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  1. OMG what tragic news. RIP. my friend and my heart goes out to Deb and family.
  2. Been using it for over 2 months now and love it. I know there was a question about how abrasive resistant it was but i have had no issues so far fishing rocky areas (Knock on wood) cast great and the sound going thru the guides is non existant. It has added enough distance to my cast that i have been switcing over to my other surf rods.
  3. I paired up a sw 6000 with a cts vapor trail 11 ft and love it, its a casting machine. Waiting on a 3-6 vt to pair up with my sw 10000 .
  4. You guys know how to get a hold of me. If you are in the area give a shout.
  5. Just saw this and it blows me away. One of the nicest guys i have had the opportunity to know and fish with in Rhody. RIP bud
  6. Hi bud when are you coming to fish Montauk with me?
  7. Old crew is still around as i talk to them every once in a while. I run into a few of them when i am fishing around the east coast . Funny how things just take over and pull you away for a while.
  8. You got it my friend.Can't wait to get back up there. I go up to Boston often to visit my Daughter hard to make a canal side trip.
  9. Lu is coming back just been busy with life.
  10. Someone mention my name?
  11. Tom send me the addys of all the folks in this swap so i can mail them direct when i get them done. i love swaps that have no time limit so i can't be late making them. LOL
  12. I am in California picking out the wood now. Found some nice cork in Napa Valley but not sure if its aged enough going back later today to verify.
  13. I think that is one of mine. hicup:shock:
  14. That is one of mine.
  15. Google Lordship lures Cutting & Installing VMC Hooks. Great tip from Ron on how to do this.