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  1. Thanks for your continued service Digger, it eases my chaotic mind, which allows me to focus on the next right thing
  2. Congratulations 41 yrs sounds like a lifetime for a newcomer. Thanks for the inspiration to just keep coming. I remember not believing things like this at the beginning.
  3. 15yrs “a day at a time”is an accomplishment worth recognition and praise. Congratulations & thanks for your service Digger
  4. My son worked for a company for 5yrs installing wood stoves, he said water and a little fine ash do the trick, no chemicals
  5. Thanks digger, haven’t been to a meeting in a long time, coming up on 14 yrs must be something bigger that made me look
  6. as of late only mourning fisherman
  7. Thanks, and have a great day
  8. From one March guy to another
  9. this & less people tested will prove not many people in the USA ever even had it best of luck to you and your wife my sister is an er nurse, tough gig, special people take care of others
  10. Happy New Year Tim, Thanks for an informative comical place to spend time
  11. Merry Christmas, peace, goodwill and a happy new year to all
  12. 2 decades@ anything is commendable
  13. my dad did his deck about 15-20yrs ago with 5/4mahogany and under the edge of the j channel some of the end grain has started to get soft this deck doesn't get alot of sun so the moisture is the issue l would think the perpendicular edge grain is fine for the entire length though my vote would be ipe, seems indestructible
  14. the larger one was really thick, l kinda thought it would have been good to eat had l caught it had pretty aggressive teeth are they targetable with rod and reel? never noticed them before