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  1. Got the 125. Now just gotta make it bailess. Thanks for all the feed back.
  2. Just looked it up. The 150 gets a little less then 3 inches per turn more then the 125 and only weighs .02 oz more. Might be worth it to get the 150
  3. Thanks Mike. I’m putting it on a 9’ rod so the 50 really isn’t an option. I’ve heard the 125-150 have the same size body so maybe the 150 will have a better retrieve ratio.
  4. I think someone had a few Bucktails tonight if ya know what I mean.
  5. Who has one? How does it fish? I’m hesitant about getting one. There’s a billion mixed reviews out there. Seeing if anyone has anything else to say
  6. Evening bump then I’m moving on.
  7. I had a few on the IPhone the other day but have seemed to have gone away. I kept thinking I won something.... have a better chance of winning this 3 year long van staal plier give away I keep entering
  8. That was Fishless. Not a bluefish.
  9. Looking for a used 150. Need to be a 10/10 mechanically. Local pickup in N.J. have cash in hand. Let’s make a deal!!!
  10. Haha. He said bone
  11. Just wanted to let you know we are all counting on you.
  12. Here we go. Going to hear about this for the whole winter.
  13. He is like striper poison
  14. Don’t post much anymore but I’ll give a report today. Fished from 530-900 this morning. Had a few hits right away. But didn’t hook up till about 620 or so. As I walked I picked at fish. As I was about to turn around and start walking back I spotted three loons tight to the beach. So I took a walk over and had fish or hits on just about every cast for about 30 min. All fish caught on the vision sand eel. ( green back) Nothing big. Largest around 23”. If I had to guess I had somewhere around 15 fish. Not bad for January 2nd.
  15. It’s over!!!!! Happy New Year