktail-john skinner. look him up on youtube. he is the reason i always try a bucktail anywhere i go
  13. tape or some of the newer pens have that grippy rubber thing for that reason