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  1. Get a belt. Lose the straps. It will change your life.
  2. We even caught a fish or two. Fishless didn’t put his stink all over the place. We will have to do it again in the future. Happy thanksgiving everyone
  3. Pa guys always ruin everything
  4. I’m glad to see the reports thread is back on track. It was a real $hit show there for a while.... now I can go back to lurking in the background.
  5. Had a decent bass this morning on the white (glow?) 1 1/2 eel this morning. Been using them I think for 3 seasons now. They definitely have a place in the bag.
  6. I knew you were still alive. Now all I need is a report from Lenny and ricks and the fall run will have really begun.
  7. I love it. Have it on two reels. Vsx150 and stradic 4000. No issues. It’s my second year with it.
  8. Went fishing with fishless tonight. You guys know how that turned out. Cant take that guy anywhere.
  9. Brings a tear to my eye. Although my ankles, knees, shoulder, head, and other body parts I’ve mangled on those rocks, are kinda happy they are gone. I used to take a beating. I have a vs200 I used to fish with on the jetties and it looks like it been through a war. Still works like a dream.
  10. Feels like it happens later every year. Just gotta be patient. I don’t get real excited till December.
  11. Gotta be good at something.
  12. Your doing a crap job as a moderator. .... working on a two trip skunk. About to sell everything and buy a boat. I rather go jig sea bass then deal with this nonsense.
  13. Only lure that caught a fish for me on Tuesday. It’s that Time of year. Throw them sand eels.
  14. I never stop. First lure out of the bag. Great search lure. Great fish producer and they are cheap.
  15. 6” curly tail. White. Enough said.